Water pump to increase the penis

Not all men are satisfied with the size of your penis, and the desire to change the situation occurs in the majority. Among the multitude of options there is a safe and effective way – using the penis enlargement pump. This device is applied not only to obtain considerable dimensions, but also for the treatment of impotence.

The method of application of

as to enlarge the member

Vacuum pump is a cylinder with a special device for the evacuation of air. The penis, which is located in this flask, is exposed to the dense atmosphere, thanks to which it stimulates the circulation of the blood and erectile tissues comprising the penis, beginning to stretch in the length and the width.

The pumping of air to create an effect of imitation of the erection, which occurs a notable increase in the penis. The penis hardens and acquires firmness to the skin.

The use of this apparatus is the most accessible and effective to change the size of the penis. There are many lessons in video of the correct application of vacuum from the pump, that help to prevent injuries of the authority, but for total security, you should carefully examine the statement to the unit, because individual differences may exist.

The use of the pump is directed not only in the increase in penis size. To promote the supply of blood to a organ that allows you to start a process of regeneration of the tissues, and restores erectile function.

The indications for the use of the vacuum pump:

  • the violation of erectile function;
  • the bad feeling of the orgasm;
  • the fenmenos stuck in the organs of the pelvis;
  • the desire to increase the size of the penis.

Before the application of vacuum from the pump have the advice of a doctor, as there are a number of limitations to the use of this apparatus.


Any intervention in the natural process of functioning of the person's body, runs the risk, therefore, use a device to lengthen the penis with care and in accordance with the instructions. The overuse of the pump can result in a violation of erection, the fall of the power or armbar sensation produced in the body.

  • before you begin this procedure, the penis has to process the special grease;
  • processed the penis is placed in the flask, and the air is removed;
  • the increase of the pressure is performed for the time specified in the product manual.
  • once elapsed the time required for the application of the procedures, through a special valve in the interior of the pump starts the air, due to that there is a decrease of the pressure;
  • in the penis, which is in an excited state, puts on the ring, which is necessary for the fixing of a result in a time limit specified in regulation time.

If to enlarge the penis applies water pump, require the prior preparation. The penis should be to steam in a tub of hot water for 8-10 minutes, after it is placed in the flask of the apparatus. For the base firmly fit to the body, we recommend that you uninstall the fur pubic.

Help to achieve the desired result can be a phased approach to the increased workload. For the first procedure that is recommended to pump the penis no more than five minutes. In addition, throughout the first week of the exercises is to meet ten minutes before the once a day.

From the second week of the exposure time, take up to 15 minutes, with the third 10 minutes two times a day, after 15 minutes, two times a day.

To correctly perform the procedure, it is necessary to perform a special treatment of the pump. Device care helps prolong their life and avoid the pain during the work.

After performing the procedure must be re-done antiseptic processing of the unit and rub with a cloth dry with a towel or a cloth. When you use the pump you can't use based lubricants are vaseline, vegetable oil or cosmetic gels and creams.

The correct use of the device, allows to obtain impressive results, but the excessive force may alter the positive effect and bring the suffering of the person. To avoid injuries and lesions of the skin, it is necessary to stick to the following rules:

  • Any feeling of pain reason for the termination of the execution of penis pumping. Until the resumption of classes you need to find out the cause of the problem and try to solve it. When the discomfort is in the pinch of the piece of the skin, or in the incorrect location of the bulb – you must correct the installation of the pump. If the cause is not clear, it is better to consult a doctor.
  • The sudden load. The change of the pressure in the flask should be gradual with the increase of the values, in accordance with the instructions. Attempts to rapidly obtain impressive results, will lead to injury.
  • The duration of the session, it should be set in accordance with the regulations. The load time of the normal termination of the circulation of the blood in the penis, which leads to the reduction of supply of the cells and their disappearing. The maximum value allowed is 40 minutes.
  • The training schedule is also important to respect. On the day of the application of vacuum from the pump should not exceed two sessions, otherwise to achieve the desired result, it will be much more difficult.

In reality, the penis has an extraordinary strength, and impair their functionality is not easy, but a good approach to increase your size by using the vacuum pump, allows to obtain a guaranteed result without the annoying drawbacks.


water pump for a member of the

Before the use of the vacuum pump should carefully review the instructions for use, so that instead of help you not have problems.

You may not use this device, men who have the following diseases:

  • the thrombosis;
  • fibrosis;
  • the pathology of the liver;
  • malfunction of the kidneys;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the defeat in the cardiovascular system;
  • disrupt the functioning of the urinary system.

If the man by your state of health is not sure of the capacity of use of the vacuum pump to increase penis size, you should consult a doctor or give up this idea. Even in the absence of contraindication to the incorrect use of the appliance can result in unwanted results:

  • the reduction of the sensitivity of the glans of the penis;
  • drying of the skin and the appearance of cracks after the long procedures;
  • the pain in the penis;
  • the jumps of the capillaries;
  • the appearance of hematomas;
  • the violation of erectile function the frequent use of the pump, until the complete impotence;
  • the weakening of the mobility of the sperm to the impossibility of fertilization, the female egg;
  • the reduced volume of seminal fluid.

To avoid negative effects, you must read carefully the manual of use of the apparatus and in excess don't get involved in this process. The risk of injury or other unwanted side effects then, if the water pump for the increase penis is equipped with a pressure gauge. In this case, the man has the ability to regulate the effort within the permissible limits of the voltage.

Of improvised devices it is better to leave, you are not secure and can work in unpredictable, penis, way.