How to increase the girth of the penis

Today, microsurgery and the surgical technique with such order, using the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body of men and the implantation under the skin of the penis. One of the variants of this type of operation — transfer of a complex of fat of the fabric fold gluteus maximus. This way you can increase the diameter of the authority in a maximum of two centimeters.

The fabric, the surgeon places under the skin of the penis on its entire length. It is peculiar of its wrapping. Area of the fence from the skin sewn with a as well, that they are practically invisible. The seam is applied to sunken. Therefore, the thickening is achieved by adding to the authority of the skin from another part of the body. If the patient wants to increase the girth of the penis of more than one centimeter, the surgeon uses a variant of the intervention. Is microsurgery thickening through the transfer of muscle tissue. The operation, in comparison with the previous one, it is much more difficult. It lasts a long time, and the period of recovery after the complex sentence. But the more complex the task, the more difficult its attainment.

Therefore, the decision on the conduct of these operations, it is necessary to think carefully, taking into account their complexity, astronomical, the duration of the recovery period. It is necessary to take into account the risk of possible complications after the intervention. Since nature does not like similar intrusions, and in that a thin sphere. Sometimes as a result of such correction of the penis may appear tuberosity. Often present with complications such as wound infection, hemorrhage, much edema of the penis. It is possible to on a temporary or permanent reduction of the sensitivity of the head of the penis, the appearance of pain during erection.

the increase of member of the

Later complications of this type of operations are considered to be shortening of the authority, the change of the angle of the erection, the volatility of the penis during intercourse, are assumed by the mortification of specified tissues (muscles and deposits of fat). Often the man complains about erection disorders, deformation of the penis.

And what is most important. In half of the cases the men say that the result of the operation does not meet with your expectations.

However, they want to take the risk to say. And, despite the warnings of the surgeons, the patients believe that all of these precautions should not be touched.

The increase in the thickness of the penis extender

This method is more secure. Extender is a special device that improves the penis. Created by taking into account the development highlights of the sexologists, who for decades have sought the solution of the above-mentioned problem. Initially, the goal of the creation of an extender was the increase of the length of the dignity of man. But the practice shows that, along with the extension increases the thickness of the penis. This is due to the inflation of muscle tissues. In fact, the growth is proportional. Cannot extend the authority without being accompanied by an increase in the diameter.

The essence of the work of the extender simple. The penis is stretched thanks specially designed for the mechanism. If you just follow the instructions that the procedure will be painless. The changes are achieved thanks to the function of the natural body to increase the number of cells, resulting from the exposure.

Exercise and massage

It is the most accessible and safe way to achieve the goal.

To perform a special exercise is necessary to use a lubricant, so as not to injure the member. Carry out the procedure should be incomplete erection, avoiding the sharp pain. It is necessary to compress the left-hand side of the base of the penis and the slow pace of progress, to one side of the head. When you reach the crown of the head, grab the cock with your right hand and move. That is to say, the hands creates the effect of milking (by pulling). It is necessary at this concentrate on the desired result.

Massage — more than a simple procedure. It is circular, the rotational movement of the base to the head of the authority. Them it is necessary after lubrication prior of the authority. The procedure is performed on a daily basis, in a systematic way. Make should two months. It is recommended that in parallel to take the dietary supplements for the stimulation of the metabolic processes in the body.