Vacuum penis enlargement pump: types, how to choose and what results to expect

Vacuum of the water pump is a device of cylindrical shape, which is applied not only to increase the sexual organ of man, but also for the treatment of erection disorders.

Used when the standard methods for the achievement of the elasticity of the penis does not help. The main function of the unit is to increase the member both in length and thickness. A long time ago vacuum massage widely in the traditional medicine of the liberation of men of impotence.

the penis enlargement pump

The principle of action

Water pump for penis enlargement is a simple principle of action. Around the penis, pressure is created, it helps to improve blood circulation, contributing to erectile tissues. It is a process similar to natural erection, when the sex organ becomes firm and elastic in a short time. Even if partial erection, you can have sex, as the stimulation of a natural way allows the penis to swell.

This apparatus is suitable for use in the form of massage. The pressure in the flask extends to the erectile tissues, improving the circulation and increasing the size. Member after the pump (pictured below) looks awesome.

Prohibited abuse of the force at the time of the application, to prevent bleeding in the cavernous body, the bruises and other injuries.

What are

All the men of a vacuum device to the penis have the same building, regardless of its principle of operation. Constitute a transparent bottle of plastic with asestada by the rule.

Also included is a head sealed to create the vacuum and the bulb in order to create the necessary pressure in the flask. Some models are equipped with additional elements such as setting button, a pressure gauge, or lower the valve.

  1. Manual of the pump. The air of such a device is deleted with a piston or bulb. The main advantage is availability, but for a good effect you have to work hard.
  2. Automatic pump. The pressure in the flask is reduced built-in electric pump. In general, for its operation, requires batteries. The increase of penis happens without effort and actual pressure can be seen on the pressure gauge. More comfortable model with regulation of the suction power.
  3. Of water from the pump. It is a new variant that uses water instead of air. Bulb ends on the cuff of the pump. The result of the application of the best, and less contraindications. The life of a pump much more than the standard model.
how to select the pump

How to choose a vacuum pump for the penis

The device should be chosen according to the size of the penis and the goal. Before purchase it is necessary to follow some rules for selection:

  • the length of the bulb is adjusted in a manner least 2-3 cm more that the male member at the time of the erection;
  • the diameter should be at least 1 to 2 cm more typical of an erect penis is;
  • for beginners it is recommended to pear-shaped, the pumping of air from the container.

The buy intimate toys is to take into account the material that came to the board, which guarantees a perfect water tightness. Water pump should be resistant to damage and it is better to choose a transparent bottle that allows you to observe the course of the exercises.

Advantages and disadvantages

The accessory boosts and heals. After a regular use increases the volume of the dignity of man, maintaining the erection throughout the sexual act. Sex becomes more thanks to the decrease of the sensitivity of the penis. The body increases both in length and in width.

The device is useful for men, who has found the curvature of the penis. The pump keeps the penis in an upright position, reducing its curvature.

Among the shortcomings of the application of a mechanism can be noted the appearance of dark spots in the surface of the penis due to rupture of capillaries, numbness, decreased force of ejaculation and erection. The consequences can be only when the malfunction of the accessories.

The effect of the use of

Many of the potential owners of this invention are often asked the same questions: "how you can enlarge the middle member of the pump? As to enlarge your member with the help of the pump?" In this article, You will find the answers.

After six months of regular use, the form of the authority to be permanent. If, in addition, taking the medications, the increased production of the male hormone, the result will be better.

Statistics show that in men, who were from all instructions, a member after the vacuum pump became the longer than 1 to 3 cm for 6 to 12 months of use of a mechanism. In the thickness of the dignity increases of 1 to 2 cm. Also the effect depends on the age, the younger the man, the better is the result.

of water from the water pump

Instructions for use

For the first time, we recommend the use of a mechanism of not more than 5 minutes, helping to prevent the side effects. Warning: if used incorrectly, there is the risk of erectile dysfunction and of the onset of edema. Here is the step-by-step how to use the pump:

  1. From the bottle you must pump the air, which allows to increase the flow of blood to the organ. Before placing the member in the flask needs to grease with fat.
  2. For once empty of water pump is applied no more than 20 minutes.
  3. To run the air in the apparatus and the reduction of the pressure in certain models they have to do is click on the air valve, which is placed near the pears. In some vehicles for this purpose we designed a hole during the financial year is closed with the finger.
  4. After you achieve the greater the hardness of the penis, at its base, you want to put the ring. This element contributes to the clamping penis, for him, a long time will be had in praesent state.

If in the game is the water pump, before the process it is necessary to take a hot bath to relax the scrotum area. After 8 minutes, it is necessary to introduce the organ into the flask. Rounded the bezel ring should be adjusted in the scrotum, which reduces the pressure in this area. The apparatus is placed evenly on the circumference of the penis before you begin pumping air. If you perform all these steps, you can avoid injury.

To create a vacuum, it is recommended to do various movements oscillatory. After this, the application of a special valve, it is necessary to lose excess water. Often, the pump is necessary to press 6 to 8 times, for all the unnecessary liquid has gone out.

As will only exit the water, the man can rest for five minutes. If it appears the sensation that the pressure has decreased, the void is a need to be pumped up to a certain level.

You can increase the member from the pomp, taking advantage of an effective exercise plan.

The first week of the session is held once a day for 10 minutes, the second 15 minutes, the third two times a day for 10 minutes, the fourth is 15 minutes, two times a day, the fifth of 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bedtime.

Consequences of misuse

The massage vacuum in the apparatus often leads to injuries of the tissues with the evil of his execution. Here are the main problems faced by men:

  1. The stagnation of the lymph in the extreme zone of the meat. Around the head is way tumidum ring. If this discomfort occurs in the proper use of the devices, it is necessary at some point, you stop exercises.
  2. The swelling. This occurs when the flow of the lymph fluid of very low pressure, or in places of discharge.
  3. In case of misuse is resulting in the deterioration of erection.
  4. The darkening of the tissues. The skin may be darker due to the huge load of work.
  5. The hemorrhage. The problem appears due to the large gap, the effect can be irreversible.
  6. The formation of blood clots. It is a rare phenomenon, but serious. The massage must be stopped.
water pump with nozzles

Take care of your device

For vacuum pump for the penis, it maintained its state of work long time, should follow the advice.

Before using the device, it is necessary to wash lightly with a solution of warm soapy. All the components are processed antibacterial tool. After the application, water pump is new lava the solution and blotted dry.

For the hydration is not possible to buy fat-containing petroleum jelly in any form. Also forbidden is the use of cream or vegetable oils.


The duration of the exposure to vacuum is defined by the result of the stretching of the cells. When used properly, the device obtains the pulse, the influence that with the increase of negative consequences for the pressure. When a person does not feel pain.

The greater number of vacuum should not cause pain, and an action must not exceed 18 seconds. The maximum time of procedure in a day is 45 minutes.

The vacuum penis enlarger it is strictly forbidden to employ persons with disease:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the skin disease of the foreskin;
  • urethritis;
  • the violation of work of the kidneys and the liver;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • the tendency to the formation of blood clots.

To prevent that the pump brought benefits, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.