The penis size teenager

The penis size teenager has the average dimensions. Numerous studies have allowed us to obtain the equation of the median. Along with the parameters that define the factors that influence the development of the penis. Information provided specialists.

The average dimensions

the penis size of teens

The size of the penis in adolescent is determined by its length and diameter. The majority of young people are sensitive to the topic presented. The reason for this thoughts on the size of the authority. The unconformity of the penis the average size leads to feelings of inferiority and inoculated a young boy with complex. The definition of medium size were engaged in the scientists. Numerous studies have revealed the average penis size in adolescence.

For a proper evaluation of the measurement parameters is performed by the length and the girth. The penis "is studied in the resting state, the voltage and the excitation. Important: the size of the authority does not affect the reproductive function and sexual satisfaction of the couple.

In the resting state the length of the penis 5 to 10 cm, in a – 12-15. In addition assign the category of cows of the authority – 15 to 18 cm and the giant – from 18 to 24 see Presented dimensions are characteristic to the penis during arousal.

It is noteworthy that there is the category of small penis, whose parameters are 4 cm at rest and 7 cm when excited. According to the studies, we have identified only cases in which the length of the authority not to exceed 2.5 cm, while the erection.

The information submitted – average and the approximate size of those that are not of the more strict standard. During arousal, the organ increases significantly by the intensification of the flow of blood. In some cases the indicator more than 2, and more than once.

Puberty boys begins at the age of 9 to 14 years. In a given period are recorded side sexual of the signs:

  • the hard body is covering the hair (the cover is fixed on the face, the penis and in the area of the armpits);
  • the foreskin is being actively developed;
  • the skin on the penis and the scrotum becomes;
  • the testes are increased.

Before puberty, the configuration of the penis and its appearance will vary slightly. Visual changes are observed in the 9 years of age, however, age is not steadfast in the standard. Puberty can start as before and after.

For most adolescents, the appearance of the penis and its size are important in life, values. Some deviations in the smaller party represent a true tragedy. The boy tied up, try to limit the communication with the opposite sex, do not trust in their own forces. In some cases, notes the resignation of the visit to the pool, to the sauna. As they grow, there are problems in the intimate life. Sexual relations shall only be carried out to the deep world. In adulthood, the boy saves for surgical intervention or tries to take advantage by increasing gels, creams and other accessories.

According to doctors, to emphasize the parameters penis is not worth. The standards and configuration parameters that does not exist. Each body is different, the deviation of one way or another, are valid.

In the table below are shown the average of the parameters in function of the age and the growth of a boy:

The age The length at rest, cm The length of the period of excitation, cm
11 3-4,8 4,1–7,9
12 4-5,5 8-8,9
13 5,2–6,5 9-11,5
14 6,3–8 12-13
15 6,3–8 12,5–13,5
16 6,6–9 12,8–15
17 7-10,3 13-15,5
18 8,4–11,5 13,5–16

Sexual development of adolescents is conventionally divided into several stages:

  • stage 1 (from 9 to 12 years). The aspect ratio, the size and appearance of a member do not differ from those of the, in early childhood;
  • phase 2. Scrotum slightly increases, the structure changes. The skin acquires a reddish tint;
  • phase 3. The penis grows gradually, first increasing in length and then in width. The testes and the scrotum to change the parameters in the higher part;
  • stage 4. The penis impressive growing, growing head of the authority. Scrotum and testicles change in size, the skin darkens;
  • stage 5. The sexual organs of the options correspond to an adult man.

The size of the penis of 14 years increased considerably. Active the change of external characteristics is observed in the maturation period. Complete the formation of the reproductive system is fixed at adult age. Maximum of the parameters of the penis was observed at 18 years of age, hereinafter, the body practically does not change.

The diagnostic value of sizes of penis

The configuration of the penis with respect to age and growth is used for the determination of hormones in human development in the period of puberty. The tracking of the optimal parameters is done by doctors.

Guys, the penis size that is much smaller, often suffer from hypogonadism. It is the state, accompanied by the increase of the breast. Because that activates the synthesis of female hormones in the body.

The professor pulled out a perfect formula for compliance of the parameters with respect to the age and growth of the adolescent. On the basis of the information obtained, we can determine the state of health, and other factors.

What affects the process of development of the penis

In the development of the penis in adolescence influences a number of external factors. What aspect stands out the level of hormones in actively growing during the period of maturation. Discrepancy of the configuration of the penis must be endocrine disorders in the body. The lack of production of hormones causes health problems in middle age. Eliminate violations of the age of majority, on the contrary, the testosterone will not be carried in sufficient quantity.

Additional triggering factors include:

  • the alteration of metabolism. The processes of change are responsible for the absorption of the active components and their distribution in the body. The alteration of metabolism leading to the deposition of subcutaneous fat, which reduces visually the size of the penis;
  • power. The influence of balanced food is less, however, this factor is still taken into account. The lack of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it slows down the process of development in the body. The consequence of this is the underdevelopment of many parts of the body, in particular, of the genital organs;
  • the injuries of the children. The trauma of the authority, the heavy during pathological processes puts the footprint for the development. Timely therapy of violations accelerates the process of recovery of the organism;
  • abuse of the addiction. Previously, the familiarity with cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, it slows down the growth of the organism.
as to enlarge the member

Some specialists perform a parallel between masturbation, sexual orientation and early sexual life. Presented the factors does not affect the configuration of the authority. The main causes of deviations from the norm draws on the heritage, production of hormones and the general state of the child.

Violations in the process of formation of the organs of the reproductive system are often progressive disorders, in particular:

  • do not open the head of the penis;
  • short flange;
  • the birth of prostatitis;
  • the gynecomastia.

Not the opening of the head of the penis is due both to its narrowing of the holes of the foreskin. In the first case, it is enough with conservative therapy, in the second need for a surgical intervention. Does not rule out simultaneous for two variations of the pathology. The absence of therapy leads to the spontaneous release of the head of the penis, which leads to the development of diseases. The disease is dangerous education of the gangrene.

Cut the flange appears independently or in conjunction with the progression of the phimosis. The lack of treatment leads to the difficulties of the sexual life in the period of full maturation. In this case, the blow comes stress-the state of the young.

At an early age can enter the premises for the development of prostatitis. In this process influence viral and infectious diseases, violation of the circulation of the blood in the pelvis, the sedentary life, the breakdown in the functioning of the intestine.

Special of the disease – the absence of testicles in the background of the changes in the process of synthesis of sex hormones.

Cryptorchidism – undescended testes in the scrotum. Distinguish three types of diseases: false, true. In the first case, there is a special reflection on the standard of it should not be. Scrotum symmetric, the egg is located in the area of external inguinal ring. With true cryptorchidism the testes are located in the abdominal cavity. Ectopia accompanied by the location of the testicles in the area of the crotch.

The abnormal development of the penis, in the penis of less than average length. Appears as independent of the disease, and in combination with other pathological processes.

Gynecomastia – swelling of the breasts, changes introduced by the predominance in the body of the female hormones. It is characterized by the pathological and physiological current. In the first case, the gynecomastia is related to the violation of the formulation of male sex hormones, in the second the predominance in the organism of the mother of placental oestrogens. Gynecomastia is aborted by himself, after weeks after the birth.

The delay of sexual development is reflected negatively on the functioning of the reproductive system in adulthood. The diagnosis is made in the absence of signs of maturation after the age of 14. However, constitutional and physical retardation is found in most of the cases. Sexual, the system may develop and after the age of 15 years. The baby feels well. It is not excluded that the delay in the development is a consequence of pathological processes in the body. To identify the exact cause, it is advisable to undergo laboratory and research tools. The delay in the development is capable of development in the education of the benign tumors, and violation of the synthesis of male hormones.

Cause the deviation can be as before, and later sexual maturity. In this case, the sexual organs begin to increase in children of 9 years or after 15. If you suspect the presence of deviations, it is advisable to go to a medical centre.

Important: the size of the member is not dependent on the quality of sexual relations.