As enlarge the penis?

The means to increase the penis is one of the most sought after groups of the goods in the sex-warranty. However, almost all of the men and their partner are aware of that, as it does not increase the penis, in the fullness of the sexual experience, it will not affect in any way. However, we are of the nature tend the contests and face off any thing, and the stereotype of the body genital of considerable dimensions-is the symbol of virility and fertility firmly in the subconscious mind.

As a enlarge penis using exercises?

as to enlarge the member

In the sex-guarantee you can find pacts with the author of techniques of exercises that speak to us of how to increase the penis during the week of exercises. However, in reality, any novelty of the methodology on how to increase the penis, do not carry.

All of the exercises to enlarge the penis is based on the capture technique and penis stretching. To increase the penis, the penis will offer to hold firmly the base of the index finger and the thumb (such as when the sign of ok), the maximum pull of the crown, and move the arm from the base to the head of the penis. Is a uncomplicated exercise to enlarge the penis, it is proposed to repeat dozens of times each day.

According to the authors of the methodologies, with these exercises, it stops the communication between the vessels and the cavernous and spongy body of the penis, and the movement of the hands of the blood rushes towards the head of the penis, stretch erectile tissues, and lengthening the penis. Of the claims of the authors, of six months, these exercises can enlarge the penis between 5 to 7 see to This method of penis enlargement is very safe, but, unfortunately, it is ineffective. In the first place, to pinch erectile tissues, you should do pressure, far exceeds the pain threshold, and the erectile tissues, but as the authorities are not able to grow in size after the completion of the growth. (Exception: the skin and the muscles!) Therefore, attempts to increase the penis by exercises related to the desire of the adult to grow, hanging at the fixed bar with weights on the feet.

As enlarge the penis with the help of the rings?

The variety of techniques of penis enlargement through exercises constitute a special ring ─ is elastic nozzles of the base of the penis.
Normally, it is used to increase the duration of the erection, but there are lovers of the application of the rings to the penis. It is worth remembering that during a normal erection, increases the pressure of the blood in the corpora cavernosa, but is not standing in them. The use of the rings can lead to stagnant processes in the penis and the thrombosis of the vessels, leading to health problems much more serious than the number of centimeters.

As enlarge the penis with the help of vacuum massager?

Quite common, and a method of increasing the penis to the vacuum in expenses. The principle is the same: the flow of blood to special bodies, that calls them to stretch. , Andrólogos, in some cases of erectile dysfunction really recommend the use of vacuum massager to improve blood flow to the sexual organ, but to enlarge the penis, this device will be completely useless.

The inmoderadamente the intensive use of the empty expense of possible cracks in the head of the penis, which heal very difficult. If it is not properly adjusted pressure level are possible broken capillaries – in this case, instead of changing the size ─ enlarge the penis, only change its color to a bluish hue (due to hemorrhage).

As enlarge the penis with the help of an extender?

Best-selling and effective instruments for the growth of the penis is considered to be an extender. The device is dressed in the penis and causes it to be a constant force of traction. Bring the device you need every day of 9 hours. After several months, the producers promise lengthening of a member at 3-4cm and an increase in the volume of the 1 see
As they say the sellers of this "wonder of art", to use an extender for the penis recommend and prestige of the medical -, andrólogos. However, forgetting to mention that they recommend to use after the surgery of increase of penis, when they removed the ligaments in the penis to "fleet" to plexus of the tendons in the area lobka (by the way, the similar operation on the exit removed, hidden in the body of the plot of the penis – probably the only effective methodology for the growth of the penis. The use of a stretcher in the postoperative period is necessary for the ligaments of the thickness of the right way.
Of course, the tendons have the property of stretching under load, and in the long run the use of an extender will lead to a slight increase of the length of the penis. The only problem is that if it's worth it booted to the nature a centimeter of drawbacks related to the constant use of the device, the tensile strength of the penis?

As enlarge the penis with the help of pills to ointments?

the increase of member of the

Finally, one of the most radical of the options of enlargement of the penis is of local funds, or tablet with a high content of steroid hormones. It is clear that the drugs, due to the dangers of a worsening of the consumption of steroid hormones prohibited, and to buy only through the internet shops. However, the men and women who seek, in whatever way, to increase the penis does not become afraid so "absurd" as the stomach ulcer, depression, and psychosis, infertility, adenoma of the prostate and malignant tumors related to the abuse of steroid drugs.
The sellers of drugs to enlarge the penis of the claim that, indeed, the preparations to basis of testosterone used by doctors for the treatment of micro-penis – stop the development of the penis in the puberty age due to the lack of male sex hormones.
However, these euphemistically forget that, in addition to the level of hormones, increase in the size of the penis affect the genes. Therefore, if the child, the size of the penis in an adult man is conditioned by the disadvantage of hormones during puberty, is a hormone injection are able to solve this problem.

If the penis is normal, genetically deterministic length, none of the hormones will not grow longer than the nature of a given size. In a word – as not dancing, and the penis in the tube of transform will not work! However, in extreme cases, can increase the penis with the help of the surgery.