Exercises to increase penis girth

The problem with the penis can affect many of the representatives of a strong half of humanity. The exhaustion, lack of sleep and poor food, frequent change of partners, the development of the diseases and infections can affect not only in the sexual functioning of the authority, but also lead to lower growth. In consequence, the sexual development of authority slows significantly, and in some cases does not stop, which leads to the impairment of the sexual function and the problems of a sexual nature. To increase the sexual organ there are many effective ways. The best solution, and completely safe way are exercises to increase the girth of the penis , which, together with its absolute harmless, can lead to a noticeable and lasting result.

Why is it necessary to increase the sexual organ

the increase of member of the

Increase the sexual organ in the amount and thickness is the intimate desire of many men. The cause of this desire can prove to be not only the superiority sexual, but also other factors:

  • give the penis correct anatomical shape;
  • increase sexual stamina and stimulate libido;
  • to achieve the counter and prolonged erection;
  • increase the duration of the sexual relationship and achieve a long orgasm;
  • enjoy a full sex life;
  • forget about the age of changes and problems impotence;
  • reduce the time between sex to a minimum.

Despite the nature of the desires, whether the desire to be sexual giant or simply maintain your health of the men, before proceeding to action, it is best to spend a consultation with the doctor, as the inappropriate use of the methods and of powerful drugs can damage the operation of the penis and become the cause of the development of the pathologies and serious deviations.

That affects the growth of the penis

Before you start to take measures, it is necessary to understand important aspects and habits that have a direct influence on the increase of the length and the girth of your penis and that may also prevent you from achieving the desired result. Between these factors of influence can be distinguished:

  • smoking – the nicotine helps to celebrate with the nerves and the depression, but at the same time adversely affects the health and the sexual activity of the authority, blunts the libido, reduces the production of testosterone, as well as the speed of the excitability and the duration of the erection;
  • food – bad food, frequent eating in excess, a small amount of minerals and vitamins leads to the refusal of vitally important substances for the functioning of the sexual system, as a result of the production of the male hormone, reduces the growth natural penis slows down or stops, it disturbs the circulation of the blood, there is a problem of erection;
  • the disease – it has been shown that in diseases of the immune system of the nature, endocrine, urinary, and the nervous system and the function of the penis is altered, which has an impact on the future, not only in slow growth, but also in the of the sexual characteristics, the ability of the fertility and the quality of sperm and can lead to the development of serious diseases in the future.

The good food with the addition of a maximum of useful ingredients and products for the sexual work of the authority, as well as the combination of other effective methods to give positive results and help a lot to quickly recover the healthy growth of the penis.

The modern penis enlargement methods

tools for penis enlargement

At present there is a large amount of methods that help to speed up the penis growth and achieve visible results for quite short-term. All the methods can be divided into three categories: simple, homemade, and radicals. To the first category, there are that include the use of different drugs and the incentives for medicines, ointments, creams, and pills with several of the action. In this same category is included the use of different pumps, simulators, and devices to increase the real growth of a member.

The radical methods of increasing penis size are the implants and operative intervention, which, despite the availability, speed, and the effect, it will be for the whole life, can cause a serious harm to male health. The result of this intervention can be impotence, infectious, infection, infertility, and others. The most secure and quite effective are the families, ways of increasing, among which special attention use complex exercise and massage.

The advantages and characteristics of the exercises

Exercises and specially designed massage on the penis may allow to stretch the tissue and therefore increasing the authority of size. Generally, these complexes of exercises are easy to perform and does not require too much time, so much so, that can easily perform in the home. The use of these techniques in daily life help to give sex the necessary authority, of the right shape, elasticity and mobility. Another feature advantage of this method is that the complete security cannot be guaranteed when it receives the support of the pills and other means. There are many variations, specially designed complexes, journal of the fulfilment of which will improve the blood circulation towards the penis, making tissues more elastic, stronger, more firm. Therefore, all the complexes of the exercises can be divided into estirosopladoras and therapeutic. The simplicity, ease of implementation, and only a couple of minutes a day, make this method of penis enlargement universal, the same with that has been specifically designed complex can visibly reinforce the wall joints, as well as to protect against the development of distortion, disease and other defects.

Set of exercises for the increase of the authority

Currently there is a huge variety of exercises to increase the growth and stretching of the member. Most of them are distinguished by the simplicity and ease of implementation, without the need of effort, others provide for the use of auxiliary parts, cream for lubrication, etc

We will take most popular exercises to the penis enlargement at home:

apparatus for lengthening the penis
  • Stretching exercise of the

    Description: in a seated position, relax, take the sexual organ by the head, slowly pulling one side of yourself for 5-7 seconds, relax and then pull on the right side, relax, pull to the left side, all with an interval of 5 or 6 seconds, causing a pause in the stretch position.

  • Exercise with a towel

    Description: take a small size of the towel, wet in hot water, wring out excess liquid, wrap with a towel penis on its entire length, leaving the crown open, hot the sexual organ for 7-10 minutes, remove the towel, wipe a body to dry.

  • Stretching exercise

    Description: the stretch in the sitting position, to relax, for the execution of the exercises is necessary to achieve a slight erection, then sexual organ of a slight movement is necessary to throw under the buttocks, crouching in neg up, the exercise will help to increase the internal pressure especially the body, which will contribute to increase of size.

  • Massage to stimulate growth

    Description: for the implementation of promote the massage have to use the cream fat for greasing is necessary to achieve the slight erection of the sexual organ can be taken with the fingers, by placing them at the base, start a easy movement forward and backward, to fix the fingers at the base and at the head, which will contribute to the tide of blood and shear stresses due to the traction of the tissues.

  • The exercises "milking"

    Description: this is celebrated on the incomplete erection, so as not to injure the surface and the interior of the capillaries, take the sexual organ of the fingers, index and large to put together in the ring, covering the upper part of the authority, it performs a slow movement in the stretch, in which the fingers extend to the edge of the head, then the hand changes and the exercise is repeated again.

  • Exercises for the increase of the head

    Description: to strengthen and enhance the tip of the penis, you must meet at least 1-2 times per day following exercise, the initial position sitting, with the feet shoulder-width apart, before you run is necessary to achieve the 80% erection, and then take the base of the member, pull up on the head of the authority 30-50 a circular motion to the right and then change hands and repeat the exercise with the movement in the left-hand side, relax the muscles, to the execution of the exercises to use a cream or lubricant is not required.