Massage for penis enlargement

The majority of men are unhappy with the size of your penis. Massage to increase the member has a positive impact on all the organs of the reproductive system. This is demonstrated by the results obtained in the clinical studies. The methodology manual impact you can use at home without any cost. The result can be seen if you meet all the rules. The man should not forget about preparation and safety precautions. It depends on your state of health.

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The training is provided to all the muscles of the man, and the same thing applies to the penis. This organ of the reproductive system is composed of the corpora cavernosa, sciatic and onion-the spongy tissue of the muscles. When it receives a pulse of the cavernous cavity filled with blood and, in consequence, and erection occurs. The penis increases in size, it acquires the hardness and elasticity necessary for the sexual contact. There are many manual techniques, able to influence the length and volume of the penis.

The massage has a positive effect in the cavity, educated the cavernous bodies, helps to improve the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Functional tissue become more elastic. The men try to achieve this effect through special creams, tablets, capsules and ointments. His technique is often accompanied by the appearance of adverse reactions.

Also do not forget about contraindications, the main of which is considered to be the intolerance of individual components that go into the fat. Drugs of natural and synthetic origin are allowed to take only after passing diagnostic tests. The massage is considered to be the most secure way to improve the functionality of the reproductive system. Respecting the right technique you can achieve the enlargement of the penis in the short term.

Can you enlarge your member with the help of massage

Positive changes in the intimate sphere will occur only after completion of the course. Each session has a duration of 5 to 10 minutes, therefore, devote time to exercise is quite simple. Through the massage occurs:

  • it improves the circulation of blood in the pelvic area;
  • the increase of the power;
  • the increase in penis size.

Men, have passed the course of the therapy, celebrates the recovery of the erection, the disappearance of the ejaculation, improving control and endurance. The phallus becomes the longest 5-7 cm, its volume increases by 2-3 see Massage of penis performed daily, the duration of the course is not less than 30 days. The first results appear after 3-4 weeks.

Before the massage prepare the area of impact. First perform the treatments of water (preferably hot shower), after this, take a comfortable position. Thanks to the training the penis to relax before the massage its coat with a lubricant. Pre-warming of the hands, the man makes light slaps. Increased blood flow occurs by means of exact massage movements.

The man must be in a good mood. The effect of the procedure often reduces excessive nervousness and excessive stress. The warming of the penis is a mandatory step, ignore which is not recommended. Manual impact allows you to pass if your erection is not more than 70%. Otherwise, reinforced by the inflow of blood to the crotch will be the cause of the pain and discomfort.

Through kegel exercises can increase your orgasm and a penis. This methodology is characterized by the ease of implementation and high efficiency. After the completion of warm-up exercises, the man should look at a special muscle. To do this, you must stop the process of urinating approximately in half. Stimulating found the muscle, the man with the facility to secure the control of the ejaculation process. Paralysis of the penis should last no more than a minute.

The process is accompanied by the constant promotion of the load, in which the relaxation is changed by the voltage. The compression has to leave, if in the muscles of the groin appeared a tremor. The procedure should not cause negative feelings. If you experience pain or discomfort massage you should immediately stop. Universal technique, the kegel is one of the most effective. Thanks to it you can achieve to strengthen the erection and the penis in a relatively short period of time.

The vibration of the republika srpska, the muscle, the activated cascade of movements, in combination with the correct breathing help to improve the functioning of the penis. The control over the ejaculation, you can avoid problems with the function.

The Technique Of Tao

massage for penis enlargement

This methodology is used for the increase of the head of the penis. To get results, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor. The technique of tao used, I am sure that the absence of inflammatory diseases, and infectious diseases. If there are no contraindications, the man should begin a course of medication therapy. In the first stage of the fingers are placed at the base of the penis. After this, the man's careful movements exceed the blood supply to the head of the penis, alternately clenching and relaxing her. The exercise lasts for 10 minutes.

The sessions of tao, must be carried out at a slow pace, that is the main difference of this technique from similar methodologies. With the exact and floats of the manipulation creates pressure in the penis. The exercises should not be a cause of the surge. The onset of pain and the unpleasant sensations it is a powerful reason for the weakening of the capture. Of great importance is the fat, is necessarily put in the phallus prior to the procedure. The positive effect is reached, if the man lifts up the appropriate amplitude of the movements correctly, and calculates the compression force.

Conscious stretching

A series of exercises that characterizes this technique, which leads to the traction functional of the tissues forming the sexual organ. Strength stretching is performed in the following way: the glans carefully setting the fingers and pulling. In a single session, spend no more than 5-6 extrusions. On the day make several approaches.

The exercise is done by the urge to urinate. When the stretching of the corpora cavernosa in the penis, there should be no discomfort. The increased penis will be notably after 4-5 weeks after starting the course. The handling must do, while in a position. Strength stretching is the way that has similarities with the technique of stretching. To achieve a good result, man should not forget about the training and the fat.

Circular stretch

Methodology of the circular extrusion of the involved in the sexual organ. In the first place, cover your fingers by the base of the head, then pull it forward. The penis should be to maintain this position for 5 seconds. After that, reproductive system, the authority should be careful to rotate in the counterclockwise direction. In a single session, the man must make the 25 rotation of the movements. This technique helps to increase the penis. The man will notice a positive result already through 1.5 months after the first session.

Massage would have a favorable effect on the reproductive system and when they comply with the following recommendations:

  1. The warm-up is mandatory, ignoring this step can have severe consequences.
  2. It is expressly forbidden to interfere in the technique of the conclusion of the session.
  3. The exercise cannot be performed, if reproductive of the authority are in a state of arousal.
  4. In the application of exercise you should avoid sudden movements. All operations should pass without any problems and nervousness.
  5. The load should be increased gradually, otherwise you may experience trauma.
  6. When you see the itching, rashes on the skin epidermis, pain, and other allergic reactions classes immediately cease. Excessive pressure on the penis, disturbance of erectile function. Its the decoupling happens after a certain period of time, the intervention of the doctors is not necessary. Important to reduce the force and revise the class diagram. On the occurrence of complications show the following symptoms: darkening of the mucous membranes, varicose veins, pain, swelling.

The increase in a member should occur with light movements, the brute force during the massage is not valid. To improve the quality of the intimate life, the classes should be carried out regularly.

Don't forget the hygiene of the body and the mood positive. The breach of these conditions will reduce the effect of the physiotherapy. Before you begin the course, you should consult with your doctor. He will help you to choose the most effective methodology to enlarge the penis. You can also enjoy the massage service. The need in this case generally occurs due to lack of experience or fear of damage to the penis.

Massage the penis applied in the treatment and prophylaxis. Special attention of the gadgets used. When selecting lubricants, preference should be given to the media, different, hypo-allergenic and of the composition. The procedure begins with a warm-up. The preheating is necessary for the stabilization of the circulation of the blood, the prevention of stagnation, normalizing hormonal. Comply with the safety measures that you need throughout the entire process.


The increase of the functionality of the reproductive organs will have a positive impact on the overall health of the men. Through the massage he'll be rid of physical and psychological problems. The increase in the penis to lead to an increase of the self-esteem of the partner and the normalization of their relations with women. Among the additional advantages leading to the strengthening of the orgasm and the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.