The operation of increase of the member: as we pass the change of size, the variety of procedures

More recently, the intimate, the operation of penis enhancement is performed only for medical reasons.

the surgery of increase of a member of the

But lately, more and more men are turning to this method of increase of the genitals.

The increase of the penis surgically on the day of today, is the most effective of the measure.

The indications for surgery

If you believe that a single desire for the realization of the operation of increase of a member of the surgical technique is sufficient – not so. Not all customers who wish to increase their dignity passed similar growth of their penis is of operations.

If the doctor sees that man's problem is more psychological plan, he will try to persuade the patient that measure. These clients long enough to see a movie about the reality of the operation (videos show practically in all clinics), to leave their company.

But there is a category of men that doctors themselves recommend the intervention and the increase of the penis surgery.

1. Medical indications.

  • congenital of the urethra;
  • abnormalities of the structure of the penis(hypospadias);
  • the curvature of the penis due to fibrous changes (peyronie's disease);
  • the seal of the tissues of the penis (cavernous fibrosis);
  • the anatomical structure of the.

2. Functional readings.

  • the excess of subcutaneous adipose tissue;
  • buried, hidden in the penis;
  • webbed penis.

3. Aesthetic indications — the dissatisfaction of the parameters, the appearance, the shape of the penis.

To what doctor to go to?

If that decision, like the increase of one member, through the operation deliberate, livestock, and the back not, the patient goes to the clinic of plastic surgery.

In the large clinics of the bureau of cosmetic surgery or of the intima of the plastic. First an appointment with the doctor, the consultation costs from 900 rubles.

If the doctor feels that their convincing arguments, will be sent a survey and delivery of analyses, by the same, by the way, you will have to pay.

The analysis that needs to be done (which is not little, so select the free time in the delivery of all):

  • the general analysis of blood;
  • analysis of the coagulation of the blood;
  • analysis of urine;
  • the analysis in group and rh factor of the blood;
  • study of infection by hiv, hepatitis b and c;
  • analysis of a blood on RW;
  • Ecg.

In addition to a doctor surgeon will need to consult with the urologist etc

After obtaining the results of the survey, the plastic surgeon makes the conclusion about the absence or the presence of contraindications. And then they make a plastic penis or not.


Sometimes the penis through surgery is not possible for several reasons:

to what doctor to go to
  1. The patient has not reached the age of 18 years.
  2. The erect penis of over 12 inches.
  3. The mental disorders.
  4. Malignant tumors.
  5. Diabetes mellitus.
  6. Inflammatory processes of the urinary system.
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. Open wounds, ulcers on the sexual relationship of the authority.
  9. A disease of the blood.

Types of operations

Let's see how to enlarge the member with the help of the surgery.

Plastic surgeon necessarily studying the anatomical structure of the penis in men. If all the indicators in the rule is assigned a penis surgically.

Before, as do the surgery of increase of a member is mandatory for the medical exam and the conversation with the anesthesiologist. The night before the patient enters treatment plant enema, on the day of the operation is not allowed to eat and drink the water.

The surgical method

Let's examine in detail how is performed the operation of increasing penis. Of penis enlargement surgery is endoscopic under spinal anesthesia. The duration of the operation of no more than 40 minutes.

Sexual organ visually increases in 2-4 cm, nearly falling original size.

This occurs through the dissection of the ligament that holds part of the penis within a body.

Sexual organ as if it moves forward.

At the time of the completion of the surgery the patient feels no pain. The prescription of the patient on the second day. The first three days, performed the anesthesia. After the surgery leaves a small scar (1.5-2 cm) in the field of lobka or below the penis.

The rehabilitation period lasts for a few months. For the stabilization of the new penis size complete healing of the tissues for a prolonged period of time, from 6 months to a year. In this period, it is mandatory the use of an extender, on the contrary, the positive result of the operation is not.

If you follow all the directions of your doctor, to 2 centimetres obtained during the operation, use the add other 4.

In a period of 14 days, is recommended abstention from sexual relations.

The fat graft

The operation of increase of diameter of the penis. During the operation of the entire surface of the penis under the skin, enters the stuffing.

To avoid complications as a filler material is used the fat of the own patient. The pumping of grease are based on the principle of the liposuction, followed by special treatment of substances.

The mixture prepared is injected between the skin and special bodies. If, at the time of the operation, after it does not produce rejection or other inflammatory processes of the fat adheres.

The complexity lies in the fact that part of the fat is reabsorbed and the procedure necessary to repeat several times (3-4) every 6 months. When you use synthetic fillers, increases the risk of rejection and inflammatory processes.

the increase of member of the

The final amount of a member will be of 1.5-2 cm more than the original. Enlists the patient in the second day after the procedure. 3 to 4 weeks after leaving the clinic, the men are not recommended sex.

You now know how to increase member surgically by using lipofilling.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

Is a new penis augmentation surgery, they are expensive and very rare.

The time of operation of three hours, it is done under general anesthesia.

At the base of the penis to make the skin incision in a circle, and is dipped into the fund (by the principle of the mean).

The piece of the skin the skin is wrapped around the member, will meet the vessels in the groin area, pull the skin of the penis toward the back and sew on the site of the incision. Therefore, the term becomes 3-4 inches thick, immediately after the surgery.

The skin is inhabited, take the patient in the area of the armpit or of the abdominal wall. The first 5 days, the man is in the intensive care room. Leaves the clinic through 6-7 days.

The prosthesis

The operation of this type is made only of doctors, and in the event of a change of sex. In the increase of the penis in the operation does not apply.

In the period of rehabilitation, any intervention, it is necessary that you can. In addition to sexual intercourse is not recommended the practice of sports, great physical effort. It is worth to exclude the alcohol, other bad habits. Be careful to avoid injury to the sexual organ.

Doctors urologist and plastic surgeon throughout the period of rehabilitation will be to accompany the man, ensuring the recovery of all the functions of the penis.

Risks and complications after the surgery

How simple and safe, there has been an increase of a member, the plastic of the guarantee of the absence of complications do not can provide.

  1. Complications. The wounds can become infected, even if they meet all hygiene standards.
  2. The rejection. Used during the operation of the skin and the fat, bad moral. Occurs the rejection of certain areas of the skin, occur inflammatory processes that cause necrosis.
  3. The lack of a positive result. If it is compatible with the penis of a ligament in its anatomical structure is very short, the penis augmentation (surgery) will not give a positive result. Lengthening of a member will not occur.
  4. The inequality of reabsorption of the fat. When performing lipofilling the fat, which is used as a filler material in part reabsorbed, and is not uniform. The sexual aspect of the authority will be transformed. Smooth becomes tuberous.
  5. Strong mobility. After a handful of support of a member, more than anything, you do not have. The basis of a member becomes in the mobile phone, he scrolls down.
  6. Decrease the angle of erection. Another drawback of the incision. compatible with the ligaments. Fully erect penis before the surgery is lifted forward and upward, aim now at the bottom, at an angle of not more than 30 degrees.
  7. The absence of results in the state of excitation. Often, after how to enlarge penis surgically the patient feels that his penis has increased in only one state of repose, and when excited 2 over a centimeter of where it is going to disappear. The surgeons explained by the fact that, even without the ligaments of the penis is in connection with their usual environment, all the forces that try to return to your seat as usual. For this not to happen, is assigned to the use of an extender.
  8. The deformation, the curvature of the penis. This occurs when there is not enough or not appropriate to the experience of the physician, committed during the operation of error.

To avoid unintended results, always remember that to increase the penis (the operation), it is desirable that only highly qualified clinics. Be careful with the scams.

A good clinic of plastic surgery must not only know how to increase a member of the surgery, but make sure you have the license in the resolution of this type of operations.

Pay attention to the qualifications of the personnel, the relationship with their customers.

In a good clinic, you may not be in offices at the old antediluvian computer, in the halls of the old.

the operation

Gather all the information about the work of the institution, enjoy former patients. If something that you are confused or alarmed, do not waste your time, find another school level. In the opposite case, in addition to money, you run the risk of losing health.