The nozzle member to increase the

Nozzles for penis enlargement is an artificial device in the form of a sexual organ of the man. The men, who almost always have complex their size of the penis, the treatment of the visit to specialty shops, shops erotic products. Thanks to the size of the tip, the sexual life of men is far more positive towards the woman can be felt, a member of the circle and experience the violent orgasms, the duration of the sexual act will increase by several times.

The types and application of nozzles

the increase of member of the

There are many types of nozzles, which mainly focus on the length and thickness. In addition, the nozzles to enlarge the penis have different forms, colors, to get the curves and spines, the vibrations, give a special sensitivity of the genitals of both partners, as well as the type of materials of which they are made. For the sexual diversity of the love life of the couple can acquire a set of penis enlargement, that you embellish your intimate area.

Nozzle for penis enlargement are very easy to use – it gets before intercourse, the erect member. For the reliability of the mounting is installed the ring, sometimes they get in the game. Accessory with enough advance notice, wash in hot water with the use of detergents or special means of silicone and latex. It allows you to put different fat and cream, the use of condoms.

The pros and cons

If a man suffers a small diameter or short the penis, will help you greatly different types of nozzles, which are rid of this problem. Easy-to-use, allow you to achieve incredible sensations in the sex, when the right way to deal how long they are stored, are available to every man, who did not have erectile dysfunction. The drawbacks are the high prices of the exclusive accessories with additional items for anal or other stimulation. Also nozzles for penis enlargement are only of a temporary nature and, therefore, limited to the natural man, have the dignity of the maximum sizes to the links casual.

The stretchers to enlarge the penis

Most men are ashamed of their penis sizes, which affects your state of stress. One of the effective methods to achieve sought after results in the sexual one is an extender. Extender special penis enlargement device, by which the man can achieve improvements in the intimate life. Continuous use of a term of six months, the device is able to increase the penis of 3-4 cm of length, as well as add tangible dimensions in diameter. Popularity has a vacuum extender that can be used by men of different ages, without feeling any discomfort when worn. The principle of operation of this device is based on through a member for the account of a vacuum. In addition, special studies of medical sexologists have revealed that the use of vacuum extenders is for the helper method when the impotence and the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

The use of an extender and its effect

With the extender it produces the fixation of the dignity of man in stretched-out position duration of not less than 6 hours per day, with rest breaks every half-hour 20-30 minutes. When this spongy structure of the penis, regularly, having absorbed by the blood, are adapted to that kind of shear stresses by traction, which in the future will lead to an increase of penis without shrinking of the changes. The stretchers are classified mainly in a loop, a waist belt and universal. Each man chooses self apparatus to increase it individually, according to your desire. Fixation of the expander is performed the man with his hands, without the help of other people in the household. For a start, they should be put in the "quiet" member lower plastic of the platform, after which the screwed rods of metal (rebar) in accordance with the length of the erect of the authority. Silicone harness odevaetsya foam in the nozzle, are curved ring and is inserted into the plastic top of the platform (in some species there is a clamping ring), that after putting on the extender. Of the fastener on the end of a mechanism should not influence the head of the penis too tight, as this would complicate even more the flow of blood. After the member is placed on an extender to increase, at a leisurely pace you can wear loose clothing and not worry about what he was going to the eyes of others.

How to choose the accessories

The men who were trying to increase their sexual organ, is often mistaken in the choice, and you have wasted a lot of time. However, after having experimented on himself a variety of nozzles and accessories to the enlargement of the penis, their sexual life improved a lot. Despite the great range of products, each one of them requires a careful study of the instructions for use, and if you had any serious illnesses related to the internal organs of the groin, a mandatory consultation with a doctor.

It is useful to remember that the nozzles only increases the effect in time, continuous use of impossible. The pleasure during the use of nozzles mainly receives the woman, the man only praised for its size and activity. When the weak erection and may spoil the process, therefore, before applying the nozzle itself, must correct the situation of impotence. A penis extender is more essential. The intensive use of the appliance ensures the fulfilment of desires – sexual organ is really able to increase in size. In the period of wearing the extender you can move freely in the street, spend time in the work. You must remove the device before intercourse and before using the toilet, the rest of the time that does not cause discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, men can realize dreams, to enhance their dignity and see the opportunities in the intimate sphere.

The operation of placement of penile prosthesis

Penile prosthesis is a surgical intervention. Currently, the majority of men suffers from impotence. Many of them help the known methods of treatment, in particular, physiotherapy, consultation of the psychiatrist, various pharmacological means, for example, the viagra. But there are times when this treatment doesn't work, come surgeons.

penis enlargement methods

The doctors, along with engineers have developed an effective way, that allows you to get rid of this problem, as impotence, is the placement of the penile prosthesis. The first hard disk of the prosthesis, it is not very easy to use because penis the whole time he was in a state of erection. Later could take advantage of to improve this design. The current soft prosthesis are provided to the management and are very different from his hard-boiled predecessors.

The prosthesis, consisting of two cylinders, an implant in the cavernous body. Then lead him to the action through the pump, which is hidden in the scrotum. After the surgical intervention requires abstinence in the period of 2 months.

Currently, the medicine can help essentially all patients, including those who have a desperate pathology, such as fibrosis. After the operation of prosthesis loss of the ability to come back again. Along with this, the man acquires is not limited sexy potential, as the prosthesis gives the possibility of performing multiple sexual relationships of any duration.

Penile prosthesis is considered to be the most effective option the treatment of erection disorders of type organic.

Restore the sexual function is possible in over 95% of patients.

For that the operation was a success, you must correctly identify the indications for placement of the prosthesis. This provides a positive result of the operation. It is important not to forget that the implantation of the prosthesis is the last stage of the treatment. If evil to determine the indications, the result of the operation may be failing, and the implementation of another alternative method of treatment is not possible.

Types of prostheses for a member

The modern versions of the prostheses have a high degree of reliability. The most simple are the the prosthesis. Are less easy to use. Its design consists of pairs of elastic silicone rods that is given to a member of the toughness required. These implants do not have the inhabitants of flexible prosthesis, which are different from plastic surgery of memory and of variable hardness. The member is always in a state of tension, mimicking an erection. This fact makes it difficult to both social and sexual adjustment of men, creating the premises for the formation of complications. However, the prostheses of this type has a great advantage — a small price. Today, these prostheses in medicine is practically not used.

The next type of prosthesis — plastic. He has two units of cylinder and has a plastic memory. This allows the man himself to give the penis to the desired position. A member acquires the maximum natural appearance and retains its function. The memory of this type of prosthesis is obtained by means of a metal rod installed in the center of the prosthesis.

Inflatable prosthesis. This guy has discontinuous stiffness and is today regarded as the most perfect. The variable hardness provides today the resumption of the sexual function, when this sexual organ has a good aesthetic appearance after the operation. Another advantage of inflatable prosthesis is a small risk of pressure ulcers, as the pressure on the tissue lack. Of all the prosthesis inflatable preference, as a general rule, give ternary models.

The indications for placement of a prosthesis

There is a list of readings, of the that a doctor prescribes to the patient the implantation of the prosthesis in the penis. These indications are: erectile dysfunction, hypoplasia of the penis, the ineffectiveness of vacuum of the tool or the inadmissibility of a possible therapy. The implantation of the prosthesis, is assigned the patients to the endocrine impotence (diabetes mellitus), and after a failed attempt of / previous to surgical intervention, after the operations in the prostate, the rectum or the bladder. Penile prosthesis is prescribed to men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. This type of disease is considered to be atypical, therefore, the diagnosis by itself cannot be the basis for the operation of installation of the prosthesis to the patient.

Is the surgery of the penile prosthesis in patients with this disease only in cases in which mental disorders can not be corrected with the help of multiple courses of such species classic treatment, such as psychotherapy, the consumption of special medications, the use of vacuum instrument special injection vasoactive funds.

Prior to the conclusion of the operation

>The one thing more terrifying than the complication in the result of the surgery on the penis is an infection. By the fact that in the body of a man is implanted alien species object of the operation must be carried out in conditions of absolute sterility. This applies especially to patients suffering from diabetes, as they are prone to infections because the normal people. For them, before the preparation is very important.

Before the operation the patient should control the level of sugar in the blood. Also excluded are any of the symptoms of the infections. It is necessary to cure before the surgery. All patients undergoing treatment bacterial drugs. Before starting the operation it is recommended to use an antiseptic soap during washing of the penis and scrotum every day before the operation.

The operation of placement of the prosthesis assumes the short period of stay in the hospital, to eliminate the risk of contracting the infection. At the end of the operation the patient wakes up with the urinary catheter, which is removed immediately after the man is able to get up and move. The dressing and bandage are applied during the entire stay in the hospital. Along with this, it is recommended to use ice packs over 4 days after the surgery.

After the operation

the operation of increase of a member of the

After placement of penile prosthesis in the patient has to wait a little swelling and bruising in the area of the penis and scrotum. The doctor prescribes the patient a seven-day course of reception of antibiotics and analgesic medications. After the operation is prohibited the sexual life in the period of 2 months. This is done so that the tissue recovered. A week later, the patient ought to come to the clinic so that the doctor has checked the condition of the seals. To reduce swelling, usually after surgery are covers the underwear.

As a general rule, prosthesis goes well, the man begins a new stage in the intimate life. The degree of satisfaction of penile prosthesis in the outcome of the surgery prosthesis member is about 95%. This surgery, the procedure is very simple. But despite this, the patients must keep in mind that the surgeon's experience and the selection of hospitals varies a lot, since these parameters play a fundamental role. Sterility in the operating, the presence in the operation of the necessary things, facilities and equipment, the high qualification of your doctor and the team of surgeons factors, in order to avoid any type of complications, that are not excluded during the operation. These factors influence directly on the outcome and the quality of performed surgery.