Exercises to enlarge the penis

Today, thanks to the widespread publicity and the interest of the producers, has become very popular the theme of the magnitude of the man's penis and, in consequence, in the same way there has been a wide demand of various techniques of penis enhancement. They are very different and different creams, ointments, pills, dietary supplements and operation to simple physical exercises about them which I will focus.

Be extremely careful with the stretch and the performance suspension to the penis of different goods, this can lead to serious consequences. Check with the doctor!

as to enlarge the member

But what all of this effectively? This can really help to increase the member or is otherwise a waste of money from unwary customers? Opinions differ diametrically the opposite of this is the conversation in the article, and the same will be more popular of the exercises for penis enlargement.

Exercises for penis enlargement: the destruction of the myth of

Exercises to increase penis with the purpose of elongation and expansion of the tissues of the penis. These exercises can be done manually and with the help of different auxiliary devices.

However, be careful, despite the fact that there is the false notion that the penis, there is nothing to break, damage, fully removing the functionality, it is possible!

What are the exercises for the penis

To enlarge the penis, there are two addresses:

  1. strengthening exercises for the muscles that support the penis (the muscles of the pelvic floor);
  2. the stretching and enlargement of the tissue of the penis, the goal is the creation of new cells of a fabric.

Penis enlargement exercises: the destruction of the myth of

So, to break down the myth now: the trunk of the penis does not contain tissues, able to acquire more volume through exercise and training. See the typical video about the increase of the penis, he shows it the most popular method for penis enlargement:

As you can imagine, this type of "massage" will not result in an increase in penis size.

On the other hand, and such actions may be the use of — the regular practice of these exercises are able to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and this increases their sexual intercourse and help you to avoid premature ejaculation. But again, to increase the size of the penis count should not.

Increase the size of penis through devices

Device to enlarge the penis can be divided into two types: estirosopladoras and vacuum.

The first few are different forms of accessories, whose purpose is to elongate the penis by creating a constant tensile load on him.

  • In theory, the person is able to change the size of your body, therefore, the best example is the women of the padaung with such a long neck, to smother, if a release compatible with their rings.
  • However, to achieve this result, it is necessary to begin the impact in the early childhood, and the result is not the beauty, and pathology.
  • The human body tends not to respond to the change inherent to the nature of the mechanisms and processes.

Therefore, in theory, it can elongate the member, it extends for a very long time, but you'd get it is unlikely, and damage to the tissue of the penis opportunity to eat.

The second type of devices for the increase of the penis, the vacuum, works according to the principle of the pump pump the air out of the container, creating it a negative pressure. The penis, located in the area of work, is beginning to appear, filling blood.

The most popular devices, as well as the result in the form of erection is immediately visible, without more, that these devices help us to obtain a quick erection when erectile disorders.

Feature extenders in the fact that you cannot use for a long period of time, you can easily overdo it and achieve a hemorrhage.

Erectile tissues of the penis are not designed for a constant workload, so that "non-standard" use for anything good, not promises.

Correct exercises to increase the penis

Many of the men who love sporting activities, it has been asked: is it possible to build the penis and make it bigger and works ms relief? To answer this question, it is necessary to start talking about the anatomy of men. Above all: the penis is composed of muscle tissue and cartilage of appendices.

Which in this case gives the penis a solid state? Excited type of penis acquires by the tide of blood and, with it, the penis is in erection and increases considerably in size.

Therefore, to strengthen the penis and therefore increase your impossible, however, it is possible to do this already via the exercises that you can perform at home. In this article we tell you how to do it.

View warming

Because many of the exercises to enlarge the penis are a little bit traumatic, you should carefully review the warming of the corpora cavernosa, prior to training.

  • To do this, you should dip a towel in hot water, so it becomes wet and hot.
  • Later you will step on the towel and wrap the penis completely for 2-3 minutes.
  • The skin and vessels become more flexible, which will help to reduce the likelihood of injury to zero.

The first exercise

penis enlargement methods

The first thing you will need is a lubricant. With the help of it you can do the exercises without damaging your penis. Sit comfortably on the edge of the bed, or the chair and lubricate the penis of fat.

Then with the thumb and index finger, then the capture of the penis of its foundation and start slowly, pulling the skin to the head, there to be more stretched and erectile tissues of the penis.

  • After a while your penis will acquire an excited state and the increase in size.
  • As well it should be, it is necessary to the exercise conditions.
  • Despite the increase in penis size, you should repeat the exercise, does not weaken the grip at the base.
  • In this case, you must increase the speed of scroll of translational movements of the base of the penis to its head.

By doing this exercise, you are trying to keep as much as possible of the blood in the cavernous pores of your penis.

After 10 minutes you can achieve an erection, should be more compressing the penis at the base with the end of the delay comes blood to the penis so it can stretch to cavernous body.

Keep the penis in such a state for 1 minute, and then release.

If during the execution of the exercises that you feel a bit of discomfort or pain that immediately stop the training and come back to read the instruction manual of your implementation.

If you regularly repeat this exercise every day, you can enlarge your penis up to 3 inches for 1 month.

The second exercise

The main objective of this exercise is stretching of the penis in length, the first not excited, and then, in a state of arousal.

After the necessary training on heating the penis to cover the head, therefore, not impeding the supply of blood flow and begin to make scroll rocking motion, namely: squeezing and stretching the penis at the tail. This exercise you will have stretch marks of the corpora cavernosa, which make up the penis.

Each time giving up, try to stretch the penis before the onset of low pain and each time you pull more. But be careful: this exercise can cause minor injuries, which is not desirable for the success of the training.

When you reach the maximum stretch of your penis, try within 10 seconds to stop him in that state, first stretching out before him, and then lift up and the same way keep between 10 and 15 seconds in the maximum extended state, without cutting into the grip of the hand.

The third exercise

It consists of a training session not excited member in a relaxed state. To do this, it is necessary to take with the fingers the penis, and to seek, through the application of a moderate amount of force, start to scale in length. Do each repetition is recommended for 10 to 15 seconds.

  • After you perform 10 repetitions, change the position of the penis and if it expands upward, therefore, against his pubic bone.
  • Hereinafter you start stretching your penis, causing it to rotate in 360 degrees, which helps to stretch the cartilage, the offshoots of the base of the penis.
  • At the end of the training you need to perform relaxing massages in order to restore the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • You can also take a hot bath, that the positive effect not only in your workouts, but also in the testicles.
  • Of heating, can help you relax and deal with the emotions that you received during the year.

Massage exercises for the penis

Massage – exercise for penis (cf), to improve its characteristics. This method was taken from the arabs, who from generation to generation, from father to son, indulged in the practice of this exercise.

That it is useful to massage?

One of the advantages of this exercise, the following are highlighted:

  1. The increase of the penis (length and girth);
  2. The improvement of filling of blood of the inverter (to improve the hardness of the erection, the more information in the link);
  3. To overcome the stagnation of the processes in the inverter.

The essence of this exercise

The main task of a massage consists in the removal of the large amount of blood in the penis. Due to the resulting pressure can cause micro-injuries in the structure of the inverter. As a general rule, these injuries heal quickly and this causes that in the place of the old tissues are formed new, but in greater quantity.

This feature is used to increase the penis, the essence of what is super compensation by the body of the injured tissues.

For example, the action of massage, which aimed to increase the member can be compared with the growth of the muscles: with the training of the muscle fibers there are, and in the break time in your place are other muscle fibers, but there are already more than the previous ones.

The technique of the running-wet massage (pre-lubricated drive of fat):

  1. To obtain the degree of erection in the 50-75% (the optimal values, since — traumatic, less inefficient);
  2. When bending the thumb and index finger in the ring ok grip), grasp the member as close as possible to the base;
  3. Tighten the grip and slowly, within 3 seconds, press and hold a grip to the head of the drive, holding the penis parallel to the ground;
  4. Once your capture is the base of the head, to intercept the base of one member to the other of the hand and the grip near the head release;
  5. Repeat step 1-4 with the other hand.

After performing a massage, drive you into a state of tranquility should look bigger, too big – a sure sign that the massage has been a success.

In appearance it is not a complicated exercise, but it will take time for absorption. After the massage is useful to perform exercises in a groin muscle.

It is warming up

exercises for penis enlargement

It is essential to warm up cf – this minimizes the risk of injury and prepare a member of exercise. Finish the procedure of massage should also be warming.

Ways of warming:

  • Shower;
  • Compress. Make a hot compress on the inverter with the help of a piece of cloth. Keep the temperature of the fabric as it cools;
  • A bowl with warm water. Lower the inverter in a bowl with warm water – must be warm enough for warming, and should not be uncomfortable (too hot).

Warm up should last no less than 5 minutes. After warming up, the inverter should be soft, relaxed and large – a sure sign that the warming has been carried out correctly.

The main point of massage

In which, in the first place, pay attention to the perform the massage:

  • Symmetry in the movement with both hands. As well as the execution of the exercises requires shift work hands, be careful for the grip, the movement and the force of the grip was the same for the two hands. If this does not comply, may develop asymmetries in the penis and its curvature in one of the parties, because one of the parties is going to grow faster;
  • The same pressure all over the trunk of the penis. Many tend to increase the pressure at the end of the head, which can cause an effect of "baseball bat", when the foundation of a member, unless the beginning of the head of the drive;
  • The duration of the movement. For a good mature should observe the duration of the movement of not less than 3 seconds;
  • The degree of erection. Make sure that the level of erection was in the area of 50-70%. If the level of erection increased, then a small break, so he slept in his range. The same applies to too low of the erection – massage in this state, to be very effective.

Indicators of overtraining

After you perform a massage on the penis may appear red or black spots, ecchymosis of shoved them out of the capillaries. You should take a break from classes before the full recovery of an injury.

The deterioration of erection or lack of erection in the morning indicates that there is a small break and reduce the intensity of the workout.

The degree of erection

The degree of erection affects, which of the options is better studied: the lower of the erection is going to develop in the long, high – in the circumference. Initially you must avoid the level of erection more than 70%, since the inverter is not yet adapted to the loads and is large the chance of injury.

But, after a period of training, whether your priority is the increase of the circumference of the inverter, in this case, you must give massages with 80-90% erection.

With that degree of erection to prevent injury, it is worth starting with a light, little by little, with successive training sessions, a little by increasing the intensity.