How to increase the girth of the penis, not to do damage to him?

The data obtained from the nature, not always satisfied of the person. For men the importance of penis sizes. There is the opinion that the thickness and the length of the penis depends on the quality of sexual life. That is why many of the representatives of the stronger sex want to know how to increase the girth of the penis. There are medicamentous, surgical, and manual of the technique of the change of the structure of the authority. Each of them has features and the list of contraindications. Before you begin to use any of the methods, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with all the details.

The indications of the procedure

the increase of member of the

The self-assessment of size of penis in most cases is subjective. Therefore, in case of doubt, you must consult a doctor.

Small deviations, just take conservative measures. Who refers to the use of a variety of creams and dietary supplements. In difficult situations, it requires a surgical intervention.

The indications for performing the procedures for adjusting the volume of the following:

  • the dissatisfaction of the partners, the intimacy;
  • psychological consequences of the rape in the background of the lack of size of the penis;
  • the delay in the physical development;
  • hormonal disorders.

Ways of modifying the thickness of the

The form of thickening of the penis individually. Regardless of what option is selected, be sure to follow the recommendations of the specialists. Only then will you be swept result.

Of all the possible ways that conventionally are divided into the following groups:

  • exercises and massage;
  • surgical forms;
  • take the medications;
  • vacuum of the pump.

Surgical methods

The surgery is performed in the case of other methods have not yielded the desired results. As to increase the diameter of a member in detail explains the surgeon.

Distinguish various forms of revision surgery of the penis. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.


In the framework of the implementation of the procedure sexual organ is thickened by the injection of adipose tissue taken from other areas of the body of men. The main advantage of the operation is considered to be a low probability of rejection of the material.

In the majority of cases the result remained until the end of life. But with the time entered of the fabric may deteriorate. After some time, you may have to re-perform the operation.

The procedure is performed in several stages:

  1. The preparation, which includes the delivery of the required tests and the passage of various specialists.
  2. The extraction of the fat cells of the area of the hips and buttocks;
  3. The purification of collected cells.
  4. Uniform the introduction of the cells in the penis.
  5. The use of dressings in the reconstructive period.

The transplantation of muscle tissue

When the transplantation of muscle tissue taken with the area abdominal corset, or the armpit. The increase of volume of the member is performed by the method of "wrapping" in the tissues.

Its fixation is made through the union of the vessels. As a result of the process of thick body increases from 3 to 4 see

The Technique Of "Pen"

More difficult that the operation is performed by the technique of "the pencil". It implies the total separation of the parts of the penis for implantation between them the skeleton of cartilaginous tissue. This type of operation is performed in extreme cases. This is due to the high probability of developing complications.

These include the following:

  • the formation of scars;
  • the inflammatory process;
  • the rejection of the bodies of the tissues;
  • the reduction of the sensitivity of the authority;
  • improper healing of the tissues.

The recovery process after the surgery of long duration is of approximately 12 months. To prevent the inflammatory process from the first time you have to take antibiotics. Sexual activity should be limited. When it occurs the onset of complications it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Introduction of ball

Specific, but not less common to increase the circumference of the male organ is considered the implantation of the balls. They are made of hypoallergenic material. The procedure allows to increase the thickness of the penis in certain areas.

The implantation of foreign bodies not only deals with a surgeon, but also an expert in the field of body-modification.

When injected under the skin of different material the man must be aware of the risks of complications. There is the probability of the occurrence of the inflammatory process and the rejection of the material.

Bezoperatsionnye methods

the enlargement operation penis

The main advantage of bezoperatsionnaya methods thickening of the penis – the health and safety for the low probability of developing complications. How can you increase the size and increase the thickness of the penis, tell the primary care physician. It will examine the history and finds the best plan of treatment. Take the decision by himself, it is not recommended.

Massage and exercises

The task of the exercises and massage sexual of the authority consists of the enlargement of the cavernous directory At the time of the arousal that increase in size, encompassing in itself comes to the blood. The more the capacity of bodies, the greater will be the thickness of the penis.

The exercise should be carried out respecting a special technique. Your failure to comply giving rise to the injury of the authority. The effectiveness of the exercises depends on the regularity of training, increase the penis. Load during the exercise, over time, must increase.

The most common and effective of the exercises carry the following:

  1. A maximum of pull the dick forward, and then tilt into different parts. In each one of them, the authority is fixed at 10 seconds.
  2. Hardly joined with the fingers in the base of the penis, should move to the head and tighten even stronger in a few seconds. This exercise is repeated no less than 10 times.
  3. With the index finger and thumb of the fingers should massage the base of a member, carefully stretching the skin. Little by little the movement is changed to other.


Extender is a modern accessory designed for traction of the penis with the special application of the load. The total duration of wearing the extender is 2 months. More prolonged use may cause health risks, since it is the pressure on the sexual organ.

The process of the traction member increases the elasticity of the tissues and stimulates the growth of cells. When you find a body in a state of erection, it causes an increase of the swelling, in consequence, the flow of blood.

This contributes to the increase of its volume. On the monthly average of growth of the parameters is of 5 ml after 2 months of wearing the appliance member increases in 1 see the Maximum possible score (always and when the prolonged use of the extender) – 4 cm

In the effectiveness of the procedures of the influence of the following factors:

  1. The regularity of the placement of the device. To achieve the desired effect, you must use it every day.
  2. Status. If the problem is caused by the lack of testosterone, the use of an extender will be useless.
  3. The original structure of the authority.
  4. The age of the men. In an age more mature, change the anatomy of the data is more difficult than in the young.

The stretchers are loop, vacuum, with elastic straps and lie down-excellent sealant.

Vacuum of the water pump

The action of the vacuum pump is based on alternating the pressure on the sexual organ. Water pump is an instrument that consists of a light bulb to the penis, and the lever for the air supply.

After placing the member in the flask is made a negative pressure, which stimulates the flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis. Thanks to this, we remove the fenmenos stuck.

As a result of its use to solve problems with erection and increases the thickness of the penis. The other members of your group are classified to short to save the result.

When a pump is selected, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that it is manufactured. More appropriate would be allergy-free material. The willingness to save, in this case, is inappropriate. Details of the unit must be strong and resistant to the use.

Ointments and creams

The main advantage of creams and ointments to the thickening of the local member of the form of use. The active components do not enter the circulatory system. Therefore, side effects are developed in exceptional cases.

After the application of such means, it is irritation. It improves the circulation of the blood, contributing to the tide of blood to the sexual organ.

As active components acting plant extracts and exotic substance. The effect of the use of the tools of the local application of almost instant. Put it just before the sexual act. Cock each time more extensive, improves erection and increases the resistance of the men.

The disadvantages of creams and ointments take short effect. Your lack no more than 1-2 days. Before applying, it is desirable to find a list of contraindications and the possibility of occurrence of side effects. Among them distinguish an allergic reaction to the components that comprise it.

Increase the size of the penis works a comprehensive approach. The effect is more noticeable when combining several methodologies.

Hormonal pills

the devices for penis enlargement

The more current issue that we are concerned about many men – how to increase the girth of the penis with the help of the pill. Their effectiveness is conditioned by the ability to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

The treatment does not involve manual and the surgery impact on the sexual organ. The increase in volumes of the penis occurs naturally under the influence of the internal processes of the agency.

The disadvantages of the receipt of funds carry a high risk of the occurrence of secondary symptoms. The incorrect use of tablets assumes a covering of hair on the body, the roughness of the voice and increased irritability.

Before the use of the pills should be an analysis that determines the status. Hormones is feasible only if you have the problems. If the testosterone in the standard, the medicines, will produce the opposite effect.

Choice of the form of the changes in the consumption of the penis must be based on the complexity of the situation. It is defined individually. Small deviations, it is recommended to use the help of treatment of creams or ointments. In the case of hormonal disorders is made to take tablets. Bariatric surgery is indicated only in difficult situations, when other methods are not very effective.