The examination of vacuum pump penis enlargement

Many men want to at home to increase the size of your penis. To do this, use a variety of drugs, devices, complexes of exercises and massages. One of the most popular devices for these purposes is the vacuum of the water pump for the penis enlargement. The manufacturer assures that with its help you can make the penis longer and more, as well as to cure impotency at an early stage. We go together we're going to analyze the effectiveness of this methodology, what is the price of the device and if it is possible to do with your hands.

The principle of operation of the apparatus

as to enlarge the member

The doctors explain that in the interior of the penis is comprised of spongy tissue, entangled in the mesh of the blood vessels. The regular filling of blood in the maximum strength of the cells of this tissue start to share, and the skin – stretching. The end result is a penis in length and width. The scientists have used this effect when the creation of accessories under the name of "vacuum water pump". Sold at pharmacies and also online at the official website of the manufacturer. The price of the product – between 100 and 150 dollars. depending on the method of aspiration of air and the availability of additional functions. That is a vacuum device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the growth of the penis and the way it pumps the blood to the penis? But the photo shows that the device consists of a transparent bulb with a post in the wall of the scale, the vaporizer of the sealing gasket and the piece that eliminates the air (pear). When buying, you must make sure that the lamp was wider and longer than the original, the size of the penis in erection, and compactor – absolutely sealed and resistant to external exposure. Pump air into the appliance in one of two ways.

  1. Manually. As the light bulb work with a piston and pears. The man creates a vacuum of their hands, through the multiple compression of the rubber bulb.
  2. The electric pump. Automatic vacuum water pump works with batteries. Best models are equipped with an adjustment of the suction power.

In addition, it is possible and vacuum penis enlargement device, in which instead of air is used the water. In this case, the effectiveness of the improvement methodology, and the risk of meeting unforeseen injury, on the contrary, decreases.

As to enlarge your member with the help of this apparatus? Specialists explain that the penis vacuum pump can be increased through the process of congestion. It consists in the creation of the low-pressure area around the penis, which causes the inflow of blood to the penis.

In consequence, the male penis maximum that lengthens and hardens. While in the area dispersed in the air, the blood can't get out of the genitals until the man will not recover the pressure in the flask.

Artificial, keeping the state of erection in men for a long time and it is a fundamental principle of stretching the tissues of the penis. Instruction Manual contains recommendations that must be met for safe use of penis enlargement vacuum pump.

Pros and cons of this methodology

According to the doctors, enjoy vacuum pump is useful, not only for the men with a penis, but also to people with disabilities in the functioning of the urinary system. And the more severe the patient's illness, it is not desirable to do this to use the device, made with their own hands. In the comments of the people indicate what improvements are noticed after regular use of this device.

  • Increase in penis size.
  • Powerful erection persistent.
  • The extension of the period of the sexual relationship.
  • The elimination of the curvature of the penis.
  • The increased sensitivity of the genitals.
  • The release of the stagnation of the processes in the pelvic area.
  • The improvement of the general state of the health of men.

For the men, who have decided to buy a vacuum pump for the penis, the experts give the advice to check with your doctor. The urologist will give recommendations on the use of the device, tells you which medications to the reception outside or inside of uses they will help speed the result. In addition, the increase of penis pump, it has certain contraindications. Them concern:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • The violation of work of the kidneys or of the liver.
  • The disease of the skin of the foreskin.
  • The tendency to the formation of blood clots.
  • Acute inflammation in the genitourinary system.

For men with such pathologies recommended to first restore the health and then again to pass the diagnostic test.

The simplicity and ease of use

tools for penis enlargement

The correct use of a vacuum pump of a member? The instruction states that before the first application must be processed by the apparatus with soap solution. Remember that the empty cylinder can not rinse with boiling water, because the slightest deformation device loses the tightness. If a bubble person, before each use, you should clean its inner surface an antiseptic liquid.

To pump the penis, the man should apply the cream to soften the skin, and in the opening of the apparatus – petroleum jelly or other lubricant. However, you must keep in mind that excessive ointments are fat based may damage the material of the product. Following statement specifies to enter the penis in the tube and firmly against the appliance body. Now with your left hand, hold the empty cylinder and to the right, press on the pear or the button of the suction air.

The men point out that after a few seconds, its members will redden and accepted an excited state. After approximately 30 seconds after the start of the session, you must run the air, so that the penis is adopted a natural look. These manipulations should be performed 10-15 times with an interval of a few minutes. The customers say that the best time to build the sexual organ later in the evening, during 1 hour before bedtime.

The duration of exposure to vacuum of the pump must increase up to a minute before the session. After this thickness the erect penis you can with your hands, hold the base of the ring, to increase the effectiveness of the procedures. Therefore, after 4-5 weeks of daily procedures penis can be pumped up to such an extent that your cloth will always remain with a few centimetres long and wide.

The representatives of the stronger sex are wondering how to build your penis with the device, made with their own hands. The doctors explained that the homemade vacuum water pump did not pass the clinical trials, so use it with care. Immediately stop any manipulation when we detect the following problems:

  • The darkening of the tissues of the skin. The cause of the pathology often acts bleeding too dispersed in the air in the vacuum.
  • The swelling. Manifests itself due to the involvement of a large influx of lymph, caused by the long stay of a member in the low-pressure pump.
  • Stagnant processes near the foreskin. Occurs when the vacuum of the water pump to the head of the penis was of inadequate size.
  • The violation of the erection. This phenomenon occurs when a man's swollen cock is too aggressive, not taking into account the calendar of the duration of the session.

Summarizing, we can say that increase of a member by the vacuum of the pump is possible, but to do this, you must follow the rules of the instruction.

So, for the men who want to pump the penis in the home, scientists have developed a device that to his work uses the principle of the congestion or the flow of blood in the area of low pressure. To the question, namely, if the device of the penis, a lot of people in the comments answer yes and even put your photos in order to confirm the result. Remember, doctors do not recommend vacuum vacuum pump for a member of the same. Because to apply covered, the safety of which has not been shown a certificate of quality, risky and unwise.