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  • Intan
    The gel has helped not only increase the size, but and give new sensations in sex. For a month of use, was able to achieve an increase of 4 centimeters, in principle, the greater me, and it is not necessary. By the hope that the sexual act is longer, almost twice, and after the first erection and ejaculation, the excitement comes pretty fast. I think that the main secret in the regularity of the proceedings and that, for the good of the cause staining of the gel without excess charge. The wife love, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important in the 8th year of marriage. I recommend titanium!
  • Siska
    Husband used titanium 1.5 months, during this time, have been reduced to 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm in diameter of the penis. He was surprised by the result, the nights are brighter and more interesting. Responding to order to recommend to the girls of this tool. Help your husband and yourself to reach new results. The husband with the new size, became the self-confident, soon, we hope to improve in the work. In general, some of the pros of gel.
  • Ricky
    Gel multi-function, I use it in a different way. To increase the size wear it every day in the evening, it was not important to the sex or not, just as a medicinal ointment. If you anticipate a meeting with the girl, the fat before the sexual act. In this case, the gel works as a stimulant. Worth soak, as it begins the surge of blood to the groin, the skin becomes hot, and erection appears. You can make a layer of thickness, and then Titanium well, shall descend as a lubricant. Intensifies the feelings, and the sex is even more fun.
  • Rani
    Titanium not increased the size, but anyway I put firm 5. Immediately after application of the gel, in the groin, you will receive a nice heat, one rises and increases in the time of the act. The erection stable, the sex time is prolonged the sensation of bright. Note that the drug works on the sensitivity of women. When more abundant, the path of gel acts as a lubricant, if vaginal dryness makes it easier penetration. To me it has improved the quality of the sperm, before it was thicker and didn't have very pleasant smell. Now the friend of the same start oral stroking, but avoided it. Titanium well it affects my health, the intimacy and the psychological state. I have become more calm and sure of himself, not afraid of failure in bed or, simply, lose the desire. The libido on the contrary, has only intensified: I'm already prepared for the combat, without long preludes and greater stimulation. I packaging has not sufficed and on I will ask for more. The price for this effective and useful tool in general, fun, cheap just for the gift. On the site of the application processed quickly, they've been without delay.
  • Citra
    Titanium it works gradually, and have a global impact. In the 1st week of no change, they are not. He was just going to the accumulation of nutrients in the deep layers of the skin and the corpora cavernosa. Despite the fact that the impact of just a area of the earth, the active components quickly penetrate into the bloodstream. In the 2nd week there was an improvement of the erection. It has become stronger and more durable. The sensitivity of the genitals has increased. They began a slow size increase in length and girth. In week 3 of the sexual organ has acquired the most appealing way, the head clearly structured. It has increased the duration of intercourse, the sensations of sex of steel completely different. More fun from which you received and I, and the couple. In the 4th week dimensions reached its maximum level. The length increased by almost 5 cm of circumference 2, a state without an erection, the parameters are not changed. Apply titanium it can, by itself or together with a girl. This turns into an interesting sexual game. Rub the gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores of the maximum open) gives the best results. The authority has grown through natural processes, and not by means of hormones.
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