Home remedies for penis enlargement

Many men know that to increase their dignity not only the surgical technique, but exactly how to do it, they do not realize. In our article we will talk about popular products for penis enlargement and power that will help you to achieve the required result. Some of them are quite exotic, for the other materials can be found in any house. There are also recommendations in respect of which will speed up the process, such as the release of bad habits and a correct diet.

home remedies to make penis grow

The sizes of penis in man depends on many factors: nationality, age, the speed of the processes of change. Affect some of them can not, but there are those that are exposed, such as the levels of testosterone or lifestyle. They influence significantly on the quality of intimate relationships and power, therefore, at the same time, with a greater penis you have every chance to notice urinary of the disease and strengthen the erection. Most of the methods are not recognized by the medicine, therefore, there is no accurate data about their work. We will show those that are most frequently used and have positive feedback.

The variety of techniques

You can't say with certainty, that a particular technique can increase the dignity of the stronger sex. For each body of one or the other method is going to work in a different way, why, you may have to try several forms. Popular penis enlargement methods are used in the home, in their majority, are safe and have no contraindications. Naturally, without the use of a surgical intervention, you can increase its size by:

  • Of herbs and plants, of which the preparation of creams or broths
  • Simple exercises and massage
  • The means at its disposal (caustic soda, with an asterisk, etc)

How to start depends only of you, think about what you are willing to make the move first. There are even psychological of a method based on the idea that positive thinking helps the production of hormones, which little by little increase the sexual organs. If resources allow, you can purchase special devices, able to increase the member, however, its use may be dangerous.

If you decide the extension of your penis, be prepared for a long and tedious procedures. However, the result of the work will be the increase of self-confidence, the absence of discomfort in communicating with the opposite sex or to stay in the whole of the shower, the steam bath.

With the increase in the size of the penis, you may not notice that they were starting to behave more safe, more easy to deal with the facts, since in place of a depressive state is in a good mood. In order not to reduce their efforts to zero, you must stop smoking and consuming alcohol, lead an active lifestyle, take fewer medicines stimulating potency, not to use the Badi, which promise a fast growth of the penis. The last in the best of cases, will not bring any result, and in the worst cases, they can significantly impair the health.

Medicinal plants

Practically no grass is not able to enlarge the penis in a prolonged period of time, that is to say, will not give permanent results. However positive parts in the use of medicinal plants is that the increase in a member of this popular method is able to improve the circulation of blood in the pelvis, increase the production of sex hormones, impact positively on the sexual potency. The use of herbal medicine has been shown once, therefore, to doubt it is not worth. In addition, the ingredients to the tools you can find at any pharmacy and its price will surprise you.

Among the disadvantages of the use of herbs can be called the long wait of the results, up to several months. Even the use of them in order to increase the output power requires less time. It also works better herbal remedies for those who engage in physical activities, eat in a balanced way. In the contrary case, only will be solve available in the body of the problem: to liquefy thickens the blood, giving the national authorities, the nutrients for a better job, etc, For the growth of their dignity deposit the soil you can use:

  1. Thyme
  2. The garlic
  3. Ginseng
  4. Ginkgo biloba
  5. Peruvian maku
  6. Hawthorn
  7. The wormwood

Consider these plants close. Thyme (or thyme) from ancient times are used for the treatment of colds, digestive disorders, disorders of the skin pathologies. It has a large chemical composition, of which we are important amino acids, vitamins and minerals and vitamins. Thanks to them, the thyme has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anthelmintic, tonic properties. In terms of the health of the men, is capable of:

  • Combat stress (often becomes the cause of impotence)
  • Normalize the blood pressure is too high, does not give a member of the "condition", and is too low resulting in weakness and reduced sexual desire)
  • Increases the synthesis of testosterone (which is responsible for the erection, the penis growth, increasing the resistance in the bed)
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Influence favorably on the reproductive system

Thyme prepare the cooking, which must be taken within a period of 4 months. To do this, prepare 100 g of a dry grass, fill the cup of boiling water and let stand for an hour. After this, strain and drink 2 times in the morning and at night. If you lost any type of reception, you will have to start the treatment again.

as to enlarge the member

The garlic is considered a natural aphrodisiac, increases libido and sexual potency. It significantly increases the circulation of blood, thanks to a member of increase in size. It is usually prepared the tincture, which must be taken is 3 months. Take 1 kg of purified raw materials, fill them can of three liters jar and pour the boiling water up to the top. During the month of keep in a dark place, sometimes shaking. Or drink 25 drops just as well, or diluted in a glass of milk.

Ginseng and, specifically, of its root, it is famous for its properties to calm and expand the blood vessels, which helps to the full realization of the sexual relationship. Into account the increase of member you can't speak with precision, but the erectile function, exactly increases. To prepare the tincture of ginseng, do the following:

  1. Mix 20 g of root crushed and 200 ml of vodka
  2. Let stand for 2 weeks, closing tightly
  3. Take 20 drops two times a day, half an hour before eating

Ginkgo biloba improves the state of the vascular wall, prevent thrombosis, relieve fatigue, increases the sensitivity of the penis. But its main advantage is the fact that the plant contributes to the distension of the tissues so that the penis can increase. Of plants not normally served in broths or infusions, and buy in the form of tea or capsules at the pharmacy.

Useful tools

Penis enlargement remedies involves the use of medicinal herbs. Of the house, you can find several articles that can also be used for size increase of the dignity. One of the most popular are considered to be caustic soda and petroleum jelly.

Bicarbonate of sodium. This white powder has found application in the kitchen and in cleaning, and in cleaning. The increase of the penis with the help of soda is also a reality that does not harm health and do not have a high cost. Their uses are several. For example, a man can perform the following actions:

  • Wash carefully and steam your body in the hot water
  • Clean a towel for the genital mutilation it is not moisture
  • Apply on the member first the oil and then sprinkle with baking soda
  • After a couple of minutes, carefully remove the dough sponge

If this procedure causes any discomfort, after it, you can lubricate the penis as a mitigating factor to the cream. And that in consequence you can not just leave the soda on the surface of the skin, but tasty, massage movements rub the hands or with a sponge. There is another method: in a glass of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of the raw materials, after which the output in the tank in which you can place sexual organ. Keep in a dish for about 15 minutes, after which you can begin to intimate contact. Even if dignity is not especially increase in size, many men observed to increase the elasticity of the authority.

Similar effect has a "Star", however, for many it may be too powerful and burn the mucous membranes. If you do not want to risk your safety, you can dilute the soda in the water, put on the dick and waiting until the mortar is dry. After this, you can proceed to the application of balm.

Another option of use of the soda – mix with the honey. The end result is a homemade scrub, which are evenly distributed across the surface of the skin and the movements of the tacos. Setting the effect you can eat inside of the milk with the baking soda.

Vaseline. With the help of this substance you are doing the injections under the skin, is distributed in the limited space and the member accepts more presentable appearance. To perform the procedure you must hold the authority in the base, to absorb in the syringe, petroleum jelly, taking care to insert under the skin and extend there in their entire length. The method requires a lot of care and is best carried out by the person to the health care and education.

If the mass of the distributed incorrectly, you can cause serious injury. The physicians do not approve a similar increase in the penis due to:

  1. The risk of falling under the skin of foreign bodies, which can cause the formation of tumors
  2. Without the proper level of disinfection in the blood can enter a virus or an infection
  3. The petroleum jelly can cause an allergy if used in too large amounts

Use the data in a way not too often, because sooner or later he was going to inflammatory processes, which will require resort to expensive treatments.

The special massage

The increase of the penis popular methods are expected such as self-massage. With the correct operation, you have the opportunity to see the growth of several centimeters. The procedure itself is divided into 2 parts: the preparation and service of massages. During the first part it is necessary to heat the tissues to enhance blood flow. To do this, the penis covering from natural materials, soaked in warm water for a few minutes.

The second part includes several exercises. In front of them, for your convenience, the member applies a few drops of oil (olive, almond, rosemary extract). The technical realization is similar to masturbation. You need to take hold of an organ in the ring of thumb and index finger, and within three minutes of doing the "milking" - massage from top to bottom.

exercises for penis enlargement

The next task – to try to gently stretch the member ahead, but at this moment he should not be in a state of strong erection. To increase the thickness take the authority in the ring fingers of both hands and start to make another circular motion. The hand runs from the base, after each putting in a couple of turns movement 2 At the end of the massage, rinse with oil, and place free of underwear, in the period of one hour, try not to go out in the cold. The procedure may take 5 to 7 minutes every day.

May be useful exercises for pubic-coccygeal muscles. She is responsible for the persistent erection, and how much time the man can bear. To train, you can at any time convenient for you, even sitting in the work to stretch the muscle, reducing in a few seconds and then relax. It is necessary to do 8 sets, and then a little rest and repeat 3 times. First, it will be sufficient to raise the ents of the pelvis during 2 or 3 seconds, with the time, it is necessary to go to 10.

Other methods to increase the

Among the methods of enlargement of the member by the recommendations and there are a variety of other, not previously specified. For example, there is a type of impact – acupuncture. You want to find in the body of biologically active points, which are responsible for sexual activity and the system and, with care, to influence them. However, safe, it is not known exactly if it works this technique.

In contrast baths improve the circulation of blood and also make a member more, though briefly. For them it is necessary the time to soak in the hot water and then cold, doing that at least 5 of navigation. In a similar way that work compresses. In gauze, folded several layers, put the ice and approach the base of the skull, in the region of the heart and around the scrotum. In each area is maintained not more than 2 minutes, the whole procedure is follow along 15.

Increase the size of the dignity she can eat a watermelon. Contain the amino acid, decomposition in the body, it is converted into arginine, a substance that expands the blood vessels and gives the penis a few millimeters in length.

Help to solve the problem of the little dignity you can gymnastics respiratory. The man is required to do 50 deep breaths with your belly, after taking the cock in the right hand and 81, instead of making circular movements in the pubis, in the sense of the needles of the clock. After that, the penis massages the entire surface, but does not conform to the erection. The breathing during all this time, even more profound.