The increase in the sexual organ of the man soda

Dissatisfaction with the size of their own member of one of the most common problems faced by men. Despite the fact that the same problem, literally, drained of their toes, many men are still looking for the answer to the question of how you can increase your dignity. The penis enhancement sosa – one of the most safe and efficient, available even at home.

The activity of product

the increase of a member of the soda

What is the sodium bicarbonate? It is a white powder with specific, but not strong odor pronounced, it is widely used in the food industry. In addition, they are known by their properties bleaching, with its help you can eliminate, even the most difficult stains, including rust, lime, and much more.

It has good effect of divorce of the blood. This means that with a simple sodium bicarbonate can achieve a significant improvement of the circulation of the blood, because the blood is more fluid.

Taking into account the fact that the quality of the blood flow– the main factor that influences the power, there is nothing strange in the fact that the increase of a member by using the sodium bicarbonate is real. The essence of the action of the composition lies in the fact that the free of the blood, much more able to penetrate the vessels and erectile tissues of the penis from the authority, it becomes much more. An important advantage of soda is considered the fact that it does not cause the formation of clots, what is relevant to a series of specific exercises to increase size.

Of course, that no increase in the penis before he looked adult to the tv size, it's not going to happen. The principle of the action of the soda in this case, only determines the increase of the hardness of the penis, due to their higher quality of the filling of blood. However, the gradual increase of its dimensions of all modes occurs, as it intensifies the power.

In the past time, many experts recommend treating impotence problems, the soda. This substance has toning, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effect, promoting at the same time, the flow of blood. The first positive effect of sodium bicarbonate on sex in the system of the men defined the doctor, known for his advances in the field of treatment of diseases in entirely unexpected ways.

As to enlarge the member with soda

The main method that is used actively is the friction of soda on men of the genital organs. Previously you need to prepare a sensitive organ to this procedure. To do this, so that it is heated, for example, by taking a bath or a shower.

The quality of steaming is characterized by the increase of the smoothness of the sexual organ of a minor increase in its size, in the absence of an erection.

Also increases and the scrotum, however, your submit procedure soda is not necessary.

There are several ways of friction of the composition in the penis:

  1. Massage with olive oil. The male organ (upright or at rest) in the entire length smeared a thin layer of heated vegetable oil. Above has been formed, the film is applied to sodium bicarbonate, which is necessary to careful of the movements of rubbing it on the penis. Is not executed until all of the components of massage are drying up, and about 4-6 minutes. This will be enough.
  2. Massage with honey. This method will allow not only to increase the size of the dignity of man, but of substantially improve its sensitivity. Unlike the first method, here you have to mix the ingredients for the massage, that is to say, the soda and natural honey, in equal proportions. Obtained mass is applied to the entire surface of the penis and is rubbed with light massage movements.
  3. Tubs – very effective and simple. You should take a glass of boiled water, but only slightly warm a bit of water and dissolve in it one teaspoon of dining room soda. After this, the resulting solution is low the penis. You don't need to do anything more. Taking baths recommended along of hours, no more than once a day.
  4. Scrubs – if rubbing the penis of the composition, preliminary having moistened with soap and water, is the result will be very good. According to some comments on two-three months of a hard the use of this substance as skraba the length of the penis gets increase up to several centimeters. The essence of the procedure, which stimulates the flow of blood to the male genitals.

The increase in the sexual organ of the sodium bicarbonate can be carried out in combination with the use of vacuum salt. The combined action of the blood flow in the pelvic area will lead to the obtaining of the maximum possible result.

The effectiveness of the soda

as to enlarge the member

Not only affect the circulation of the blood, but also the skin. Consequently, in some cases, the use of the tool for the increase of the penis, it may not be valid. As a general rule, it is possible, if:

  • there is intolerance of the individual. The body may react to enter in it the substance corresponding to the allergy. Contrary to popular belief, the reaction in all its forms, can be very dangerous and cause even serious complications, such as anaphylactic shock, for example. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you are not allergic to the sodium bicarbonate;
  • the man has pathological problems with the intestinal tract of the castle square. Here are very common diseases, such as gastritis, ulcer, the decrease or increase of the acidity of the stomach, Crohn's disease, etc, If it is present at least one of the problems is to enlarge the penis sodium bicarbonate, not be can;
  • diabetes has a built-in negative impact on the entire body. The dilution of the blood, carried out by the sodium bicarbonate, can significantly affect the health status of the diabetic;
  • types of cancer. The presence of malignant tumors, a serious contraindication to the use of soda as a means to increase the power. The whole thing precisely in its capacity to thin the blood.

It is important to understand that the impact of hydrocarbon-sodium conditions local the flow of blood. As a result, member increases approximately 2 to 5 millimeters. However, this effect, unfortunately, is quite worth it. Already after several hours, penis again take previous form, as well as irritation of hydrocarbon-sodium is complete. Accordingly, to carry out the procedure is found just before the sexual act, or at least an hour before the same.

Even if you are going to rub your penis soda daily over a long period of time, the effect of its application, it would still be of short duration.

In addition, in search of the answer to the question of how to enlarge the penis sosa, the men do not care about the possible consequences. At the same time, the uncontrolled use of soda in this way, especially in the home, the threat quite real dislikes. For example, irritation of the epidermis. Sosa simply could erode the skin, if rubbed every day, several times over months or even years. Restore the damaged epithelium, it will be extremely difficult, and that's not counting the fact that the man has to suffer so much pain and discomfort.

Alkaline properties of the baking soda affect the fact that she is capable of destroying bacteria and fungi, including those related to the freedom of conditional pathogenic microflora, that is to say, per se, that is present in the person of always. The destruction of the flora useful can considerably reduce the immunity. At the bottom of this possible development of pathogenic micro-organisms, which will make these very irritants of the disease, such as candidiasis, balanoposthitis or balanitis.

Consequently, use of sodium bicarbonate to increase the penis or not is a matter purely personal.