As you can enlarge the penis without operations?

Many, the majority of the people live happy, full lives and that you are not satisfied with your penis size and are constantly looking for ways to slightly increase. As this is a sensitive issue, it is not surprising, that you think, if you are the only one in the world of the victim with one member (less than 15 cm).

as to enlarge the member

I understand very well what you feel to these people. That is why I wrote this article, based on his personal experience, after many trials and errors. Of course I'm waiting for it to reach sexual maturity, and my "friend" is going to grow. But he didn't grow up. Or ros is not as active as I would like. Money that I then was not especially, so that on the operation and not having to think. And all kinds of forums and sites literally dazzled of information on all kinds of pills for the enlargement of the penis, and is quite dangerous.

I started to seek information about how can increase the penis and found that some people write about what they have grown almost a 6 cm thanks to the exercises. I began to study on the internet and found a number of techniques which are tailored to beginners, as well as a number of more sophisticated methods for those who are already working on this topic.

The most sophisticated technology designed for those who have the curved penis, or problems with ejaculation. But fortunately I have these problems. Therefore, I decided to start with the most simple of the recommendations.

Believe it or not, but I managed to increase his unit of almost 6 cm in just 3 months. Yes, lord, yes, it is. Before I started practicing the length of my penis was a little less than 15 cm, but he is now a whole 17.5 cm. And this is a triumph!

Inspired by these successes I decided to write this article and present in detail the programme of training. For a start you do not need any experience. This program is completely safe and appropriate to each one.

The article explains the easiest and quickest way to increase the size, without resorting to the scalpel surgeon. For a start, it will tell you the correct way to measure the sexual organ. Then I'm going to talk about methods to maximize the result, as well as describe their experience in this field.

How to measure the penis

Few people know how to measure the "agriculture". And since this is very important, as this information will help you in the future to get best and visible results. The most accurate measurement will be obtained if the use of a meter of fabric, but if not, nothing happens. Ideal for regular the rule, and a piece of thread.

The measurement of the length of the penis in normal state (without erection)

The biggest problem that the length of the quiet state is constantly changing. Literally, every time. In size not excited penis to the influence of various factors, for example, the change of the ambient temperature or the intensity of the blood circulation in the pelvic area. I recommend measuring the length is not excited penis in the following way:

  • Stand up straight and take the dick in the hand on his forehead. (Do not pull it, otherwise, modify the result of the measurement).
  • With your free hand, take the tape or ruler to measure the length of your friend.
  • The result write down on a sheet of paper.

The measurement of the length of the penis in a state of excitement

The length in the excited state is more important, as the majority of men worry about it. Before measuring, make sure that you are fully excited. Mira erotic video, for example. Excited? Well. Now take the tape or rule, measure, and re-write.

  1. Place a ruler or measuring tape at the base of the excitation of the penis, precisely to the beginning of the pubic area.
  2. Slowly push the pubic bone as you can, until it rested in the bone. This is especially important if there are a large amount of fat in the belly. But don't overdo it!
  3. Measure from the base until the end of the head.
  4. The average length of the penis is 13.9 to 16 inches.

It is important to use the same measuring instrument, which is measured not excited penis. This will give you the most accurate results.

The measurement of the circumference (girth of the penis in a state of excitement

Measure the girth of the penis with the help of the tape measure or with the help of thread (then simply by measuring the thread of the rule). The indicators obtained during the measurement of the thickness of the penis, many people are very different, as each one measures differently.

  • If you have selected the thread, make sure that you do not have stretch marks.
  • Carefully wrap the ribbon or yarn once around the thickest part of the body excited penis.
  • Note that the ends of the tape is found, is the number that you want to record. If you use thread, keep in mind that the end of the thread matches the rest, and then drag it and use a ruler to measure the distance from the label until the end.
  • Write down the results of the measurements.
  • The average size of the girth of the penis is 11.4 to 12.9 inches.

The hair is out of sight!

Before exercising, make sure that the member does not have hair, because the hair can cause irritation and discomfort. By the way, when you remove the hair, you will see that the cock is seen more and more long.

Overheating – the first step to start

Overheating is also a very important part of the preparation, as this will reduce the risk of damage in case of an intense work out. Overheating is as a warm-up for the athlete. Without it, nothing. Heated member not less than 6-8 minutes before starting the exercise.

To start the process of overheating, take a small towel or cloth, and water in warm water. Step on the towel, and place in it the member. Keep a towel for 2 minutes, then remove the towel. Through 2 minutes, repeat the procedure.

Repeat the procedure 3 times, and then dry the penis with a soft towel. This is only the first stage of the preparation.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Before the media, physicians and the experts are not serious about these methods, because they do not believe in their effectiveness. But today the means of communication have changed his mind because, as is said in its real usefulness.


Today in the market is much commercial software to increase the sexual organ of the man and, often, a hard man to choose. But all of these dummies-the programmes focus on something for the benefit of their owners, and not bring any benefit.

The developers of these programs do not have idea, about what they write. They themselves are not tested. That is why they are useless and bring no benefit.

I have carefully studied the information on this subject, took place in some experiments and came to the conclusion that there are three types of exercises that really work. Let's see in more detail!

The technique for the strengthening of the muscles are very effective, since they allow to increase the length and girth at the same time. In addition, this helps to a better control of the ejaculation. Through them your a member not only will increase the length, but becomes thicker.

Many men do this for a better control of the ejaculation.

Some experts believe that these techniques help to correct the way reproductive authority. In other words, no damage, just a practical benefit.

How to do the exercise for increase the penis size of your penis?

The first step you should do is to find intimate muscle. The problem is that this muscle is located between the anus and scrotum, therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find.

You have to go to the bathroom and begin to write. If you stop abruptly the process in the middle, you will feel how tense the muscles. It is intimate muscle.

Task 1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles.

It is simple, but very effective in the exercise, with emphasis on the length. The main task of the method is to increase the flow of blood in the penis during erection. More blood flows, more and more hard you become a member. To complete this lesson, you do not need much time and is very simple. You need to just touch the pubic-coccygeal muscles, and what to let go.

According to my diligence, 24 times is the optimal number of touches for men of any age. You have to make 5 series of 24 touch. The rest in between is touch is of 1-2 seconds. If for you is too much, start from the 16 taps, and slowly increase their number.

Task 2. The reduction and relaxation.

The work of the concentration and the relaxation is directly dependent on your breathing. You need to relax and make sure that the breath is not difficult.

Start slowly and gently touching the pubic-coccygeal muscles, each time more, making you touch each time more tangible, until you feel that you have touched the point ms far. Now hold the breath and silently counting to 20. Reduce the volume of the muscles for 1 minute, then relax.

Task 3. The way up.

This helps to develop strength pubic-coccygeal muscles. Gently press and hold for about 5 seconds, then release and repeat the process, but this time you have to push a little harder. As soon as you tighten up in pubic-coccygeal muscle, heart maximum, hold for 2 minutes. After, relax and repeat the cycle from the beginning. It is not easy, I agree!

Task 4. Wave

This method is a bit different from the previous ones. On this occasion, you must reduce the muscle, but does not relax between contractions, but, on the contrary, gradually increase the intensity of the load. Repeat the exercise for 3-4 minutes. Try to reduce the muscle in 30 seconds.

These types of techniques are good that you can do at any time and in any place. And to complete, it is not necessary to use a lubricant.

Exercise to stretch the penis

Note that the thickness of a member of the manipulation of such consequences will not have.

Before you begin, make sure that it is well printed fat. Always use a lubricant, which in some cases may occur irritation and redness of the skin.

Experience has shown that there are 2 most effective stretching exercises of a member.

Exercise 1. Pinwheel.

The name says it all, here we go:

  1. You need by using the thumb and index finger of the left hand to make the sign for ok.
  2. Carefully and gently place the tip of the penis and begins to spin in a circle.
  3. Repeat this exercise 10 times: 5 times in the direction of clockwise and 5 times anti clockwise.

Exercise 2. The stretch and a pat.

You must repeat the following algorithm:

  1. You need by using the thumb and index finger of the left hand to make the sign for ok.
  2. Carefully and gently place the tip of the penis and begins to spin in a circle.
  3. After that, make a pause of 20 seconds.
  4. Then, begin Pat: 15 strokes with the left hand and 15 strokes with the left foot.

Exercise 3. Pinwheel and a pat.

exercises for the member of the

It is a combination of the previous two. Before you start, it is best to perform the first two exercises individually:

  1. You need by using the thumb and index finger of the left hand to make the sign for ok.
  2. Carefully and gently place the tip of the penis and begins to spin in a circle.
  3. Repeat this technique 15 times in the sense of clockwise and 15 times anti-clockwise.
  4. Then start to Pat a member of 30 times with the right leg and 30 times the left foot.
  5. The cycle of the exercises are performed 1 time. Repeat is not necessary.

How to make your own jelcing

Jelcing is another popular type of exercises to increase the penis, which is also known popularly under the name of "milking". This name has appeared by chance, since the principle of jelqing is very similar to the process of milking the cow. This technique also gives the effect of real and many experts will say about it, even the manufacturers of the different computers to increase the "dignity of man".

The best thing is that the result will remain even if you throw the execution.

Importantly, perform all manipulations with care and actively use the fat just before you start.

Do not forget the warming procedure before the massage. There are many techniques of execution, but the most effective are the technique of wet and technique for dry jelqing.

The technical execution of rail Jelcing

Where to start:

  1. Apply lubricant on the cock. If, during the time of execution of the exercises of lubrication dry, it is worth stopping the execution of the exercises, and apply additional lubrication.
  2. Using the thumb and index finger of the left hand to make the sign for ok.
  3. Take a standard member, accept, take, carry out the grip slowly forward.
  4. In the achievement of the head should go away for a few 2-3 seconds.
  5. Once that vision is closer to the head, second hand, squeeze the base of the penis is also standard ok - grip.
  6. Release the first hand, second, not unclenching grasp take it to the head.
  7. When the hand approached the head, another new hold the base of the authority.
  8. Repeat the cycle several times.

It is important that you are well, but not until the end of the filed at the time of execution of this exercise (erection 50-70%). If you see that excited in a 100 %, give yourself cool down a bit.

Well, if during the exercise you want in the wc. Then the result will be more palpable.

The technique of implementing dry Jelcing

Dry jelcing is very similar to the previous method, with the difference that it does not need lubrication, which means that you will not have to clean up their excesses after the procedure. Before you begin, be sure to wrap the heating process and the exercises of penis enlargement.

Here's what you do:

  • Warming up — 5 minutes;
  • Stretch 5 minutes;
  • Jelcing — 10 minutes by car
  • Overheating — 5 minutes.

As a general rule, use data from classes with regularity. It is not necessary to perform each day. Four times a week will be enough.

Perform all the exercises with care so as not to hurt yourself!

With regular training, you will see the result already at 6 weeks. If to observe all recommendations, you can increase the size to 4.5 – 6 inches less than a month.