Extender for the penis: what it is and how it is applied, the results, the possible damage

The lack of size of the penis does matter to many men. According to statistics, more than half of the representatives of the stronger sex would like to enlarge the penis, even for a couple of inches. And today this can be done without the need of surgical intervention. One of the most simple and insurance funds increase of the penis is an extender for the penis.

What is extensor, and why use it

extender to the penis

Extender is called the apparatus, which contributes to increase the penis through the stretching of their the cavernous body. This is one of the most popular media to promote the enlargement penis naturally. The correct and regular use of an extender allows you to achieve the following results:

  • the increase of the length of the authority of some centimeters;
  • give a penis more than the right way;
  • start the process of the correct regeneration of tissues due to surgical intervention.

In addition, the extender increases the size of the penis, it is able to solve the following problems:

  1. The initial stages of impotence. If erection problems have only begun and have caused the age-related changes in the body, it is a penis extender allows men to overcome erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of sexual life.
  2. The stagnation of the venous blood in the pelvic organs. This state can turn into big problems, because it should be timely troubleshooting.
  3. The bad erection, which is observed in different infringements to the circulation of the blood. Regular use of an extender allows you to restore the normal circulation of blood, ensuring a good flow of blood in the interior of the camera of the penis.

The results of the application of the extender

According to the testimony of the producers, the classic extender is able to increase the cock-up to 5 centimetres. Some companies call and the big numbers. However, it should be understood that to increase the sexual organ more than 4-5 centimeters through a surgical intervention.

Real customers show an increase in penis sizes in 3 see to Overcome this indicator can be only on rare occasions. The experts assert that the correct use of the accessories of mechanical stretching of the penis of a man you can count on a penis augmentation in 2-2,5,

Advantages and disadvantages

The extenders, there is a whole series of advantages which are the following:

  • easy to use;
  • to improve the state of the organs of the pelvis;
  • the prevention of impotence in the early stages of the disease;
  • the lack of necessity of the implementation of operations aimed at the correction of size of the penis;
  • the possibility of use for a long time.

Unfortunately, this tool there are also certain disadvantages, which consist in the following:

  • as a result of the application almost always in the head of the member appear ecchymosis and hematomas;
  • the accessory has an impressive list of contraindications, which are listed below;
  • in the period of use of an expander to the member of the men produces a certain discomfort during sex.

The relative disadvantage of this mechanism is the inability to increase the width of a member. In some cases, the diameter of the authority, may even decrease due to the stretching of the the cavernous body. This drawback may be modified only additional procedures. They are referred to lipofilling, which involves the introduction under the skin of the penis fat.

The damage extenders

On the damage of data structures for the enlargement of the penis is known, more recently, when one of the most authoritative american editions, published an article about the fact that the use of an extender results in the following negative effects:

  • impotence;
  • infertility.

As a result of this information have received the denial on the part of representatives of official medicine. The doctors pointed out that, as long as the correct use of this tool any harm to the health of the men, and can not be. On the contrary, extender is designed to combat erectile dysfunction.


Before penis extender, men should make sure that you do not have contraindications to the application of these constructs. This list is very extensive:

  • the adenoma of the prostate;
  • the high sensitivity of the head and members in general;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • skin diseases that cause the appearance of ulcers on the penis, sores, etc;
  • the oncology of the organs of the pelvis;
  • the violation of hematopoietic function;
  • the formation of polyps in the special channel.

Types of extenders

as to enlarge the member

In the currently known four types of extenders to enlarge the penis:

  1. The headgear.
  2. The strap.
  3. Lie-adhesives.
  4. Vacuum.

Strap and harness

The design data have similar characteristics, therefore, you can combine them into a single group. In fact, it is the same device, the only advantage is its price. Here are the shortcomings of these species quite:

  1. Bad fastening of a member, and the pain when it is used. If the load increase, is the head just slip the wiring harness. If the possibilities tighten, this can lead to a worsening of the shaft of the penis. As a result, there appears a burning sensation and pain, which, with the passage of time has not diminished, but increased. Even extenuating strip of foam that comes included with the device, are not capable of as influence in the situation.
  2. The slide release. With a strong squeeze of the belt can reach to the tips of the anchors. The reason lies in the crudity of the construction.
  3. Cumbersome assembly process. The design data are considered to be at this time a relic of the past, and can only be used as a first contact with the instrument.

Despite all the drawbacks, including extenders of this type are models worthy of attention. Of the basic types of construction of its distinguish the following:

  • possibility of fixation of the strap through the locks;
  • the own strap has an anatomical shape, as if this wide and smooth.

The extensor type of vacuum

The feature of these devices is the use of the vacuum for the fixation of the head. Similar constructions can be considered as a kind of novelty on the market, but have already managed to get a lot of good feedback. The purpose of the technology consists in the extraction of the air from the chamber, so that the head can absorb into it and keeps it there through the void.

Initially, the technology was an ideal solution to the problems with the morbidity of such procedures, the output of the head, etc .. However, later, it turned out that this methodology is also many deficiencies. And the main of them is the formation of blisters in the head. In consequence, it can happen even scales of tissues.

Other disadvantages of these structures are:

  • the low efficiency, because when you use extenders of this type of impact is made only to the half of the penis;
  • uncomfortable process of disassembly and assembly, in which it invests great amount of time;
  • to obtain the fixation of the accessories that squeeze the trunk and the head.

Lie-adhesive model

Due to the low efficiency and the mass of the deficiencies in the models are described in the manufacturers were forced to look for new solutions. The result of years of development became the instrument combined with the method of retention of the head. And at this time as the extenders are the best option for the augmentation of the penis as in the opinion of the doctors and by the comments of the crowd of men.

Feature of the fastener is based at once on two technologies: the vacuum and adhesion. The advantages of this type extenders consist of the following:

  • high reliability of the anchors and fixation of the head;
  • the skin of a member is not in contact with the details;
  • the trunk penis is not subjected to tension, so that it does not occur as dangerous to the health of the red blood cells of blood stagnation;
  • the pain or any discomfort when the use of data structures completely absent;
  • faster result;
  • the possibility of putting the design total of 5-6 seconds.

Among the shortcomings of such extenders can be noted is that the high cost in comparison with other constructions.

Instructions for use

To achieve, ensures optimum results when you use the penis enlargement, you must follow the instructions:

  1. Immediately before putting the design should be washed under running water, and processed antiseptic. The hands and the genitals, also carefully wash with water and soap.
  2. The glans should be set firmly in the clamp. After this, the rod must be separated into multiple pull of the authority.
  3. The use of the device is of 4-5 hours a day.
  4. At the end of the process, it should return the guides of the shaft in the initial position. After this, the tongue of warning removed from a member.

General recommendations


The specialists advise to follow when the use of an expander to the member of the following recommendations:

  1. The on a regular basis. This is the most important, the rule of the use of mechanical instruments for the augmentation of the penis. If you ignore the conduct of the process to achieve a positive effect, not what you get.
  2. The body hygiene. Before each use of the equipment, must be washed and your intimate area. This approach will allow to avoid the contamination of different type of infections.
  3. The correct use of the appliance. Using a penis extender is only possible if the candle. Sleep with him, is completely prohibited. The fact that sleep attenuates the discomfort and pain that can arise during this procedure. In addition, it is possible to rotate the device, which will cause the deterioration of the vessels penis.

With the correct approach of an extender is an effective means to increase the penis. These designs require regular socks for a long time, because in your application you must arm yourself with patience.