How to increase the volume, thickness, and diameter?

The increase of volume of the member is one of the most difficult, but the elements requested in the change of the dimensions of the dignity of man. It is not surprising, since it is long, but thin, the penis does not get the feeling of the fullness of the woman.

The increase in the thickness of the member, and also helps to men to get more bright feeling and avoid the effect "of a pencil in a glass." The thickening of the penis is considered more marketable procedure that the increase of the length, although it is a more difficult process.

The indications of the procedure

the volume increase of the member

Sooner or later, every man wonders about how to increase the girth of the penis. But really, this type of procedure requires a very small percentage of the representatives of the male sex. In other cases, the thickening of the penis is only the desire of men.

There is a standard size, that are considered the norm. Normal penis is about 16 inches long and 8 girth. It allows the error in a big way, and in the smaller party. Micro-penis is considered the rate of 8 cm in length and less in a state of arousal. Such is the size of the dignity of man requires the intervention and review.

The thickening of the penis are usually conducted more difficult to change the length of the surgery. But at this time there are several different methods, increase in the diameter of the penis. Its application helps to keep the increase in the volume of the penis, both in the home and under the supervision of specialists.

The increase in the thickness of the penis is made of several techniques. Is shown both to men who have the small size of the dignity of man and wish to understand how to increase the girth of the penis. It is already known that when long-term satisfaction with the use of small diameters, you can make the volume of the lower limb.

And this means that there are ways to increase the girth of the penis.

Ways of modifying the thickness of the

There are some of the more popular methods of increasing the width of the penis. Some of them require the doctors supervision, and others, on the contrary, are carried out independently in the home.

Intervention there are several main procedures, which can significantly increase the circumference of the member:

  • lipofilling;
  • the transplantation of muscle tissue;
  • the operation of "the Pencil";
  • implantation of the beads.

There are also several methods of penis enlargement of diameter, without resorting to surgery:

  • massage;
  • penis stretching with the help of an extender;
  • the application of vacuum to the pump;
  • the use of tablets;
  • use of different ointments and gels.

Using these techniques, you can choose the best way and with a penis in the whole, as well as to increase its sensitivity.

Surgical methods

Execution of penis enlargement in height with the help of surgical techniques – one of the most risky, but effective ways. Can be used to increase the thickness of the penis and to fix the effect.

The main disadvantages of the methods of penis enlargement in the diameter of surgery way:

  • a long recovery period;
  • an increased risk of side effects;
  • a large number of tests before implementation;
  • regarding the great complexity of the celebration.

Give you more information about how to enlarge the penis width surgery. One of them is different to the material used, the technical execution and the duration of the recovery period. The completion of these procedures is often referred to in the video of cosmetic surgery clinics.


One way to increase the girth of the penis, which is based on the transplantation of own fat. Removal of tissue is done with the problem areas and injection distributed under the skin of the penis. This method is convenient in that it uses the reserves of your own body, but because the probability of rejection in this intervention is minimal.

The operation of a thickening of a member by means of the procedure has its drawbacks. The subcutaneous fat has the property to dissolve with time. The result is the appearance of cusps and irregularities under the skin of the penis. In addition, a member after it thickens a little bit of time is in a state of inflammation, and therefore to abstain from having sex.

This intervention provides a minimum of scars, but because from the point of view of the aesthetics is the more acceptable. Doctors prefer to display the result of the thickening of the member in the photo of the photos is appreciated that the dimensions can grow up to 1.5 centimeters wide.

The transplantation of muscle tissue

penis enlargement methods

This technique helps to increase the width of the penis up to 3 inches. It differs from procedures that have a long recovery period and during 6-8 months after the execution left a scar in the place of the extraction of this material.

This operation thickening of the penis involves the removal of the band of muscle tissue, and wrap your under the skin around the body of the penis. The effect of such intervention is saved for all life. At the same time, it is worthwhile to pay attention, that the preparation of this operation and the period of full recovery takes up to a year.

Fence fabric is made of smooth muscle of the press, or use fibers axils of the fascia. The increase of members in the diameter is obtained by using the "winding" of these fibers around the cavernous tel. This operation has a long recovery period of up to 9 months.

The main disadvantage because of the scar in the place of the fence of the muscles of the patient – which is preserved up to six months, after which it becomes imperceptible. Video with this operation looks pretty creepy, but because it's not worth seeing especially impressionable people.

The Technique Of "Pen"

The increase and thickening of the member, through the technique of "Pen" is the most complex operation of the application. It involves separation of the tissues of the penis and the implantation among them plots in the cartilage tissue. This method of thickening and lengthening of the penis helps to set shape, add volume.

The main disadvantage of the application of this technique is its complexity of implementation, that in the case of complications can cause changes:

  • loss of sensitivity;
  • lack of erection;
  • the inflammation;
  • the rejection of the tissue;
  • gangrene;
  • improper healing of the tissues;
  • the formation of scars.

Also one of the drawbacks that can be called a long recovery period, which can last up to 12 months. With the correct execution of the transactions and compliance with all recommendations of your doctor is the increase of the penis in the diameter gives the result of the constant that is maintained throughout life.

Subsequently, if you look at the photo of scars completely imperceptible. Video thickening of the member and with the use of this technique it is better not to look to citizens with unsustainable in the psyche.

Introduction of ball

One of the methods to increase the diameter of the penis, which is gaining more and more popularity. The essence of the method consists in implanting under the skin of the penis special ball of hypoallergenic material. This procedure not only does the surgeon, but and specialist in body modification.

The use of beads helps to make the width of a member more in some areas. This gives the possibility of obtaining a further stimulation for the couple thanks to the seals.

It is worth noting that this method can have sexual intercourse only in certain positions. Excessively long intercourse can be the cause of rubbing and injury of the tissues of the penis.

Bezoperatsionnye methods

The increase in the volume of the penis methods without the aid operations to change the size of the dignity of man without injury to health. The application of these methods gives the possibility of using the funds of the home without monitoring and medical follow-up and link to a specific site.

Massage and exercises

Perform the massage helps in the increase of the circumference of the member due to the stimulation of blood flow to the penis. The result of this massage is to strengthen the erection and trimming of the cavernous tel. When you increase the size of the cavernous bodies volume of blood that fills the penis during erection, which increases and becomes the reason of change of size.

The discomfort of massage and exercises lies in the fact that it can injure the body. The massages must be all the days in a given period of time. Exercises to increase the thickness of the member help to achieve results with the minimum of damage to the health.


The use of an extender helps to make the penis enlargement of width and to achieve the elongation. The effect is achieved as a result of the stretching of the tissues of the penis, which causes a hypertrophy and, as a result, the variation of volume.

The use of an extender helps to increase the penis girth, in the long term and without any kind of intervention in the normal functioning of an organ. Among the disadvantages of this method differ a lot from application prior to the appearance of a result.

Vacuum of the water pump

Vacuum of the water pump is a methodology for stimulating the growth of penis and its enlargement, which uses the principle of the rotation of the pressure. When you place the penis into the flask, it creates a negative pressure. This leads to the stimulation of the tide of blood into the penis. Due to the stimulation of the circulation improves the blood circulation in the area of the organs of the pelvis, which contributes to the prevention of the formation of stagnation of the phenomena.

the operation of increase of a member of the

Vacuum pump for the penis is prescribed in this type of situations:

  • they are not bright enough sensations during intercourse;
  • the weak erection;
  • the stagnation of blood in the genital area and the pelvis.

With the regular use of vacuum pump can achieve good results. Especially pronounced the effect is achieved by combining the pump with the action of ointments and gels.

Ointments and creams

Ointment to the thickening of the member help to boost the blood supply on the area of application. Have local effect of the action and the effect of its application reflected immediately after use. The application of ointments and gels for penis enlargement help to get more feelings of sexual intercourse and make a stronger erection.

Ointments and creams may contain a hormonal component, but because before its use, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Also worth to pay attention to that buyers of these substances can be a victim of counterfeiting. Therefore, when buying, it is very important to check the integrity of the packaging and the spelling of names.

Hormonal pills

Hormone medications contain a large amount of testosterone, which stimulates the growth of the penis. But their use must be under constant surveillance, to prevent the manifestation of side effects.

The choice of the method of increase in the volume of the penis can be complicated. Every man can pick up the tool in function of your wishes and possibilities. The application of the resources gives the opportunity to be proud of the size of your member.