How to increase the member of remedies

How to increase the member remedies: a question that worries many of the representatives of the stronger sex. Even if body genital corresponds to the average of the standards, some men dream more.

In order that the sexual intimacy had the pleasure of both partners, it is important is not the size of the penis and the erection. An excited state increases the length and the width of the penis at times.

the increase in a member of remedies

Increase the power, without the chemistry of the methods. As it affects the male enhancement authority in the folk medicine are known since a long time ago. Still some centuries ago the grandmother used to increase male potency different from the drug – infusions of herbs and roots special, herbal teas, etc

Home remedies for penis enlargement, were widely disseminated in our days. Popular recipes apply to make the intimate relationships of higher quality.

What is the effect of the application of the unconventional therapy? She gives him the opportunity to perform natural penis enlargement without surgical interventions.

Of course, significantly increase the length or width of the male organ may not, in any case, the use of drugs, or methods. However, to add to the amount and length of a few millimeters in thickness as possible. To resolve this delicate matter is you can tell by the shape.

The whole essence of the application of alternative medicine is not limited to, to increase the flow of blood to the male organ, improve the processes of the circulation of the blood. This causes the penis increases in volume, to be strong and elastic. Let's see how to increase the dignity of man remedies.

Penis enlargement for the bees

Painful, but the most effective medium of the former is considered to be the apitherapy. With the help of bee venom can increase the size of the penis.

Important! This method may appeal to only those men who do not have an allergy to bee venom.

With the help of the stings of bees, you can perform the procedure of increase of members in the household׃

  • take airtight bag and placed in it bee;
  • with care, so that the insect has not emerged, in the package put genital of the authority;
  • after the bee, the bite, you should remove the sting.

The penis will grow easy on the eyes, if you carry out this procedure two or three times a week. Number of bees may increase, however, which must not exceed 10 individuals.

To armbar feelings can get used to, but the result you will see later, since a couple of months. The bee venom has many of the beneficial properties. Thanks to the bees recover erection׃

  • in the place where sank the bite of an insect, directs the flow of the blood;
  • under the influence of the injection of the venom occurs the expansion of the vessels.

The method of increase of a member of the bees provides a long and persistent erection.

The main advantages of this method

This method has contraindications only in the event that you are hypersensitive to bee venom. For the rest of the men, he is practically harmless.

The herbs for penis enlargement

The consumption of special herbal teas work quite fast increase of the inflow of blood to the penis. As a result of the dimensions of the penis will increase significantly as. With the help of herbs can achieve good results in the strengthening of the erection. The most effective action provided׃

  • ginseng;
  • the root of celery;
  • the fruit of the hawthorn;
  • the coriander;
  • the parsley.

That the sexual act is prolonged, accepted the tincture wild oats.

You can also achieve a significant increase in the member of the thyme. The tincture prepared so׃

  • the dry grass carefully pulverized;
  • place the thyme in a pan, fill in 200 gr of boiling water;
  • insist;
  • consume twice a day after meals.

A variety of recipes to enlarge your penis with the help of herbs.

the increase of member of the
  1. Take the drying of the roots, leaves and flowers of hawthorn. Carefully grind. Then a spoonful of the obtained the mixture is poured two cups of abrupt boiling water. Insist and drink in place of tea. Consuming three to four weeks.
  2. The root of ginseng not only help you regain the masculine strength, increase the body genital of men, and to arouse in him the desire. The root is cut into small pieces. Then, placed in a tin can, three-liter jar with alcohol. Two weeks insist, after which take three times a day for 50 grams
  3. Drying of the fruit of the rosehip seed is placed in a thermos. Pour boiling water and after insisting for 5-8 hours. Taken as a beverage in the period of one month.

The main pros popular recipes of herbal teas for penis enlargement׃

  • can be purchased in the pharmacy at an affordable price;
  • harmless to the health;
  • provide a prolonged effect;
  • using infusions and decoctions can be achieved in the stable / the.

Cons popular recipes

You can not get the result immediately. You will need to arm yourself with patience and wait a couple of months.

Important! Herbs may cause allergic reactions. Also for some chronic diseases do not preclude the use of wines and liqueurs from the fruits and the leaves of the plants.

The increase of a member of the petroleum jelly

Enlarging your penis is possible with the help of petroleum jelly. Despite the simplicity of this method, its use is not very good.

In the first place, the procedure itself causes unpleasant sensations. A member of the press on the base. Then, with the help of a syringe, petroleum jelly is introduced under the skin of the penis.

In the second place, the procedure must be performed by a doctor with lots of experience – if the petroleum jelly is going to be distributed in an irregular manner, this may result in injury.

Doctors do not recommend the use of this method of penis enlargement. He is dangerous׃

  • falling under the skin around the foreign body can cause infection or cause the formation of tumors;
  • in the blood can penetrate the pathogens;
  • the petroleum jelly may promote the occurrence of allergic reactions.

All of these factors can lead to serious complications not only impotence, but also with the health.

How to increase the member of iodine

Many daring men wonder׃ "what can iodine is a penis". On the internet it is easy to find in various "intimate forums" tips on increasing penis size with the help of iodine. However, it can be with all the responsibility of declaring the iodine to the penis enlargement is not the right one. This error can cause serious injury and cause a burn - in of child-bearing age, of the authority. Of course, iodine mesh will cause a surge of blood, and the penis will grow in size. However, derived from the burn will force you to give up the intimacy in the term of a month.

How to increase the member of the toothpaste

A method to increase the member of the toothpaste is suitable only for those who like to experiment with their health, not thinking about the consequences. The toothpaste put on the head. A number of supplements are beginning to nibble, ensuring the flow of blood.

Important! The pasta may fall under the foreskin or in the uric channel, and this will cause unintended consequences.

Ginger for penis enlargement

The ginger helps to solve the problems of impotence, increases masculine strength, improves the circulation of blood and testosterone levels. Count almost with Viagra. The reception of the tincture of ginger provides most of the long duration of the effect, however, manifests itself with time. The preparation of׃

  • bare root onion, finely chopped;
  • place the pieces in a thermos;
  • there is placed a half of lemon;
  • ingredients fill with water and insist in the course of the night.

You can customize the recipe with the help of the honey, spices, extract of lemon balm, spice or mint.

The use of the vietnamese balm, and an asterisk for the enlargement of the penis

The well-known vietnamese asterisk is used for the enlargement of the penis. This method is quite common in eastern medicine. In the balm, there are many essential oils of medicinal plants. For the strengthening of the power of the toothed wheel extensively in manipulative therapy.

After a relaxing bath, balm rubs in small doses of between 2 and 3 lumbar vertebrae. You activate the special points, which are responsible for the masculine force. A session of a duration of approximately 20 minutes To advance, it is necessary to perform more than 10 procedures.

The increase of member of the honey

tools for penis enlargement

The male enhancement authority with the help of the honey — one of the most popular forms of methods. The recipe of the preparation of the wonderful tool which is quite simple. Take in equal proportion softened the core of the walnuts and the honey bee. Components mix well and place in a glass or enameled ware. Use 1 tbsp of the night. To speed up the onset of effect may be taken three times a day for a week.

The main disadvantages of this method

Despite the effectiveness of this method, should be used with caution. The honey is contraindicated׃

  • if you have serious cardiovascular disease;
  • if a person is sick with diabetes;
  • allergy to honey;
  • in case of problems with the lungs;
  • if there are serious diseases of the digestive system;
  • diseases of the skin.

So the honey may help, and can do damage.


To start increasing your penis with the help of the media, it is necessary to weigh the "pros" and "cons". It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body, as well as the security of the methods to the health.

You can't apply everything that he advised lucky in the love neighbor. A person of any method helps, the other harms.

Treats with great respect to your health, and be rewarded for it.