As to enlarge the male penis

Many people believe that the huge male superiority – the key to achieving success in the sexual sphere, that is the guarantor of the pleasure of the partner. They are convinced that the glans is the key of the furore among the women, who, in the past a mate is chosen for his size. And forget that it is much better for the weaker sex, is the conviction of the men themselves, their strength and tenderness to the chosen one. If the value of the penis affects self-esteem, it is permissible to rectify this.

The statement

the increase of member of the

To lengthen and increase the volume of the penis, use the extender. There is much in the current time, but the thesis of the work that has one. All extenders to give long-term total, and even help to align the penis. Use an extender 2-3 hours a day for several months. He is pulling action on the cells in the penis. In the result of the influence of long-term from the outside the body creates new cells at the point of application of the extender. What cell has a design, the growth of their march, and in length and in width. To regulate the use and perseverance of the owner of an extender for the penis to increase the penis size of a few centimeters. And achieved positive result when the application runs forever.

Remember that the pharmaceutical industry in the current time, produces all kinds of pills, biologically energetic supplements (BAD), the use of which can achieve the purpose, without having to resort to a physical job in the penis. The effect of all these substances leads to an increase in the blood of the cavernous bodies of the penis, as a consequence, stimulates growth, increases the duration of the erection, this provides a better control over ejaculation. Especially available bioaadidura mainly contain vitamins E and B3, hawthorn, ginseng root extract, dodder seeds, grass gorjanki, the extract and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, the fruit of the cayenne pepper and other stimulants. Recommended period for consumption of BAD 4 months and more. Side effects due only to personal intolerance to the drug. As same the results of the owners and different creams and gels for penis enlargement.

The ineffectiveness of the above-mentioned funds, if you want to get the maximum result in the respect to the short period of time resort to surgical of the decision of the hiccups. The operation of increase of sexual organ of the man is carried out in the hospital, commonly under the length of the city from the anesthesia. The use of implants is not necessary. And the post-operative scar is not more than 3 cm

However, the intervention is not affected to significant organs, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. At the end of the permissible operation to increase the length of the penis up to 4 inches. The thickening of the penis through surgery is achieved by the transplantation of adipose tissue of the patient beneath the skin of the penis. If this is ordinary, is introduced 200 ml of adipose tissue. Finally is achieved by uniform thickening of the penis.

How to increase masculine strength

In the life of all men may be periods of collapse, while in the work, nothing sticks, and in the case of the life, also. All tasks can be solved, and to regain male power is allowed in the shortest possible time. But one longs to start treatment after the visit to the doctor, the tea not invariably, the challenge lies in trivial things.

The statement

What is more important – to fight against the stress. Take sedatives, ideal common motherwort on drops or tablets, and also the valerian root. Restore the typical fully play its role of sleep no less than 7 hours a day. Once in a while, the power is reduced due to the powerful excess of work, that incorporates all the vital processes in the hibernate mode, as if fencing off another large loads.

Pay attention to your diet. Even with the support of the ordinary of the products allowed to twist the male power . Eat as allowed with frequency: pumpkin seeds, shrimp, fish, red caviar, meat, eggs, mashed pineapple, and dairy products. If you eat for a couple of hours before sex, 100 g of baked beans, the shrimp, the power will be strengthened and will not stimulate other media.

Take vitamins with a high content of zinc, which improves not only the strength of men , but universal, and the state of your body. It can be ok and all kinds of stimulating of the erection of the medication, but be careful, though, to give a desired, but that is also a bad influence in the work of the heart. Less is detrimental to the tincture of the antlers, the deer can be consumed in change, even if you don't have nothing disturbing about it is the of protract sexually energetic life.

Jealous lead regular sexual life. The regular sex in the body produces the hunger of male sex hormones which stimulate the erection. There will be more and prostate massage, one that is done through the anal opening.

If that does not help, please contact with the clinic. The reduction in power may indicate hormonal an error occurs. Later, delivery of a blood on hormones, will be assigned an appropriate treatment, often means contain testosterone. The effective treatment and positive results are strong quickly. Once in a while the decline of the masculine strength that appears in the middle of the prostatitis or adenoma, if you timely take care of your health, your sexual activity can save.

As enlarge the penis at home

as to enlarge the member

In intimate shops offers a large selection of different accessories and devices for penis enlargement. In order to eliminate the risk of improper use of the goods, in the game appears the statement. There are several ways to enlarge the penis at home.

1. Vacuum of the water pump is the standard method for increase, in which the member is placed in the cylinder, which should be connected to the pump. Formed vacuum causes the flow of blood to the male genitals. After this sexual organ attached with your motorcycle rings, in order to avoid the return of the outputs. It is not recommended the use of rings of more than 20 minutes, of which there is a great risk of becoming a necrosis of the tissues.

Without consulting with an expert is similar to the procedure for carrying out not worth, which has a number of different effects: lack of erection, the formation of vesicles and the bruises, the promotion of the rapes in the functionality of the blood vessels.

2. The exercise is particularly common is "jelcing". This procedure consists in the impulse of the head of the penis into the tranquility state. The duration of performance is from 40-60 minutes.

3. The use of weighting – a special device fixed on the basis of the sex of the authority and the carrying along of 6-8 hours.

4. The reception of the prepared medicated and the application of creams. On the basis of these funds, there is in each a lie herbal analogs of the "Viagra". A lot of people using this form, complain about the complete inaction of similar funds.

Most of the men consider that the size of your penis small, but each one is confused, what is the average size of the penis during arousal is considered to be 10-15 see without a doubt, there are individuals of the male sex, whose size is greater than 20 cm, but that doesn't mean that all the world should be the same. Is instruction there is in each one the desire to increase the penis many men absolutely indefensible.

How to increase penis size surgically

Unlike many of the ways to increase the size of the penis in the home of a surgical procedure refers to the most effective of the techniques. But when the operation is present, the risk of becoming impotence. There are two main methods of intervention:

1. Penis enlargement – the male member is attached to the body with the support of the ligaments. They are very interrelated with the sexual organ, at the time of the voltage of the part of the penis is hidden inside of the body. In the process of the surgery the ligament is cut, while the tension disappears, for that which is hidden part of a member is on the outside. That all tissues in the body are converging, in order to avoid the tension of the man prescribes the use of heavy accessories over a period of six months.

2. The thickening of a member of the forms of realization of similar actions was the transplant of fat from other parts of the human body. But, unfortunately, the result of such a procedure were negative. Transplanted from the fabric to accumulate in a single place and a covered member of the hill. In the current time when the performance of a surgical intervention, a man set out a transplant, which is made of the special fabric.

In some health facilities, in order that the cock is elasticated under the epidermis of the penis introduced a silicone gel. The gel has the quality to accumulate in one place (traditionally in the area of the head of the penis) and the sexual aspect of the authority is worse.

Before you decide to perform surgery to increase penis size, you should evaluate all the risks of the surgical intervention. That there is a huge risk of becoming side of the results, in the chapter that it is worth it, the impotence.

And once again I want to remind unfounded in the majority of cases, the dreams increase the size of the penis.

At what age do you stop your penis grow?

penis enlargement methods

On average, the growth of the penis lasts for approximately before reaching the age of seven years. Precisely, at the age of seventeen the penis grows until its magnitude, and the indicators of their length, and then with the time strong slowly and gradually diminish. To reach the age of eighteen years, the penis expands (i.e. its diameter increases), and the length is reduced approximately to the half of a centimeter.Other sources report that the growth of the penis ends at the end of pubertal period, that is to say, to twenty or twenty-two years.Prologue the stage of puberty of each person individually, someone starts before (approximately, from the age of nine), who later – fifteen years ago, the average starting sexual of become ranges between twelve and thirteen years of age. Dimensions of a member prior to the puberty change absolutely not much.At the onset of puberty occurring signs, such as growth of facial hair areas, in the groin area and armpits; as the time increases the size of the penis in all directions: both in length and in width; the flesh of his foreskin reaches his ideal of becoming; the skin of the penis and the scrotum becomes rough, yes, and the testicles also slowly properly, but increasingly in their sizes. With fourteen years in boys begin to form a male figure, this period ends only twenty-two years. To the sixteen years old boys begin to fidget nocturnal emission, that is to say night of the ejaculation. Sexual intercourse, the becoming is the period prior to the phase of the ability to replicate.

Can it affect the penis growth?

Sometimes the guys are not unhappy with the one that has obtained the reward of the nature. We are looking for different methods of penis enlargement. There are special extenders – so to speak from the bar, which hung in the pot and contribute to its enlargement. Men are very often leave positive feedback about this simulator. Through independent stretching is also permissible to increase the penis. In the growth of male organ also affects this hormone, such as testosterone. Smoking also affects negatively on the size of the penis, also in the case of abuse of tobacco consumption in the man, you break the power, in fact, regardless of the number of cigarettes per day you smoke.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises for that, in order to increase the size of the penis of a man can carry out independently in the home. Is statement is one of the comfortable and efficient. That involves stretching of the penis in erection. To do this, the fingers in a ring is pressed to the base of the penis and produces fast, intense movement forward. For that the exercises were effective and not hazardous, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • member and hands must be clean;
  • use warm fat and creams;
  • preparation in the form of massage;
  • the regular execution.

In the process of "extrusion" it is necessary to change direction, pulling the member up and down and from side to side.

Medications and ointments

If any indicators of the previous methods to increase the penis is not suitable, then it is permissible to resort to the most simple – to receive the drugs. But, and here has its "pros" and "contrary". Ointments and gels that promise to increase penis, have only a temporary action, and that function to the thesis of the tide of blood to the tissues. This method may be appropriate before start the sexual act, but 2 hours through the action of the ointment of passing and the penis reaches to its ordinary standard.

Some men take hormone medicines, which when maintained on regular use, help you to be hyper-sexual possessor of a large penis. But the use of hormones may be dangerous to your health.

All of these methods, to varying extents, effective, and help the man feel special, sexual, and self-sufficient. It is educational, if there are hiccups with the size of your penis, it is permissible to try to solve them, with a little effort and dedication.