The increase of the penis in the home – ways and means of

The size of the penis – the issue of the alarms for the teenager, but after 20 years of age, when the body ceases to grow, the men are concerned, and if large enough penis to satisfy your favorite. Surgery is allowed only according to the directions. Therefore, discontent with begin to search for other ways. As enlarge the penis at home and for that it is necessary — methodologies and technologies for the auto-lengthen much, it is important to choose the right one.

In terms of really a penis in the home?

the increase of member of the

On the internet you can find information about what is a reality independent of an increase of up to 5 cm in diameter and length.

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological characteristics – if the man tends to grow quickly, and body genital will increase important when used in different ways;
  • Perseverance is the process of stretching the tissues slow, so you will have to spend time to achieve a result;
  • The regularity, regardless of the methodology chosen, it is necessary to go regularly, and the procedure to do, without omissions.

Sometimes you can increase the sexual organ of 1 to 2 cm, but it is a great achievement, in addition, not all women focus on the size.


To increase the penis are useful special exercises. It is the ideal choice allergies, that prevent the tracing of the penis of different formulas.

The trim of the

The easiest way to increase the penis in the home – stretch. The penis should be taken by the head and pull. It is recommended to perform the procedure from different angles. The force of the impact is important to increase gradually to avoid tissue damage.

In the stretching session should be allocated 10-15 minutes, only under this condition it is possible to get results.

The stretch sitting

For this exercise you must wear the penis in the ground to an excited state. The essence of the method consists in the penis to pull down and back, after which the man in he sits down.

This is the gym allows you to increase the base of penis, to lengthen and increase the size of diameter. Mechanism of action consists in the increase of the pressure in the cavernous body.

The bending

This fitness method also requires partial erection. You must bend the penis in different directions, listening to one's own feelings – it is important that you do not have a strong discomfort.

If the manipulation result in pain, that exercise must be stopped immediately. The next time you want to act more carefully, to avoid injury of the tissues.

Aerosols and gels

The cream, designed to increase the penis, which allow you to perform this process independently, without harm to the organism. All the tools are made from organic components, which minimizes the amount of contraindications for men.

For the mode of action of the drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • Long-term – require the use, after which the sexual organ stores acquired dimensions to always;
  • Short-term – action takes several hours and helps to enlarge the penis in the moment of intimacy;
  • Auxiliary: its use is devoted to the action of other medicines intended for the change of the length and the thickness of the fertile area of the authority.

The penis enhancement remedies

In addition to the exercises, and innovative natural development, to increase the member can remedies.

In the first place is the usual sodium bicarbonate also helps to herbal – based tools, herbs and medicinal plants can be used as externally, and drink herbal infusions and decoctions.


as to enlarge the member

Sodium bicarbonate is sold in all parts, and coins of a penny, therefore, forms including its use are not only efficient, but do not have a significant impact on the budget.

  • Packs with soda. For the preparation should be mixed soda powder with honey and apply on the entire length of the penis, avoiding the head;
  • Baths with soda solution. With your help we can improve the supply of blood and prevent the development of inflammation. The procedure is recommended before the sexual act, preliminary having gotten an erection;
  • Soda scrub. Increases the sexual organ and prevention of urological diseases. The manipulation should be performed only after the hot shower, in conclusion, it is important to apply on the penis moisturizing cream;
  • The massage with the application of the caustic. First the member must apply basic or olive oil, then the soda and make a massage with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wait 2 minutes and rinse.

The oral drug

Some herbs and spices help to lengthen the sexual organ, if it is taken by mouth, herbal tea, herbal infusions and decoctions:

  • Decoction of wormwood. Within 10 minutes of boil 5 g of seeds of artemis, bathed with cold water. Wait until the tool is cool, and filter. Consume 100 ml every day in 2 times;
  • The garlic tincture. In 250 ml quality alcohol insist 200 g of garlic, previously being crushed into a dense mass. Leave in the fabric of a bottle of 10 days. Drinking in the morning and in the evening 25 drops over 3 months;
  • The infusion with thyme. 100 g of dry grass pour 300 ml of boiling water and wait for it to cool naturally. Jump through the gauze and drink after waking and before bedtime, for up to 120 days.

Tools for external use

Phyto-tools help not only with the use of the oral route, but and to the outside of the application. Well-known method is the use of aloe juice. You must squeeze the liquid of the "adults" of the leaves, cut the roots, and rub the juice of a sexual organ.

The same effect imposes the tincture horse chestnut, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepare the same. The ginseng root extract, ginkgo biloba, and the fruits of hawthorn, it is recommended to rub into the skin of the penis to increase its size.

Other methods

Change the volume and length of the penis is also possible with the help of the pump, expander and nozzle.

The first method enlarges the penis, thanks to its location in the vacuum environment. It activates the blood flow, the blood rushes to a member and, therefore, is changing not only the length but also the diameter. It is important to adjust the level of pressure, so as not to cause damage to themselves by excessive zeal.

Extender – a special device that attaches to the waist or the hips. The device is called an alternative to surgery, it not only helps to change the settings, but, and correct the curvature of the authority. The accessory must take several hours a day, at this moment of the fabric of the authority are stretched and begin to grow, to get rid of the tension. The use of an extender helps to increase the size of always.

Nozzles – option for men who need to lengthen the member, at the time of the sexual relationship. Silicone accessory is placed on the phallus, through which he changes size. In the market there are different models that allow to determine the necessary parameters.

One of the ways to change the length of the penis with the help of improvised means – the suspension of the load. The method is quite controversial, because in order to achieve results more quickly with frequency, men injure tissues and erectile tissues. Mechanism of action consists in fixing to the authority of the cargo, under the action of the member is lengthened.

Sometimes the men disgruntled general the size of the penis, and strive to increase the glans of the penis. To do this, there are a variety of exercises, one of which is performed in the following way:

  • You should sit on the edge of a chair and widely put your feet;
  • Compress the phallus in the base;
  • Alternatively, the hit on the hips.

An important condition is the absence of pain or discomfort. Change the size of the head occur at the expense of their solidification.

tools for penis enlargement

Each man can choose the appropriate method, you should be aware of: penis enlargement – the procedure long. To obtain impact-resistant, you must make an effort and remember about the on a regular basis.