As to enlarge the member with the sodium bicarbonate

The male enhancement of the dignity of the soda is more an important way of today. As shown by the customers, the method does not require any financial investment, while the growth of a member happens necessarily.

Sosa is not only the dust in the kitchen of every person, but a tool that it really can be to enlarge the member. However, sodium bicarbonate is an aid, which should be used in conjunction with other methods of penis enlargement.

the increase of a member of the soda

As sodium bicarbonate affects the penis? The essence of this method of penis enhancement is in the properties of dust that penetrates quickly into the body's tissues and contributes to the aclaracin of the blood, by improving circulation in the body.

It is this characteristic of sodium bicarbonate and is a subsidiary of time, which will help to complement the increase, and will do it faster. As well as with the help of soda to increase the size of your penis, and contribute to its growth? And what application method to be more effective?

Affects the soda in the growth of the penis or not?

Dissatisfaction with the size of your penis is sufficiently current problem in the society. Despite the fact that there are different ways, contribute to this process, many give preference to new developments, with the hope that here "what works".

However, this method has the demand among the male population, despite the comments about it a little more. What men say about this?

Those who venture to test the increase of bicarbonate of sodium in and of itself, leave a lot of contradictory opinions. Some say that the process of penis growth accelerated, and in combination with other methods, the increase is considerable.

Another method has not helped. And understand, what he truly ineffective, or the problem is another nuance, unfortunately, is not possible. Therefore, we can say the following:

  • You can use the method of increase, taking into account all the recommendations.
  • Not worth waiting for huge growth, then do not bother.

Sodium bicarbonate, as men say, is a helper, who can not function by itself. You must add to it, and other methods, we are also focusing on the growth of the penis. The doctors do not discuss, what influences the growth of a member of the sodium bicarbonate.

Use baking soda to accelerate the growth of the penis can be different. One of the methods is its use in the interior. At this time should be directed contraindications to this method:

  1. Ulcerative disease of stomach.
  2. Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Gastritis.

If a man wishes to enlarge the member with the baking soda, this procedure should be approached with caution, observing the recommendations, rules and tips.

Methods and ways of improving the

To accelerate the growth of the penis, the sodium bicarbonate can be taken orally by one-half of a teaspoon once a day. Dust stirred gently in 250 ml of hot liquid, and then is taken between.

Clearly, in terms of the reception of the soda in the interior, it is very but very difficult. But on the internet there are reviews of photos, where the men wrote that this really works. On average, the "course of therapy" around 2 weeks. It is advisable not to take soft drinks, a greater period of time, otherwise there will be problems with the functioning of the digestive tract.

The second method for growth of a member is an ointment base of sodium bicarbonate, which is prepared in house. There are many recipes for ointments, which vary in composition.

The most popular of the recipe is the following:

  • Mix normal boiled water and a soda, therefore, to obtain a slurry of thick consistency.
  • The water must pour slowly, constantly on the road.
  • The tool can be used as a method, and in combination with stretching exercises of a member.

Start ointment is applied to the member and, then, you must rub within 10 minutes. It is worth remembering that the sexual organ is a touch-sensitive area, so you do not overdo it, and can cause injury.

There is another prescription ointment. Mix in equal proportions of honey and sodium bicarbonate, and then this tool comes in the penis. The customers of the representatives of the stronger sex say that this method is good not only for the growth of the penis, but also helps to improve the erection, increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

With the soda can and tubs for the member. In this method, the sodium bicarbonate works in a similar way. In a liter of water are added to 100 grams of powder. All of this blended into a comfortable and deep ability, and then, she gets out of the sexual organ.

Features of the trays of a member:

  1. The duration of a 15 minute treatment.
  2. The water should be body temperature.
  3. Do each and every day, for 3 months.
  4. After the procedure, a member of wash with clean water.

Special effect is remarkable, if such a procedure before you do any of the exercises in the growth of your penis. Only in this case, it is necessary to make the solution more hot that is very hot to the sex organ.

If the way of the men in doubt, that is to say, another method of penis enlargement, which does not oblige us to doubt anyone.



Despite the enthusiastic opinion about these methods of penis enlargement, the simplicity of its application, there are a number of rules and recommendations that must be met, in order to exclude a negative effect.

When ingestion it is necessary to exercise extreme caution. If after the application of the caustic is observed unpleasant symptoms such as stomach pain, heartburn, and other, so better to give up.

Contraindication acts and the presence of diabetes, in this case you can not apply sodium bicarbonate in the sexual organ, because its action is directed toward the taurus. Will not be able to use this method, if in the history of oncological pathology.

The high sensitivity of the skin – increase the size of the penis can end up in a tragedy. The member is sick, he return, and in the top layer of the epidermis form micro injuries that heal over a long period of time.

In terms of last time, you can check your sensitivity. Make ointment base of sodium bicarbonate, and applied to any area of your skin. After 30 minutes of washing. If the redness of the skin, and in it appeared the irritation, it's best to use powder to give up.

In any case, the increase of the penis through the soda, it is a method, that's sure worth trying, since the man does not lose anything, and you can purchase the long-awaited centimeters.