How to increase the member of the soda: the recipe for the application of

Probably nothing that does not occur in man, both complex, as the problems of the sexual sphere. Are especially sensitive the representatives of the stronger sex criticism related to the size of its dignity of man. Therefore, at the slightest suspicion, even based on the fact that your penis does not correspond with the "rules," the man tries to use tools that will help you to achieve the penis enlargement. As such, accessible and affordable means by which one can obtain an increase of the penis, on the internet is baking soda. About what how to enlarge penis at home is practically free, with a solution of bicarbonate of sodium, explains the article.

the increase of a member of the soda

Ways to apply the

To help you understand the question, how does sodium bicarbonate in the penis, it is advisable to understand that it is a white powder. Teaspoon of baking soda is a chemical compound called hydroxycarbonate of sodium. In the standard sodium bicarbonate is a white powder, the test ms fixed made of tiny crystals.

Teaspoon of baking soda since a long time ago that it has tested the final phase as the tool through which you can achieve good cleaning results, to improve the properties of prepared dishes. Teaspoon of baking soda can be used for medical purposes: their recommend their use for the preparation of the rehydration solution, that is to say, of consumption of the person, the dehydration of the organism. Recently, however, has appeared the information that you drink the solution it is able to liquefy the blood, that is to say, to prevent the formation of blood clots. This is the effect described in the internet sources, it helps to increase the penis.

At once, it should be noted that even the most daring experimenters who have gone through this procedure, do not promise a stunning effect. All men modest in the evaluation of the fashion, but, however, point out their positive aspects. What kind of method, which increases the penis, experts recommend? Briefly describe the most well-known:

  • Use a bicarbonate of soda can inside. Tea solution prepared daily. For the reception inside, simply dissolve ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink freshly prepared in solution after meals 1 p/day. The skeptics claim that this method cannot help to get rid of the heartburn, but the penis is not able to do. Taking into account the frequency of use of the food of the dust and the lack of response from the men about the increase of the penis after application of sodium bicarbonate, listen to the opinion of the skeptics would be reasonable. Step by step instructions how to prepare the solution, can be viewed online, after seeing a video posted below.
  • The preparation of ointments. Everyone knows that the medication works best if you apply it near the pathological focus. The same thing happens with the baking soda. Local application of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of sodium, for the comments it helps a lot better to enlarge the penis, which the ingestion.

To prepare the ointment can be used several recipes. The first — water-based. The ratio of liquid and powder are not specified. The water in the glass pour in little by little, until the dust will not be a thick substance that reminded me of the cream or ointment. Precisely of it to enlarge the penis, should be rubbed into the skin of the penis for 10 minutes.

Attention: the skin of the penis is fairly sensitive, so it is too be zealous not worth it.

The second recipe of ointment includes the additional use of the honey. Aspect ratio: of 25 mg of honey is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of baking soda. According to the experts, the recipe not only helps to increase the penis, but also increases the sexual desire (libido) and lengthens the sexual act.

soda with honey for penis enlargement
  • The bathtubs. According to the information of the internet, hot food solution of a teaspoon of bicarbonate are particularly useful in combination with exercises to lengthen the penis. In its preparation is not complicated. Grow member, through the trays of drink, soda works as follows: in 1 liter of water, it is necessary to take about 100 g of tea powder. The liquid must not be too hot, it is best that the water had a pleasant temperature to the man. The growth of a member, for the comments, will be swept after 1 month of regular use of the tray 2 p/day, for 15 minutes.
  • Packs. In general, remember the 2nd method that helps to increase the member, only ointment they put in the penis in the form of a compress. Keep you need about 20 minutes.

Of course, seeing as it grows instantly a member, you will not be able to. Sodium bicarbonate does not refer to the synthesized substances. The increase, when the sensitivity of a method, may occur gradually.

Security measures

Despite the fact that the sodium bicarbonate safe enough to avoid that the application has not led to any negative effects, it is best to follow certain safety measures:

  1. When used within the soda with the purpose of increasing the member should remember that the teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in violation of the acidity, so that their regular use can negatively affect the quality of the digestion.
  2. Dust, as any other food product, is able to influence the level of sugars. Men with diabetes mellitus should be very careful not to abuse the receipt in the interior.
  3. Meets the opinion that the internal use contraindicated with malignant processes. On the web indicates that the solution reduces the density of the blood, contributing to the dissemination of malignant cells in the body.

To demonstrate the accuracy should and to the outside of the path. First of all, this refers to men with sensitive skin or with a tendency to allergic reactions. The golden rule for any person, in a decisive manner to use any means of external application: before use you must check the sensitivity of the skin. To do this, in the sensitive place (behind the ear, in the crease of elbow), you must apply a small amount of a drug for local use and to see the reaction of the skin over 15 minutes. If the skin has been insensitive, then use the prescription is allowed.

recipes with soda

The representatives of the stronger sex, the possibility of using the pool, it is advisable to remember that any effect of heat can increase the pressure. Therefore, the procedure must be performed with care and pay attention to their own feelings. When there is headache, palpitations, flushing of the face, difficulty breathing tray you want to cancel, and if there is positive reaction to consult a doctor.

Caution is needed, and the representatives of the stronger sex, prone to allergies, especially if the discourse on the application of the ointment with honey. The products of beekeeping — strong allergens, therefore, even if there is a suspicion of your intolerance, you must select another method which helps to enlarge the penis.

The procedure of penis enhancement sosa is quite simple and cost effective. However, to judge on its effectiveness is difficult. On the internet no results of clinical trials of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and do not describe real properties that help to enlarge the penis. Therefore, it is likely that the efficiency has to evaluate independently.