How to increase the member of the young — expert advice on men

It is difficult to be an adolescent boy. Anything that an adult man may seem like a minor issue, the groom in adolescence seems to be very important. Almost worldwide. For example, the size of the penis of 14 years and how to increase it.

Medical point of view in the sexual development of adolescents

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The majority of the fathers of our time, watching the growth and development of their children, they often begin to be interested in both, what should be the parameters of the penis in males and the teen boys at different periods of maturation. And this in reality is not idle interest. The development of the sexual characteristics of the men and the boys should be uniform, harmonic, and to comply with the period of adulthood.

Despite the fact that some deviations from universally-recognised norms of all modes are valid, too huge delay, or too fast development, can be delivered to the problems of the future for the man. Therefore, the timeliness of the control of growth of the dignity of man teenager in the future can be very healthy for adult life.

The specialists of modernity sure that the main interest of the intimate issues of growth of children is very important. Because of this attention to proactively pay attention to potential problems, or germs of disease. And thanks to this, at the root to prevent their development. And note the emergence of diseases and serious illnesses.

But there is another side of the coin. Some psychologists argue that so much attention to this issue is, may make the child only with the complex. For example, the principal of a discourse on the dimension of the genitals, such as: "What length should have the penis of the child and how to increase it". But for parents there is no information of this scope would not be superfluous. And even in front of – will be very useful.

It's also worth noting that the failure of the reproductive function, often becomes the cause of bad awareness on the development of the sexual organs. And not only parents but also children. Because there is absolutely no need to panic, if the child suddenly began to manifest interest in what should be the sex at 13 years of age and how to increase it. The vigilance of parents on the sexual development of the child can help you avoid difficulties in the future.

The psychological aspects of the issue

The female half of the family and, may be, the lot of a class can only laugh at the appearance of the child of this interest. But the fact that the human society itself provokes such curiosity. And it does so in the following way:

  • Advertising on television and on the internet. This can be news about the latest clinical studies, the advertising of medicines and so on. These sources can often be affected "rules" of the length of the penis.
  • Friends, the environment. So, for example, around the adolescent may stand by the opinion that 17 centimeters above the norm is. You can be the exception. And they should be. But not all people can understand and agree with that.

Each one of these "provocations" has its own motivation. In the first case, the health care, designed more for the parents of the boy. Since they are concerned about the future of the child, like health care, and the possibility of conceiving healthy children.

Due to often can be found in some forums of topics that parents can discuss the dimensions of their children. Trying to understand whether this is a cause of concern. But to be more exact doctor this question, it is unlikely that someone can answer.

The second case is a source of pride. The large size of their penis is usually associated to men with masculine strength, and at the same time with the possibility of calling the attention of the largest possible number of girls. If you think about it, this analogy was founded on the nature.

The accuracy of sex development

It is known that the sexual organs of a child begin their development, even in the womb. And after the birth of the doctor carries out a detailed examination beforehand to avoid all possible pathologies of the penis. Of what size should be the child? If you believe the therapists of the statistics, usually the length of the penis the child does not exceed few centimeters. Observe the state of the crumbs in the first years of life is very important. If the child cries during urination is a chance to get in touch with the hospital.

Some of the children, size of genitals really care about strong. However, teens should understand that sexual development can be accelerated, and may be a little late. For this same reason the penis in eight years and thirteen years, often can stay almost without changes in the length.

The main signs of puberty

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On average, the length of the penis of the boy at adolescence has a direct dependency on the single factor. When appeared the first signs that emit a signal that he has begun puberty. Sometimes all you can decide a single year.

Adolescence is a feature that must be considered are the following:

  • The apathy or the reverse – increased irritability;
  • The hair in the groin and under the arms began to grow more actively;
  • On the skin appeared skin rashes and inflammation;
  • The member became the largest.

Normally the children of the age of puberty, around twelve years of age. That is why the child or their parents may be interested in the question of how a penis of 12 years, and in what cases it is necessary to do so. Although you can sometimes lose, and start of years in the fourteen. Year after year, the penis should grow at a centimetre and a half. But the increase in the length and thickness not only depends on the health of the adolescent, but also of genetics.

Addictions affect is not strong yet the agency of the dangerous influence. The tobacco can reduce the blood vessels, preventing the think tank of the cell to function normally. And this, as a consequence, inhibits the mental development of the boys. And not only that. Sexual development also slows down that wheel. That is why adolescents who drink or smoke, can not understand in his sixteen years of age about why dimensions leave much to be desired. Obesity can also be the cause.

Periods of sexual development

These periods of five:

  • The period of the first. Begins from birth and continues until about twelve-fourteen years. Dimensions of the authority, do not change a special to substantial modifications. The child grows, and as it grows it develops, and the penis. Up to approximately 5 cm, But prior to the time of the maturation of this process occurs very slowly. At the age of eight years, should disappear phimosis, if he was. If phimosis has not been the same, consult a doctor.
  • The period of the second. Normally its start coincides with the start of the so-called "transition" of the age. The subcutaneous fat supposedly disappears, and little by little the testicles descend. The pituitary gland begins to work actively. Gradually the members begin to increase in size.
  • The period of the third. Approximately half of maturation. The penis begins to become more in a year and a half or two inches per year. In the groin and armpits of the child begin to grow hairs. This occurs due to the alignment hormonal.
  • The period of the fourth. Around the age of fifteen years, member changes, becoming not only longer, but thicker. Approximately one centimeter.
  • The fifth period. Continues until the age of seventeen-eighteen years of age. But often definitely the sexual development ends after nearly twenty years, when the female reproductive system fully finished his training and the young and totally willing to follow gender. Member of the decision, lastly, the adults of the dimensions.

Below, we present data that establish the parameters of a member function of the age of the child or adolescent. Worth paying attention to, which specify the dimensions of a member in a resting state. To see examples of dimensions in a state of erection, it is necessary to add about six inches. And don't forget that these standards can also be small variations.

As you must be a member in order to avoid the increase of:

  • 6 to 7 years – 6.1 cm;
  • 7-8 years – 6.2 cm;
  • From 8 to 11 years – 6.3 centimeters;
  • Of 11 to 12 years – to 6.4 centimeters;
  • 12 to 13 years – 6.5 inches;
  • Of 13 to 14 years of 6-7 centimeters;
  • 14 to 16 years old is 7-8 cm;
  • From 16 to 18 years: 8 to 10 inches.

Parents must be on their guard, if the maturation comes too early – before ten years. Or with a long delay in the delivery will arrive later than fourteen years of age. The best solution is to go to the doctor. If the transition period does not start as expected, the sex organs may not be formed, as it should be.

the increase of member of the

Not less important it is that parents ensure fully the relationship of trust with their children. You should not fear the debate on such a delicate topic, as the configuration of the penis. The elders should clarify to the new generation, which is too tight tight fittings pants or dress clothes is not worth. And in the summer, even make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing.

In the early years of a child's life, the responsibility for the proper development of the external genital organs rests on the shoulders of their parents. But more than the beginning of the transition of the old and the adolescent should be directly to take care of your own sexual health. One of the indicators that can be called as more the average size of the penis.

What can hinder the normal development of the genitals

As has already been described above, external sex organs actively develop in the period from twelve to sixteen years. It is of great importance in this period, the importance of the production of testosterone in normal quantities. That is to say, the amount of this hormone, and it depends on how many inches will add to manhood teen.

Experts recommend to observe any change in the genitals of the child in this period. Because, if the testosterone is not enough, doctors will be able to fix it by putting hormonal drugs. If this problem could be detected in the fourteen-fifteen years, to restore the balance of hormone is not easy.

Bad habits tobacco and alcohol also inevitably cause limitations or even changes in the process of development and growth of the penis.

Deliver the errands of normal development outside of the reproductive organs of men capable of:

  • Genetic;
  • Of disorders in the endocrine system;
  • Addictions;
  • Bad environment;
  • Failure of hormone in the fund;
  • Trauma to the genitals.

Smoking as a bad habit is due to difficulties in the hormonal change in the background, and with a flow of blood. The tobacco smoke, poisons the body, not just the nicotine. All of the components in the composition of cigarettes badly affect the blood vessels, decreasing the density and the elasticity of the arterial walls. The weak flow of blood may mean for the sexual system in braking, or even unnecessary changes in the process of penis enlargement.

The nutrition of the children to follow is no less important. Specialists have discovered that a child with overweight development of the genitals and the sexual system will be much slower. And even start later than that of a child of the same age but with normal weight. Healthy eating, in which priority will be given to the vitamins, the exclusion of the large amount of candies and other harmful products will help solve this problem. Then the future of men does not arise complications or mental, or sexual development.

An interesting fact

In some schools, students of 9 to 11 classes have begun to provide brochures about sex education. They are available in lithuania in two supported versions: for the boys, but for girls. In the first case, the exciting part of many young people the possibility of increasing the penis gave an affirmative response.

During a brief conference, associated to the extradition of the brochures, it was mentioned about how to increase the penis at home. One of the options was the suspension of a member of the weighted. Since the penis of the men is not that other, as the muscle. And this means that, like any other muscle you can train. And, in consequence, make more.

The trail was a warning message that indicates that the weight of the weighted average should not exceed what is reasonable and should not cause discomfort. Otherwise, all of this can only cause severe damage. You can not not take into account the old research of the scientists.

It was found that the fabric, which provide an increase of a member at any age is that of the so-called erectile tissues. They pass from the blood to the penis. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the erectile tissues are in no way similar to other tissues, and muscles of your body, nor its construction, nor the main functionality.


There is No reason to worry, if the sexual development of the young occurs within the norm. But when you view the deviation of any kind, it will be best to go to a hospital. It is easier to resolve any problem, when she was starting to develop. Not less important to take care of the way of life of their children. The regular physical activity and a proper diet will help the boy grow full, healthy for the man.