As enlarge the penis at home

All are faced with problems is a fact. To the east are the concerns on which it is not customary to extend to a third party. Let's look at an example.

For men, the size of your body - a matter of honor, prestige and respect. If it complies with the standard (or better yet, exceeds), the interior of the sense of self rises up to the sky. If the situation is the opposite, a representative of the stronger sex is hardly talk about it. Sometimes fishing the word can't and the health care professional, so sincere experiences possess. Among them, the most common regrets saying that they are of the nature such was the penis, and with that you can not do anything. It turns out that the problem is solved!

Of course, for many readers, especially for the skeptics, it will sound like a fairy tale. In reality, the increase of a member of the royal house. We will focus on common and effective.

The popular medicine vs size

as to enlarge the member

"Ecological" tools include two groups:

  • exclusively the exercise without the compliance of the diets;
  • the consumption of media (herbs, teas, different varieties of tea).


In the first group distinguish several techniques. All who are in its most including massage. He helps to make the penis longer and thicker, it strengthens the own libido - libido. One of the forms of massage - jelcing. Its essence consists in the filling of blood of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

The effect is created through manipulation simple, always with the authority of his foundation to the head alternately with both hands. To the east of the large and signaling of the fingers makes the ring, in which the subject member. The process is similar to milking the cow (that allaah will forgive us men is unattractive by comparison). The authority, stretch, filling with blood. When erection should be partial. The time of each manipulation intended for about three seconds. Jelcing with lubricant, cream, or spray is called wet, without him - dry. The first is considered more effective, besides that it eliminates the risk of grating member". The regular classes will show you the result in 2-3 months.

Through massage:

  • it stimulates the circulation of the blood;
  • increases the pressure within a member;
  • occurs the growth of the cavernosa of fibers;
  • form new cells.

Another similar way, a penis directly in the home - stretch. It involves slow and precise impact on the sexual organ in an excited state. This exercise can include curves of almost 360°, or the movement by type of pendulum. Usually repeated up to ten times (cycle - 15 seconds).

The increase of the authority may be combined with the use of additional tools - for example, the loads. The suspended on the rope and go already some time. For the security of the load should not be too difficult in the beginning. Add the weight little by little, as the "addiction" of the members. This exercise up to now has not lost its popularity, but it is quite traumatic.

A way more difficult to achieve a larger sexual organ is the use of the vacuum pump. Your beginning in the creation of an area of low pressure around a member. It is a kind of device of cylindrical shape, equipped with a pump. There is placed the authority. Within it, the air is pumped, by means of the resultant of the pressure intensifies the flow of blood and produces the "swelling".

You can use the option of extender. It is a device in the form of vaporizer, which stretches the fabric of the authority. The result of their application is quite long, and practice this way every day.

In addition, there are different devices that are used directly during the sexual intercourse. Are immediately increase the length and volume of a member, but the action is more often short-term.

Remember! Before resorting to any one of the exercises, consult with him, after watching a special video on the internet. If during the execution of any of the following cases appeared in the pain, immediately discontinue your actions!

Special tools

The increase of the penis in methods is not limited to the exercises. Can be combined with the use of additional tools.For example, some of the artisans with the aim of increasing their penis and improve its elasticity use sodium bicarbonate. An hour before the alleged sexual relationship makes it special to the tray, and then lower in it the member. An excellent alternative will be the pack of baking soda and honey. Obtained the mixture should be applied throughout the authority, without affecting the crown. In the contrary case, the solution will be different from a "pinch".

Many take a variety of teas, along with exercises to increase the positive effect. In the list of the most popular:

  • hawthorn;
  • ginseng;
  • dubrovnik;
  • st. john's wort;


the increase of a member of the house of

The mansion in the solution of the problems of small member cost creams, gels, ointments and aerosol. For the duration of the effect are:

  • transient;
  • in the long term;
  • auxiliary.

The first is applied directly before the sexual act, since they operate no more than two hours. Long-term is going to be used for a long period and in a specified schema. The third group is combined with any variant.


The following method, and how to increase the penis is a massage. Effect is due to the improvement of the microcirculation of the blood in the tissues dignity of man:

  • Massage, like exercise, refers to the techniques of how to enlarge penis at home and, therefore, is available to the public;
  • You do not need additional accessories;
  • If you clear follow the instructions on how to enlarge the member with the massage, it excludes the risk of side effects;
  • In addition of enlargement of penis in men increases the sexual stamina, improvement of the power;
  • A great selection of methodologies to collect the most effective way for each one of the men;
  • For better result, you can combine the massage and the cream for the increase of the penis;

The main disadvantage of this method is the high cost of time for its execution.

Creams and ointments

A very popular way to increase the size of manhood in the last time has turned into a cream for the penis enlargement. A wide range of these tools offers the possibility to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. The increase of the penis occurs at the expense of the influence of the active components of the cream in your fabric. Mechanism of action are classified into:

  1. Cream for enlarge penis of short-acting. The effect lasts for several hours. Apply better to a little before the sexual intercourse. The best option, as the rapidly increasing member;
  2. Cream long-lasting. The effect occurs after some time, after a regular use. The producers promise a long-term increase in length and volume of the penis;
  3. A tool to increase the penis. This cream is used in combination with exercise, massage or other methods of penis enlargement. Independent of the application of this cream is ineffective;

Before you apply any cream or ointment to the increase of the penis, be sure to read the instructions. may be the manifestation of the allergy. In this case, it is better to renounce to the use of this tool. The main drawback of this method, such as increasing the size of the penis, is the high cost. The quality of the cream or ointment in the sex-warranty are expensive, and the use of cheap products is not only unhelpful, but dangerous to the health.

Vacuum of the water pump

The increase of the penis with the help of the vacuum pump is quite widespread in the present day. This device is also used for the treatment of impotence and . Vacuum pump penis enlargement is an oval with a plastic cylinder with pump air injection. The increase of the penis occurs in the following way:

  • First in the sexual organ put auxiliary cream;
  • The member is placed in the cylinder and pumping the air with the help of a pump. A pressure control integrated pressure gauge;
  • Under the pressure of the air dilates the cavity of the cavernous bodies, and creates an extra flow of blood, as a consequence, increases the length and volume of the penis;

The disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is to your short time. The procedure must be carried out immediately before the sexual act.

The use of an extender

Another tool for the penis enlargement is the use of extenders. The mechanism of their effects is the resistance of the tissues to a certain weight. The weight can range between 400 and 1100 grams . The increase in the volume and length that occurs as a compensatory reaction of the organism to the exposure of weight. The penis extenders are long-term, the methods, their effect is prolonged in time. With the help of these accessories you can also solve the problem of the curvature of the penis. However, to achieve a positive result, you must apply extensor regularly and for quite some time. Of device configuration are:

  • Extenders belt;
  • The extensors of loop type;
  • Universal extenders;

The incorrect application of an extender to the penis can cause injuries to the skin of the foreskin.

The operation

The most effective way, as actually to increase the member – operative . Not all men can overcome their fear of doctors, however, the determination of the surgery of lengthening of a member you can get a good result. All operational engagements are divided in three groups:

  • The surgery of increase of the length of the penis;
  • The surgery of increase of volume;

The operation of increasing the length of the penis is performed through an incision ligamentous apparatus of the penis. To this, the surgeon uses And in the form of or of the vertical section. In this way the penis of men you can add about 4 cm . After the operation of a member at the time of the erection is going to take more of a horizontal position. Also after surgery it may be necessary to use an extender.

penis enlargement methods

The increase in the thickness of the member through surgery, is extended. Of fat from the patient (most of the femoral area) subcutaneously injected into the penis. The choice of the methodology in most of the cases depends on the financial capacity of men, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For clarity you can see the video of the operation of increase of members on the web.

Before applying any of the methods of penis enlargement, make sure that it is very effective and is not dangerous to your health.

The men of slavic type of standard is considered the penis length of 14 cm in the excited state. The lower limit is 9.5 to see If the sexual organ has a smaller size is a pathology, which bears the name of "micro-penis".