As to enlarge the member with soda

What only exotic methods of increasing the sexual organ of man does not go to the legend in the village! One of them is the rise of a member of the sosa. How sodium bicarbonate affects the increase of the penis, dreams know the multitude of men. Really, it is worth the substance of a penny, unlike widely advertised, but expensive equipment and operations.

the increase of a member of the soda

The supporters of this method in the articles on how to increase the member of sodium bicarbonate, write about several use cases of this product:

  1. the drink of the soda solution;
  2. tubs for the penis with a teaspoon of baking soda;
  3. scrub;
  4. mask for the penis of baking soda, the honey and the milk.

Now we can understand that, as the sodium bicarbonate helps to increase the dick.

How to use baking soda to increase the penis, having within the

In addition to walking information on how to enlarge the member with the sodium bicarbonate, this substance is credited with a number of useful features. For example, the connoisseurs of traditional medicine claim that drinking soda (hydrocarbon-sodium), dissolved in water, helps to get rid of heartburn.

In fact, people who suffer from increased acidity of the stomach, confirming that the effect is. There is the view that, supposedly, the drink of the composition of aid to deal with yeast (colonies of fungi). They say sodium bicarbonate from the inside, through the blood, fighting against harmful microorganisms, in violation of their means of life. But as you increase the member of the soda at home?

Popular recipe: the drink of the solution

We have found the recipe of how to enlarge the male member sosa, in a systematic way using your interior. The principle of operation of a substance is its positive impact on the internal organs. If a man suffers from diseases related to pollution of the body, your penis is not completely filled with blood, and it reaches its maximum size in erection.

As well as with the help of soda can increase the member? If the big belly conceals the length of the dignity of man, the sodium bicarbonate is committed to solve the problem, removing impurities and excess weight.

How to use the baking soda to the output of toxins and lose weight:

  • every morning and every night take ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, but not with an empty stomach, so as not to cause an ulcer or gastritis;
  • with time, increase the amount of the substance accepted before the spoon; some sources claim that to clean the body it is also useful to dilute a teaspoon of product in a glass of water and drink on an empty stomach.

The method they advise to combine with the intake of additives, intended to strengthen the health of men. Additives stimulate the blood flow in the groin area, affecting beneficially in the prostate and increases sexual potency. Thanks to its filling of the penis of the blood it increases in size and, therefore, the effect achieved.

How to use ADB, is indicated on the packaging. It is not worth increasing the dose or higher for the course.

Who can't use this method

To avoid the devastating health consequences, have a series of recommendations:

  • do not take sodium bicarbonate to people with diseases of the stomach and intestine: gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis contraindications for this method;
  • forbidden to take drinks, people who have diabetes, because of the danger of the harmful effects on the red blood cells;
  • cancers are incompatible with the consumption of hydrocarbon of sodium in the interior, as well as the blood is the result of a procedure thickens and produces the risk of
  • distribution modified of the cells in all the organs of the body;
  • in dry, prone to sensitivity of the skin irritation and experience the foci of inflammation.

We want to emphasize that the method has not been confirmed by the experience and does not appear in the official sources, like any other popular recipe. The wording of the website does not assume any responsibility for the results that can be obtained. However, we believe that if our readers are interested in, as you can enlarge the member sosa, any information will not be superfluous.

Doctors on penis enlargement sosa

as to enlarge the member

In medicine there is no information recorded, such as enlarge the penis soda or achieve growth of another part of the body as a result of drinking the solution. The bicarbonate of sodium or in a medical reference is not specified, as a tool that contributes to an increase of the human organs.

In terms of assistance in case of problems with the stomach, and here it is not so clear. Despite the temporary that facilitates the effect of the attacks of stomach acidity, drink soda kills the beneficial bacteria that live in the stomach, and rude breaks the acid-base balance gastrointestinal tract. And we do not undertake to say, is it possible to cure the gastrointestinal illness in this way.

Alkalinisation of the body that is produced by the impact of hydrocarbon-sodium, and at all is the risk of hormonal imbalance due to changes in the composition of the blood and lymphatic fluid. The poet of all the recommendations, as with the help of soda strengthen the health, the information is only the reflection.

Can I use the soda penis, apply it externally

Cleaning or wetting solution of soda can burns received during the careless handling with acidic fluids. Also water with soda useful to rinse a sore throat with a cold.

Many people question if they really increase a member of the soda with the help of honey ointment. We have found two popular recipe:

The friction on the skin

The slurry of the caustic with the water of thick consistency without lumps and stir for 10 minutes a day three times a day. The tool is applied independently or in combination with exercise, performance suspension of the load or of the practice with the extender. It is considered that in the process intensifies the blood flow and accelerates the growth, caused by resistance training. Try to act with care not to damage the mucosa of the head.

Mask with honey

Honey ointment is made from 25 grams of bicarbonate of soda and a large spoon of the product of the means of life of the bees. The customers indicate that it is ointment increases libido and helps to prolong the sexual act. Probably, minerals and biologically active substances really make a most powerful erection, as well as increase the blood circulation and the metabolism in the tissues.

It is worth remembering that the honey, the stronger the allergen, therefore, if you are prone to allergic reactions, make a mask of honey to the penis can not.

Lotion (pack)

Before the experience to find out if it helps sosa penis, if used as a compress, you should prepare the solution. Take 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and stir in ½ cup of heated water. Place in a solution of bandage or gauze, disclose, and then press lightly. The fabric should be of sufficient length to wrap around the penis in several layers.

The authors of this recipe say that the procedure should be done for at least a month, otherwise the result will not occur. In a glass of water will add a drop of essential oil, to achieve the effect of aromatherapy (relaxation). During the procedure, it is necessary to be in a horizontal position and after 10 minutes of passing in silence and tranquility.

Baby bath

Baby bath with this cheap product that there is in each house, will make the manhood more elastic. In a glass of water it is necessary to take a teaspoon of baking soda and lower the resulting of the composition of a member of 15-20 minutes. The customers indicate that, through the application of the tool, before that the lessons of love, men get a firm erection, although strong growth is not observed.

The scrub

To make more simple the exfoliation of hydrocarbon-sodium, moisten the organ, and after care with circular movements to pound them to dust on its surface. The blood will begin to focus on making it to the tissues, therefore, scrub stimulates the erection and, as they say the authors of the recipe, slightly increases the cock size. In some variants of the recipe step-by-step describes how to apply the baking soda with the milk.

The method has contraindications:

  • irritation, lesions, rashes on the member;
  • allergic dermatitis, urticaria;
  • a pathological process in the penis caused by sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, and others.;
  • violation of acid-base balance of the body;
  • intolerance individual.

The opinion of the editorial

We take care to refer to the described methods of penis enlargement and you're not sure if it was true that baking soda increases the cock. Perhaps, these actions will bring some kind of benefit, but, by common sense, the reflection, a significant increase in unlikely.

In reality, if the exposure of the honey is greater, of the living tissues, women do not have thousands of lying under the knife for breast augmentation, and since that is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. It turns out that the question of whether you can increase the member of sodium bicarbonate, the answer is negative.

Some people whiten your teeth with the help of hydrocarbon-sodium, however, is not useful for the enamel. Popular recipes say that baking soda dries inflammatory elements in the fat of the adolescents of the skin. Here, perhaps, and everything that is able to change the alkaline solution in the human body. The claim that the sodium bicarbonate helps to increase the dick, if you wet it the authority, is not confirmed in the experience.

How does the honey and sodium bicarbonate, known cosmetologists and fans of the attention. The ointment of honey and baking soda will give the skin softness and pleasure to the touch. Honey is a complex product, in which dissolve with vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances, as it enters into the composition of cosmetic masks. Honey wraps the sports lovers of the beauty procedures, but none of them do so in order to increase the volume of a part of the body.

Effective methods to increase the dignity of man of the house

the increase of member of the

We've analyzed the authoritative sources and learned that they did not find the answer to the question of how to increase the penis soda. The authors of articles about how it affects the soda in the growth of your penis, it only mentioned about its possibilities. Some advise the softening of the tissues of the penis with the help of this substance prior to workouts with the extender.

In the articles it is mentioned that the crystals of hydrocarbon-sodium can damage the mucosa, erode or cause allergies. So, decided to try their own experience, how can we enlarge the penis of sodium bicarbonate, you run the risk of injury, and were forced to stop having sex for a while.