Increasing the head of the penis

Scientifically, it has been shown that one out of every three men categorically are not satisfied with the size or shape of their genitals, and every second would like to fix this situation. If some are willing to reach an agreement with their physical data, the rest is according to take advantage of any opportunity to improve the situation. One of the most popular of the procedures for the change of size of the genital organs is the increase of the head of the penis. Online or non-surgical intervention to correct external defects and effective way to get rid of psychological complexes.

How to increase the head

the increase of the head of the penis

The increase of a member and his head will be required in the case that the diameter of the front part of the penis is equal to his girth, the man has planned the installation of a stretcher or face a operation of change of diameter of the penis. The man can choose the most appropriate way of changing the shape of the upper part of the penis between installed from the list:

  • Jelcing – intensive gymnastics, which allows to stimulate the blood flow to the sexual organs and to increase the dimensions of the front part of the authority;
  • Massage – a gentle effect that must be carried out periodically and systematically to achieve the desired result;
  • The use of hyaluronic acid – injection intervention to the effect that it is guaranteed the experience of many of the men;
  • The surgical procedure more efficient and faster to change the size of the front part of the penis, which encloses in itself the major advantages, and even the risks;
  • Special devices mechanical operate through the mechanical action, but require a constant repetition of exercises.
  • Effective in gel, spray, or ointment – painless and simple method to achieve the desired result, the effect that is constantly maintained without any risk to the health of men.

Exercises for the increase of the head

Popular operations allow to substantially improve the situation, but carries some risk, therefore, the maximum insurance you do the exercises. There are efficient exercises of increase of the head, which should take place when the erection, which can be achieved through masturbation.

For a start, it must be compressed to force the upper area of the authority and maintain that position until you will not become a maximum of a firm. Then, you must make a pause for a few seconds, after which you can repeat immediately the compression. Repeat the exercises regularly, you should ten times in a single approach.

The operation

The resizing operation is the installation of a small array between the top and special bodies. Prolonged exposure to the array allows you to adjust the size of the desired part of the authority in all states. The surgery is the most effective way for the correction of the situation, however, has certain risks, such as damage to the blood vessels of the penis. The consequences can lead to a necrosis of the tissues, until the elimination of the extreme area of the penis.

Massage to increase the head of the

At home, you can do a massage to increase the top of the head, along with the gel. The massage action you must perform every day during 15 minutes, as well as to respect the following sequence:

  • Apply the gel on the entire length of the penis;
  • Take the dick up the poor state of erection through masturbation;
  • Embrace the penis at the base of the compression of the fingers;
  • Strong movements to direct the member downward from the base.

The increase of hyaluronic acid

The increase of the dimensions of the head of the penis, such as the hyaluronic acid is performed under the method of local anesthesia. The penis is inserted in not more than 10 ml of gel that changes the dimensions of the top area of the penis before the magnitude erect member. Based medicine of hyaluronic acid that is gradually reabsorbed, therefore, to maintain the desired dimensions, the procedure must be repeated periodically every 1.5-2 years.

The main indication for the introduction of gel in the medical practice is the preparation of the next installation of an expander to follow the changes of the sizes of penis. But the desire of patients to injection, the procedure is performed solely to change the size at least of the part of the penis.

The increase of the special gel

the increase of member of the

The increase of the head of the penis, the gel is an alternative method that does not require intervention in the body and does not change the functionality of the sexual system. Users only have to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, to adjust the dimensions of the top of the penis.