Exercises to enlarge the penis

For men an important role in the sexual life played by two indicators: the power and the magnitude of the penis. If to the increase of the first can be applied special the tablet, then multiply the growth of the second with the help of medications that does not look possible. Therefore, the observation and experiments over many decades have developed special exercises to increase the penis, which effectively meet with your task.

exercises for penis enlargement

According to the method of exposure the increase of a man's penis can be divided into:

On the mechanisms of the exposure you can emphasize the increase of the penis with the help of:

  • of the hands;
  • mechanical devices (for example, vacuum pumps);
  • of goods.

The thickening of the penis is achieved in the long-term retention of artificial erection. Penis enlargement is produced by mechanical extrusion.

The ideal way to increase the sexual organ of the man is considered a manual method (with the fingers of the hands; up to three centimeters in length).

Exercises to enlarge the penis should be done 15 to 30 minutes each day. The best time for the carrying out of techniques of the morning and evening. It is also important before the start of the classes in the increased size of the penis to undergo to consult a doctor.

Each exercise has its own level of intensity and work-load that must necessarily take into account. The transition to a more sophisticated level must occur gradually and smoothly.

The main indicators of a good result of the procedures depends on the following points:

  • the cleaning of the penis and increases the of accessories;
  • comfortable posture;
  • the fulfillment of time;
  • the time of day;
  • the presence of fat;
  • prior to heating;
  • the absence of pain;
  • care.

The compliance of the above mentioned features will allow you to achieve the success desired dream of enlarging the penis .

All groups of exercises can be divided into:

The variety of catches, which depends on the type of exercises:

The exercises of powerlifting

  1. Stand with your back straight you should highly raise the knees toward the abdomen.
  2. Standing on bent legs to tighten and relax the muscles of the buttocks and the muscles of the perineum in the process of the bending of the knees.
  3. Lifting the pelvis, while in the supine position.

Exercises to increase penis length

"Kegel" (forcing-the-erection)

Treating the penis cream or fat is needed by translation of vertical movement and the gradual increase of the speed of two fingers of lead in a state of erection, before the arrival of the that you want to recommend it to minute of the base of the penis.

"The massage" (pull of movement and their variants)

Active pulling of the penis is not excited and the excited state, is produced through enlargement of the head. The maximum stretching of the penis is necessary to hold to 15 seconds. Releasing, repeat the exercise. The amount of these "milkings" in five minutes it must be 100 times.


You need to slowly stretch not aroused and relaxed penis in 15 seconds 10 times. This "stretching" should be done in different positions, to the buttocks, pubis, with twists of 360, the pendulum, internal lift, double extension, V-stretch, stretching, etc

Exercises to increase penis girth

Exercises that are designed to thicken the penis, also have various levels of severity and is divided into the following types:

Each exercise should start training and warm-up, and finish with a massage, called to relax the penis and restore the activity of the vessels. You must comply with the technical safety, and at the slightest feeling of pain, it is best to terminate the exercise to avoid injury and a prolonged effort. After exercising, be sure to give the penis rest and recover.

the increase of member of the

Also enlarge your penis is possible with the help of a special weight accessories to be worn up to eight hours a day. However, the methods are more painful and uncomfortable.

By following these simple exercises every day, you can achieve the impressive result: increase the size of the penis. the review of visible defects in it, the improvement of the potency and mn.etc. In addition to the above, they should lead a healthy lifestyle. This means: to give up bad habits, take part of eating, not SuperCool, do enough exercise, to reduce to the minimum the test of immunity to diseases. All of this will be another indicator of a good mood and confidence in itself.