Can you enlarge the penis vacuum pump?

One of the most well-known methods of penis enlargement is the vacuum of the depression. The principle of the action pumps is pretty simple, with the help of vacuum that creates an area of low pressure around the penis, which causes the flow of blood to the authority and, in consequence, it swells and hardens. This process in medicine is called "hyperemia".

The blood during erection-filled fabric of a member, why are you strongly are inflated. Vacuum of the water pump not only pushes the blood into the trap, but holds there. This means that with the help of congestion of the male sexual organ can be in an excited state a long time — from 30 minutes to an hour.

the penis enlargement pump

At this time there are several types of pumps, which are divided into 2 categories: manual and electric. Manuals of the pumps of vacuum are much cheaper than their electric analogs. Constitute a hollow cylinder, made of acrylic or plastic, with an approximate length of 20 cm and a diameter of 5-7 cm, which is connected with the manual pump. With the help of a manual pump enough to ease the air out of the cylinder. In appliances creates a vacuum electric pump, which ensures constant and uniform suction of air. In some models, there is even a special button that regulates the intensity of the process of creation of vacuum.

Many believe that, with the help of a pump, you can increase the dick. But it is necessary to point out that the length of growth depends not only on the regularity of the application of the device, but also on the time of the carrying out of the procedures and anatomical features of the man. Really, after you find in the tube member becomes very thick and fleshy, however, this increase is only temporary and is primarily related to the accumulation on the authority of lymphatic fluid. Within A few hours of this fluid out of his member, and acquires again the previous dimensions.

Remember that a penis with the help of the vacuum pump is quite difficult, and in this case they must comply with a large number of recommendations. It is worth noting that the luxury hotels of the pump of sex-shop is not suitable, as they are designed to call the erection in his absence, and not to the stretching of the tissues of the penis. Water pump to increase the penis size should have the pressure gauge, cylinder interchangeable (calculated on the size of the penis) and the powerful hand pump. Of course, this type of device is quite expensive.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of this method, does not meet the expectations. First of all, there is a high probability of entry into the tissue of the lymph, which can cause an inflammation of the penis. In addition, the excessive use of the vacuum pump in the head of the member, there may occur cracks, which is very long and difficult to cure. And if it still is not installed correctly the pressure, there may occur breakage of the capillaries. In this case, it does not change the size of the penis, but only its color (due to hemorrhage will be bluish).

How to use the penis enlargement pump

For what purpose You have not used the vacuum pump, necessarily have to comply with general hygiene recommendations. Before you apply and after it, the device it is necessary to wash with soap and warm water. In no case can it affect the pump in boiled water or boil it. If the product that You transmit to another person, you must treat with an antiseptic substance. Do not forget also about the fragility of the pump, do not drop or knock the product. Storage should be at temperatures up to 35 degrees, in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight place.

Before using the pump of men, it is recommended to lubricate the nozzle on the plastic base of the light bulb lubricant. But taking into account that the oil-based lubricant are capable of damaging the material of the product. In the cavity of the bulb is necessary to enter the penis, then is pressed firmly against your body. Preferably prior to this, apply on the penis special cream that improves the supply of blood. Once a member is introduced into the pump, it is to be pumped to the air, by creating within discharged to the atmosphere, which causes the blood flow.

Instructions for use of the vacuum pump is manifested in the fulfillment of the following sequence of action. Then, a hand must hold the bottle, and the other is the time of pressing the squeeze bulb or the piston to pump the air. Be sure to hold the hole in the flask, and if the sealing is created with the special help of the valve, make sure that it is properly closed. You will notice a slight redness sexual of the authority and of the appearance of erection. After 30 seconds of exposure, the valve is opened and the flask is started the air.

the increase of a member of the pomp

After loosening the erection, you can continue with the procedure. The representatives of the stronger sex has to use a vacuum fanfare around 15-20 minutes for a procedure. During this time the erection of a duration of a minute may pass between 15 and 20 times. To achieve long-term the outcome, the pomp is desirable to use regularly once every two days. The first two weeks the appliance should enjoy each day, in an hour, but best of all for 1-2 hours before bedtime, after the third week the duration of exposure to the vacuum may increase to up to 1 minute, increasing the rest time of 2 minutes. If after expenses of the erection quickly weakens, along with the vacuum pump it is desirable to apply a ring, which is placed on the base of the penis. With your help, it slows down the rapid flow of blood.

It is worth noting that the pump can be used and women, for example, for a breast augmentation. So, the cup of the device it is necessary to put in the chest so that it is perpendicular to the body and was firmly held. Then, use the pears evacuating the air, thanks to the milk of iron increases at about 2, 5 to 7 seconds the air starts again. The procedure must be repeated for 5 minutes on each breast. To achieve the result, vacuum of the pump has to use it every day in the morning and at night.

The pump can be used for the clitoris. The suction cup is to be made towards the clitoris, but before that, the place of exposure is necessary to grease lubricant. After closing the air valve in the tube, and with the help of a bulb to pump the air out of the bulb. Every 10 to 15 minutes, make a pause for too much time not to impede the circulation. Vacuum massager simulates the feeling of being tested in oral caresses, thanks to which you can solve the problems with achieving a clitoral orgasm.

It should not be forgotten that some contraindications to the application of vacuum expenses. As a general rule, it is heart failure, mental disorders, inguinal hernia, diseases of the circulatory system, the presence of tumors, varicose veins the seeds of the umbilical cord, dropsy of the testicles, phimosis, irritation, and disease of the skin of the genital organs, the various damages, as well as sexually transmitted diseases and the exacerbation of chronic inflammation. In any case, before using the pump, it is important to consult a specialist.

Of course, You can learn the right way and with care to use the bomb, but it is desirable to apply their purpose — to call the erection.