Increase penis size - exercises

Be sure to read all instructions before performing any type of exercise or techniques, in order to understand their specificity and consistency, as well as the possible unwanted consequences that may occur due to the incorrect execution of programs. Don't try anything, until you are not completely familiar with the information. It is mandatory!

as to enlarge the member

As to enlarge the member

The increase in membership is only the tip of the iceberg of our program. We can change your life, if you want to go. Our program will give you self-confidence, increase the sense of the own dignity.

A little patience, and make sure that our system works! Do not expect that the results will be visible after a couple of days, but after 1-3 months of regular classes is reached such success, that they could not assume. We want to make your life and the lives of millions of other men and couples would be wonderful and full, to the extent possible. Our goal is to improve your life. We can help you get the maximum pleasure of the life. Thank you for having chosen our program.


Moisten a soft cloth with warm water, press. Wrap around your trunk of your member (regardless of the state of rest or erection) and leave on for three minutes. Then remove the fabric. Repeat the exercise at least two times. After that, make sure to dry the cock. Start a regular exercise program with this procedure. A warm compress will provide blood flow and therefore improve the circulation of blood in the area of your penis, but will also make your skin more elastic. In addition, it will provide a better grip for the exercises that you have to comply.

The technique of stretching

After a hot compress, you must proceed to one of the techniques of traction on the cable. The compression and the traction of a member of your regular program can give incredible results as well as exercises the muscles become more and stronger. These exercises stretch your penis, at the same time, allowing you to increase the size of the erection. This is a method of lengthening the penis in a relaxed and excited states. Select ONE of the techniques of traction in the cable and turn on the device in your program.

The Option Of A

This technique recommend, and chose for himself the majority of our customers. To make your possible as standing as sitting.

1. The member is in a relaxed state. Grab it with one hand, holding on tightly to the crown, but without preventing the entry of blood.

2. Pull your cock in the side of itself. Draw as much as possible until you don't feel pain or discomfort. Keep in this state, 5 minutes. After every minute try a little bit to increase the stretch. Remember, exercise should not cause pain.

3. Relax 1 minute. Gently massage his penis with a circular motion about 30 times. This will restore the normal circulation of blood.

4. Repeat the second exercise 4 times, stretching the penis in different directions: up, down, left and right. After each 5 minutes of stretching repeat the exercise 3.

5. After you perform the 5 stretch (5 minutes each), again to stretch the member directly of himself. Put your 1 minute, and then 10 times slightly press, without causing the same pain.

Manual stretching of a member gives the same results as the traditional systems of loading of the penis. The most secure method for the capture of the absence of pressure only in the spinal cord of the nerve that runs along the top of your penis. You can invent your own ways of capturing, it is better for you that others are clear about their feelings. It's important not to tighten too much, otherwise you can break the circulation of the blood.

This exercise will increase the length of your penis after two weeks of classes, however, only after 3-4 months, you can actually evaluate your scale.

Option Two

1. Grab the penis in a state of relaxation in the head with one hand and press. Remember that you should not feel discomfort, and stir the circulation.

2. Draw in the direction straight ahead of himself with enough force to feel a painless traction. Restrain their stretched state in 30 seconds — 1 minute, then relax.

3. Continue to stretch the member within a period of 15 to 20 minutes per session. Between sessions to rest no less than 10 to 20 minutes.

The Choice Of Three

This is a technique that belongs to the ancient sages. It includes stretching of the penis and in a relaxed atmosphere and in a state of excitement. The old methods are very original, so their use may seem unusual. We publish his technique, as detailed wise. Inhale deeply the air from the nose, is held in the throat, and then swallowed, chasing after her stomach. When the air reaches the lower part of the abdomen, oriented towards the penis. The three middle fingers of the left hand side click on the point hu-yun, which is located half-way between the anus and scrotum. This will strengthen the force of your member. Restore normal breathing, continuing to keep fingers on the point.

penis enlargement methods

With the right hand start to stretch your penis forward and backwards, pulling his light rhythmic movements 36 times. With the thumb Pat the crown until the member does not rise. The right hand with strength enjoy of the lower limb. Hold down the capture, place your hand 3-4 cm forward. So you include in the penis of the energy of the air, pushing his head. Pull your member to the right and begin to rotate them 36 times in the sense of the needles of the clock and 36 against. Then, move to the left and repeat the exercise. The energy of many bodily organs flows into the penis, solidifying and strengthening. Finished the exercise, tapping 36 times, excited member, first for the inner part of the right thigh, then the left hip.

The Variant Of Four

This stretching technique is described in the best-selling book on male sexuality. Includes stretching exercises in a relaxed environment and state of arousal. It seems that it is slightly modified from the methodology of the ancient scholars.

1. The right hand grabs the dick and starts to rhythmically stretch toward himself, and of himself. Repeat 10 times (each stretch for approximately 15 seconds).

2. Repeat the stretch to the right 10 times, left 10 times and down 10 times.

3. Pat crown of a member with a thumb, until the erection. Gets a member of the base of the fingers and the thumb. Embraced, slide the fingers forward to 3-4 cm 10 times.

4. Pull the member of the right, and turn a small circle, continuing to stretch, 10 times. Repeat the exercise to the left 10 times.

5. Easy-to-beat, excited, member-house by the side of the hip of 10 times, it extends into different parts.

The capture technique and stretch marks as a method of penis enlargement

This technique is ideal for those who are so much a lack of time to devote daily at least one hour of regular exercise program. These exercises take no more than 5 minutes, but can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months. These easy exercises that you can do several times a day. Do not hesitate to repeat two or three times a day. The goal of this technique is the creation of tension in the fabric, especially through the stretching of the skin of the penis that is in an excited state. This not only makes the penis skin is more elastic, but it increases the volume of the chambers of the penis, called the corpora cavernosa. The increase of blood volume is immediately reflected in an increase of the total mass of your penis.

Lubricate your penis. Sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed, start to stroke, bringing together the thumb and the index (such as the mark O (K). The movement of the arm of the base member to the head to keep a firm grip, trying to maximize the stretching of the skin. Increasingly, returning to the base of the penis, a bit of increases in catch, to delay as much as possible the blood in the penis. Then, repeat the movement of the base to the head.

Gradually increase the speed of the movements, without weakening of the capture. You should feel the excitement. Get a full erection. Reaching absolute erection, again grab the thumb and the index the penis at the base and try to keep the blood in the cavernous tissue of the penis.

Hold down the capture of the base member, with the other hand, grasp the base of the head. Try to stretch the member to the extent possible, without experiencing discomfort. Stretch your right and hold 10 seconds. Then to the right, a delay of 10 seconds. Now to the left, a delay of 10 sec. And, finally, tilt it down and re-hold for 10 seconds. Repeat the four exercises of the phase four times, with a delay of 10 seconds. Throughout the exercise, you will need not more than 5 minutes.

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After completing the exercises, loosen the grip on the base of the member. It should feel like the blood will begin to pour. At this moment you can produce the ejaculation. Remember that a good lubrication and strong grip — is basic security precautions. In any case, his capture should not interfere with the circulation. This technique should not be deliver to you any kind of pain or discomfort. If in the course of the exercises you feel pain, you must stop the classes and return to read carefully the instruction