The operation of increase of a member of the

The operation of increase of a member causes the sexual organ thicker, longer. Modern medicine offers several operating, bezoperatsionnaya techniques. Each of them has its indications, contraindications,. Rigid rule, that you must be a member, no. Normal is considered a member of ceviche of not less than 8 see the Deviation in the smaller party is considered to be the pathology.

The size of the penis does matter. In this strongly men do not reject the opinion of women. If a man is satisfied with the size of the penis, he feels secure in the bed, does not suffer from low self-esteem. To achieve the idyll resort to different methodologies for thickening, lengthening penis. Currently there are more than one.

  • Do not surgical. It is based on the use of vacuum special of the extender device, for a long time.
  • Surgical. The method to lengthen the penis by cutting of fixation of the ligament.
  • Combined. It combines the previous two to improve efficiency.

In addition, we apply a surgical technique for implantation of the implant, a minimally invasive methodology of thickening penis through the introduction of the fat cells underneath the skin, in the muscle fibers.

The operation

the operation of increase of a member of the

The operation of penis enhancement, are performed through the intersection compatible with the ligaments. After their cut of the machine pull the inner part of the penis of 3 to 5 see at the Beginning, when performing the incision of the methodology was made in the field of lobka. It was a scar, it lasted for a long period of recovery. Specialists have found a new way – through the scrotum, which turned out to be less traumatic, imperceptible to the others.


The method is considered safe, does not violate the natural functions of the sexual system. Elongation of the authority occurs by moving the point of fixation, which leads to an increase of the authority. The indication of the completion of the operation is the length of the penis in an excited state of less than 12 cm, pathologically underdeveloped penis, the syndrome of The x-trisomy. You can perform an operation of elongation of the member when the normal sizes, however, the result is not so palpable.

Additional terms and conditions

As after the surgical intervention, it is essential to use an extender. In the contrary case, the operation will not give the desired result. The device penis enlargement used in the home, in the period of 3 months. All days of 4 hours.


It is prohibited to resort to the use of a method if you have mental problems, diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, of the violation of the coagulation of the blood. Preparation for the surgery consists in the inspection of a urologist, delivery of the analysis, the consultation of anesthesia. 8 hours before the procedure is necessary to stop eating, fix the hair of the groin.

The surgery lasts about 1.5 hours. The patient under the supervision of medicine during the day. The seam on the scrotum continues for 5 days. At discharge from the hospital, the patient may receive advice about the rules of the use of an extender in a period of 4 months. Complications are rare, manifested by hemorrhage, suppuration of the seams. The increase of your penis if you met all of the requirements of the professionals is 5,

The prosthesis

Radical method of liberation of impotence. It consists in the introduction of cylinder implant in the insidious body. In the action pomp, which connects with the scrotum. The method is effective in any case, the help to more hope to the patients. With the prosthesis, appears the possibility of making long in sex acts, to diversify the sexual activity. The natural processes are not violated. After the operation requires abstinence from sexual intercourse for 2 months.

Types of prosthesis

The present prosthesis reliable, functional, durable, comfortable. Dentures are of various types.

  • Hard. The most simple. They are elastic silicone straw, who works at the couple. Give sex to the authority form. The advantage hard of the buildings is an affordable price. Drawback: the member is constantly in a state of erection, which causes some discomfort in the society.
  • Plastic. It is distinguished from the previous option versatile, flexible material. You can give any form of sex and authority. Plastic memory of the prosthesis provides a solid metal bar that is located in the center of the penis. With surgeries for penile prosthesis looks natural.
  • Inflatable. The best design with the variable of the hardness. Mimic the position of the penis in a state of peace, excited. Unlike the previous models, it reduces the possibility of occurrence of pressure ulcers, as they do not exert pressure on the fabric.

The choice of the prosthesis in the majority of cases depends on the economic possibilities of the patient. Because the more modern – inflatable prosthesis, is the most expensive.


The realization of the operation is displayed in the following cases:

  • special of the fibrosis;
  • complex of erectile dysfunction;
  • underdeveloped sexual of the authority;
  • the inefficiency of other methods;
  • endocrine impotence as a result of diabetes;
  • peyronie's disease;
  • operations on the prostate, the colon, the bladder.

The operation is being performed and if there are psychogenic erectile dysfunction, if you do not give the result of other methods, the pathology is not amenable to control. The method has a high rate of effectiveness, but is applied last.

The operation lasts from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Within 2 days the patient is shown resting in bed. Always impose antibiotics to prevent the development of inflammation. The first few days the patient feels pain in the lower part of the abdomen, is observed swelling of the penis. After 10 days, you can return to work, the sex is allowed after 2 months.

The price

The cost of the operation depends on the selection of the implant, the complexity of your installation. The price of $ 2,500. up to 4000 dollars.

The fat graft member

the increase of member of the

The method of thickening of the penis, which consists in the implantation of the fat cells from your own body. Refers to the minimally invasive techniques of surgical intervention. Liposuction is done in different parts, it is not the exception, and the penis. As a result of the process of the fat cells are extracted from the buttocks, are introduced under the skin of the penis, as if to surround him. The fat cells are pre-processed different substances, are introduced beneath the epidermis of the penis with the help of a syringe.

The methodology of the

With the abdomen, thighs, buttocks previously meet the fat cells through a catheter. To facilitate the process, is injected under the skin cocktail to dilute the material. Collected fat cells are cleaned, is injected under the skin of the penis on its entire length. The procedure for the time that lasts about an hour. The recovery period lasts about a month. During all this time, you must abstain from sexual relations. The result can last a lifetime, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the body. No scars are left.


The implementation procedure is shown with low thickness of penis, erectile dysfunction, which is related to the dissatisfaction with penis size, the asymmetry, of the injury. Contraindications do not exist practically. Do not do the operation if you have psychological.


The procedure itself is simple, the recovery period is needed for a uniform distribution of the fat cells around the organs. However, they are dangerous complications.

  • The clods, the seals beneath the skin of the penis;
  • The swelling of the authority;
  • The uneven distribution of materials;
  • The fibrosis in the area of introduction;
  • The infection.

To avoid the negative effects, you should rely on the realization of the operation of a qualified professional, to respect all the recommendations of the doctors.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

One of the most sought after methods thickening of the penis. The essence of the method consists in the transplantation cultivated fibers of the muscles under the skin of the penis. The process resembles to the fat grafting, but instead of the fat cells are injected in the muscle fibres. Unlike the previous methodology, the result is more predictable, it keeps the entire life.

The advantage of this kind of muscle of the implementation is the lack of punctures in the human body. The ready material you already have. For installation under the skin make smaller incisions, which quickly extend. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, lasts about 3 hours. The maximum increase in sexual organ of the diameter of 4 cm


The methodology is applied, when the pathologically small size of the penis, the fir, the man wants to enhance his sexual organ to increase the sexual appeal, your own self-esteem. As well as the illness, injury, as a consequence of the size of the penis deviates from the norm.

The recovery period

The operation lasts about an hour. Contraindications do not exist practically, the recovery period lasts about a month, during which it is prohibited to have sexual relations. About a week later you can return to the normal pace of work. In the first days after the operation there is swelling of the penis, less pain. To prevent infection, inflammatory processes are prescribed antibiotics. After the operation a member of the sum of diameter in 1-3 see

Indications and contraindications

big cock

Each method sets its prohibitions. It all depends on the complexity of the procedure, the duration of the procedures, the duration of the rehabilitation process. Absolute contraindication is the presence of allergic reactions to the materials used, the mental illness, of the deviation. Caution perform the operation of the diabetes mellitus, the violation of the coagulation of the blood. In these cases, it is much more difficult to pass the period of recovery.

Indication for the application of the methodology is pathologically small size of the penis or the dissatisfaction of the men to the average of the values. As well as erectile dysfunction, diarrheal, age changes, with serious injuries.

Bezoperatsionnye methods of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement in the absence of disease, the pathological processes can be achieved safe methods. Modern medicine offers several methods.

  • Water pump. A special apparatus for the treatment of weak erection. Sexual organ placed in a special pump, from there it is pumped the air. As a result of these actions reinforces the flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis, the improvement of the erection member increasing in size. It is fixed in this state, the rubber band at the base. The advantage of a quick effect, ease-of-use. The lack of effect lasts only a short time, it is possible darkening of the skin, lesions.
  • Extender. The special device for stretching fertile of the authority. Through stretching activates the growth of cells. The effect, in fact, begins, but to note, it is necessary to systematically apply the appliance for a long time. It all depends what the man wants a penis. Sometimes, the have to wait years. However, too often we use a device that will damage the fabric, it alters the circulation of the blood, which can cause a loss of power, to be the cause of the lack of erection.
  • Drugs. This includes creams, ointments, pills, sprays. The producers promise an increase in of child-bearing age, of the authority of a few centimeters per month application of the media. In reality, all that you are able to these medications – the flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis. Result with the increase in a member of medications it is impossible to achieve.

Therefore, increasing the size of the penis is possible with the help of minimally invasive techniques or surgery. Bezoperatsionnye forms give short the result of significant changes, they have to wait too long.

The consequences of the

Depending on the methods used can achieve different results. Through the operation of lengthening the sexual organ of up to 5 cm, after the graft of grasaa, microsurgical muscle transplantation of a thick member is increased in a 1-5 to see the Result should last a lifetime, but a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the body, lifestyle.

>If the operation can occur the infection of the tissues, resentment, and, in consequence, begin a pathological process, it disturbs the functioning of the sexual system with sterility, impotence. To avoid the negative consequences should you choose to a clinic in the experience of the qualified specialists. Even after an easy, minimally invasive surgery can be serious consequences in case of violation of the rules of procedure, the sterility.