As to increase the thickness of the member – methods of influence on the diameter of the penis

Sensitive men relate to everything in terms of your penis and the question about the size of the dignity of man, for many of the representatives of the stronger sex is especially serious. The discontent of the dimensions of a member often becomes the cause of depression, decreased self-esteem and the appearance of the erectile dysfunction caused by psychological problems. There are a lot of techniques, able to come to the aid of men and increase the thickness of the penis.

When it is necessary to think about the size of the

as to enlarge the member

More often that the problem exists, but the problem is psychosocial. The failure in love the field force to concentrate on his own member, as the culprit of all evils, and as unconsciously, the man begins to feel the diameter and length of the penis does not comply with the standard.

According to statistics, the average diameter of the penis in an excited state is 4-8 cm, and a length of 12 to 16 cm And only the penis in a state of "alert" of less than 8 cm are considered to require correction.

The causes of the formation of micro-penis can be factors such as:

  • the narrowing of the foreskin (paraphimosis, phimosis);
  • the injury of the groin and sex of the authority;
  • pathology of the endocrine system;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • congenital anomalies;
  • the curvature of the penis.

As enlarge the penis at home

In the home that can increase the girth of the penis safely and quietly without resorting to surgery. The options in which come near to men, have quite acceptable size of its dignity of man, but consider the possibility that there is no limit to perfection.


Extender, as promised by the manufacturers, help you without pain to increase the length and diameter of the penis, correcting the curve and keep the result. This device is not as popular as the water pump, but already acquires your fans, thanks to its efficiency.

The use of an extender does not cause problems:

  • relaxed penis set in the adaptation;
  • using the built-in mechanism to pull the cock;
  • have a body couple of hours in that state. During this time, it stimulates formation of new cells and, in consequence, the dimensions of the member change;
  • approximately once every 7 days to increase the degree of stretch of the penis.

The first changes can be observed already in two weeks, but to repeat the procedure of not less than 4 weeks.

Exercise and massage

A simple and effective method with a total absence of negative impact on the body. Before performing the exercises should be performed in the simple preparation. Heating the tissue of a member, taking a hot bath and bring the penis to a light excitation state, using a soft cloth sponge. Apply on the sexual organ of the fat and can proceed to a set of exercises:

  • doing stroking motion, gradually bring the member to the maximum erection;
  • to embrace the basis of a member with one hand. The second place in the head, and a soft sip of her about a minute;
  • pull the crown until the pain. After 30 seconds, the pressure end, and after 10 seconds, again repeating;
  • embrace the penis at the base and compress to 10 seconds before the sensation of pain. You throw it from side to side and by moving the palm of the hand up and down. Repeat 10 to 12 times;
  • finishing of the structure, easy stroking.

Repeat the lesson every day. This method will help you to lengthen the member, but the diameter will also expand a little.

A combination of exercises and massages that are performed daily, leading to expansion of the cavernous bodies of the authority and at the time of the excitation, when a member becomes saturated with blood, their volume increases.

The massage is performed on movements, the repetition of the action of the men of masturbation, but reinforcing the pressure in the direction of the head, as if the drawing of a member.

Vacuum of the water pump


The change of the pressure in the tissue of a member to apply this instrument, as the vacuum of the water pump. It is used an accessory in these cases:

  • the violation of the power;
  • the fenmenos stuck in the pelvis and sexual of the authority;
  • the discontent of the sensations during the sexual contact.

The member is inserted within the casing, and injected vacuum. As a result of the low-pressure pump, improves the blood supply to the authority, which causes the expansion of the corpora cavernosa and thickening of the penis. A clear effect of short-term, but regular use of the device allows to achieve contaminant results and to increase the sexual feeling.

Radical forms of

The radical of the methods refers to a surgical intervention. And even if the operation allows to make the sexual organ of 2 to 4 cm thick, of choosing this method is necessary in exceptional cases. The indications for treatment a surgeon can take:

  • the changes of age;
  • the injury
  • congenital anomalies;
  • the syndrome of micro-penis.

The surgical way to change the size of the penis there are and cons:

  • a lot of preparation to surgery, with the collection of evidence;
  • a long period of rehabilitation.
  • the complex technique of the celebration of the correction;
  • the greater likelihood of postoperative complications.

The Technique Of "Pen"

The technique of "Pen" is considered one of the more difficult to meet in the middle of all of the operations in the penis. It consists in the implantation of cartilage tissue between the tissues of the penis. As a result of the manipulation is performed by a thickening and lengthening of the member without the formation of scars, and if it is favourable to the result of the shape and the volume is maintained until the end of life.

But this method is the plastics from a member of a high risk of development of complications:

  • the rejection of the implantable devices of the plots;
  • the formation of the scar;
  • loss of sensitivity of the authority;
  • a bad treatment of the tissues;
  • the development of inflammatory processes;
  • the violation of the power
  • the development of the gangrene.

In addition, the rehabilitation period can last for about a year and during this time can manifest itself the pain and discomfort.


The method consists in extracting of fat cells in the patient and in the migration of their under the skin of the penis. The advantage undoubtedly of method is to minimize the risk of rejection and at the same time the possibility of getting rid of excess fat in the problem areas.

The aspiration and the migration of fat cells occurs through the injection, so that the scars and scars after the surgery, do not. As a result of the process of diameter of a member can increase up to 15 mm, and the aesthetic appearance of brighten.

Introduction of ball

A large part of the popularity of the way to make a member of thickness with hypoallergenic balls, which is implanted under the skin of the penis. The result of a procedure carried out under local anesthesia, can increase the amount of members in several places. And although the aesthetic is quite doubtful, but the possibility of intensifying the sensations in the partner during the sexual act will increase significantly.

You must take into account that after the implementation of the bulbs for a long time of intercourse can injured the tissues of the penis, so that will have to be limited to only some of the recommended poses.

The transplantation of muscle tissue

Method is a bit similar to lipofilling and it consists in the increase of volume of the member, at the expense of the tissues of the patient. Only in this case, the fat is not used, and the fragments of muscle tissue, derived from the area of the armpits or of soft of the abdominal muscles. The muscle fibers are wound around the penis in cavernous body, which allows to increase the thickness of the member in three see

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 3 hours.

Unlike lipofilling the result is maintained until the end of life, but there are this method has some drawbacks:

  • the long preparation of the operation;
  • impressive scar in the place of the extraction of the muscle tissue, which is less than that of only six months;
  • long period of recovery, which takes about 9 months;
  • the price is high. The operation of the penalty within 2300-4200 of the. say

The installation of the prosthesis

the operation of increase of a member of the

The most radical is the method used in the case of a combination of the small size of the penis with a special dysfunction. The installation of the prosthesis of the complex surgery, founded on a special installation of the prosthesis member under the skin of the penis.

The external appearance of a body after recovery does not tell of the present, but and the recovery period will be long, yes, and the price is fairly representative. The prosthesis has to prepare for 50 to 200 dollars, in addition to that the operation will cost at least 3000 - 3500 thousands of dollars.

A method that you prefer each one decides for himself, depending on the complexity of the situation and of the financial capacity, but keep in mind that any impact on the sexual organ can lead to unpleasant manifestations:

  • the appearance of bruises, dark spots on the skin and rashes on the skin of a member;
  • the feeling of pain of different intensity;
  • the bleeding of the authority;
  • the appearance of cracks and dryness of the skin;
  • problems with the erection.

Therefore, before you decide to change the size of the penis, there are which to measure the need for such manipulation, all the possible risks and the degree of the expected result.