How to increase the girth of the penis

The man, who is not satisfied with their sex lives, often seeks to change the size of the penis. Some want to increase the girth of the penis. The thickness of the helps to receive brighter of the sensations during intercourse. In addition, the length and the volume of a member give the man confidence in their forces and the ability to get the satisfaction of sexual intimacy.

the increase of member of the

The doctors say that with regular classes, and special exercises you can achieve a positive result in the change of the size of dignity. Adjusting the diameter of the member is possible, by an increase of the circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvis. In the case of the normalization of blood flow to the internal organs receive adequate nutrition and oxygen, begin to function normally. The tissue cells actively divide and give rise to an increase of member size.

Change the configuration of the penis, and without radical measures, for example, doing massage in the period of one month. In the case of the massage action to make the couple, the probability of success is reduced to the maximum. Different member of special sensitivity, therefore, the movement should be light and soft. If the man puts in doubt whether you can do massage, you should leave this in the hands of professionals.

For the realization of the procedure is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. When taking the root of the penis, then carefully and slowly bring a hand up to the head of the penis. During the manipulation, the man should try to stretch the fabric members as possible.
  2. With the index finger and the thumb should move from the penis by the base to the tip and a bit of stretch of the fabric. These actions will lead to a thickening of the penis, which is the goal of the celebration of the manipulation.
  3. Once the member will be firmer, you should stretch to one side, then return to the starting position, leave on for 10 seconds and repeat.

So as not to damage the soft tissues of the member, the massage must be done with care, and when told of the discomfort and pain you should discontinue the procedure. Even with a slight discomfort should consult a doctor, who will determine the cause of the appearance of the pain and replace it massage another procedure.

To enlarge the penis and increase erection, it is necessary to normalize the hormonal status. The man must make sure that the level of testosterone in the blood was normal. Plays an important role in the sexual life. By reducing the level of sex hormone, none of the techniques is not able to give a positive result.

In addition, you must take care of the power supply — remove the fat and harmful food, do exercise and include in your diet foods rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Fatty foods leads to the appearance of the cholesterol of the platelets in the vessels, impeding the normal circulation of the blood. It is necessary to know what foods help to remove the bad cholesterol, to be included in the diet. The complete removal of the fatty foods, can also have negative consequences, so it is best to consult a specialist, which will choose the better option of feeding in function of the characteristics of the organism. The consumption of healthy products improves the function of protection of the body and the ability to fight internal and external irritants, which have a negative impact on sexual potency. In the male sex, the power of the influence and bad habits of tobacco and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol reduces the immune system of the person and, in consequence, viruses and pathogenic microbes, they become the cause of the appearance of problems in the functioning of the sexual organs. Also alcohol affects the liver, in the body form the toxins and waste products that do not go away, and you become the main factor of violation of work of the internal organs. The regular use of effective methods of combating the erectile dysfunction and the fulfillment of a healthy life style can lead to a positive result.

Ways of thickening of the penis

Today there are many ways of thickening of the penis. To get the desired result, it is necessary to follow the course and the recommendations of your doctor. The effect is visible in the case of performing the procedure regularly under the supervision of a doctor.

Common procedures are:

  • manual of methodology;
  • the surgery;
  • vacuum of the water pump;
  • extender.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. What procedure you select will tell the doctor after a study of a patient. If the man wants to enhance the sexual organ, must undergo the analysis needed, consult your doctor and consult the contraindications. The procedure is selected on the basis of the individual characteristics of the body. For example, a patient may approach a methodology, to another to cause harm. Therefore, before starting, the doctor will perform an assessment of the potential risks and only after that starts the procedure.

Methodology Manual of the

proper nutrition

This method is very popular among men due to the absence of risk of occurrence of complications. In addition, the procedure is easy to perform at home, if you know the technique of execution. Manual methodology involves the execution of different exercises. This method will give you a good result, if the exercises are performed in the state of erection. For the start of the load in the penis should be minimal, but after some time, you can increase the intensity and complexity of exercises.

For the increase of the head of the penis, you must heat the tissue and only after that, start to exercise. For a quick warm-up take a sponge, previously soaked in hot water and begins to massage the member. After that the penis will be heated, must be coated with lubricant to reduce the risk of damage to the skin of the land cover. The chiropractic methodology, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Sexual organ begin to caress gently.
  2. After you do this, you must press the member until the erection.
  3. Hand to embrace the base of the penis, then pull gently pull out the crown of the penis. Remain in this position for about a minute, then released.
  4. Crown slowly pull out, do to not feel weak, the pain, to keep in that state of half a minute, then return to the initial position and after 10 seconds, and repeat.

After handling you can do a light massage of the penis, this will help to normalize the circulation of the blood.

Vacuum of the water pump

To increase the thickness of the member used the vacuum pump, which can be purchased in a store specializing in sex-shop. The mechanism of action of this device is that the penis fills with blood and increases in length. This method, despite the ease, it is not frequent. This is because the vacuum of the water pump gives you a temporary results. However, if it is applied to the device for a long period of time, you can make a profit android sexual force, as well as increase the size of the penis.

To use this device, it is not necessary to have certain knowledge, as well as the vacuum of the water pump is easy to use. When the man observed the deterioration of the sexual life, you can purchase this device. If the function is not related to problems of the pelvic organs, a positive result can be seen beyond a short period of time. Therefore, when you detect early symptoms of deterioration of work of the prostate, it is necessary to consult a urologist, who will appoint a proper treatment.


Currently, there are devices that help to increase the cock in the whole. As they point out the manufacturers, that do not cause damage to the sex organ and have a positive impact on the penis, and when used correctly. One of these instruments is called extender. To get results, it is necessary to follow the manual of use:

  1. To fix the penis in the apparatus.
  2. Through a mechanism of pulling your penis.
  3. Leave the cock in that position for a time to stretch the tissues. This will allow you to make the male member is the longest and largest.
  4. Repeat the procedure, preferably several times a week and over time increase the work load.

Carry out the stretch in the period of a month, however, the effect will be visible after 2 weeks. Despite the fact that this method is not very popular, it has the advantage over other ways to raise the sexual organ of the man. The dignity of the method lies in the fact that the result is maintained throughout the life. The penis varies in length and circumference, which is very important to improve the sex life. If we adhere to the recommendations and use the device correctly, you can get a remarkable result. Sold extender in the specialty shops, also you can buy it on the official sites. The price of this device is, on average, of $ 50, and on the sites of price may be much lower. It's not worth worrying about the safety of the application of this instrument, as well as extender endorsed by urologists.

The surgery

The surgical intervention aimed at the variation of the width and the length of the penis, is a type of the operation. This method not all are ready to resort, because there is the risk of complications. The doctor during the operation to take fat from the abdomen and transplatinum in the penis. In the course of the operation, the penis becomes longer in a couple of inches. The success of the intervention depends on the organism of man, sometimes they appear and the negative effects are:

as to enlarge the member
  • the deformation of a member of the men;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • the man may not feel pain during the erection, which will lead to the loss of power;
  • assumed by the mortification of transplanted tissues.

The consequences of the operation can be difficult, therefore, before deciding to undertake such a procedure, you must undergo a full examination and give the analysis. The doctor will evaluate the possible risks and if they are high, your doctor will replace a surgical intervention in the other method.