As you can enlarge the penis at home

Holders of a standard size of the penis are not always happy with their dignity. Eager to add several covenant centimeters, willing to experience a lot of options, such as the increase of the dignity of man in the home, the use of the surgery, other methods. In some way, and did not take advantage of the man, the important thing is that you get to trust in himself and is ready to conquer new peaks.

Natural resources

the increase of a member of the house of

The opinion of a member of any length is the standard, go. Rejection of the custom of considering the size of the penis in state of erection of less than 8 see to Decide if the penis is of a sufficient size or not, only you can man, with his own preferences, the sexual desires of your partner. The degree of pleasure in the sexual act does not depend on the length and diameter of the penis, therefore, consider that the woman to achieve orgasm is necessary to an important member of the mistake. Want to know how you can increase the manhood, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the information, it is statistical data.

The increase in age of childbearing, the authority may be due to the existence of the patience, the desires and the regular classes, if this is not the operation. Before taking a decision, a man's worth measuring your cock and compare it with the standards adopted by the europeans.

  • Length: 12-16 cm;
  • The diameter of 3-4 see

It falls under the rules erect member does not need to be on the rise. The problem is caused by the interior of the complex, insecurity, is not of a physiological nature, is resolved when you go to a specialist in the field of psychology.

Enlarge penis at home in several ways, the combination that will give more fast, with a quality result. For example, the combination of cosmetics with the massage, the pomp with different accessories.


The ancient sages developed a set of classes that favor the growth of child-bearing age, of the authority. The methodology called jelcing. The technique used by the inhabitants of countries such as india, egypt, greece. African peoples have also used the ancient knowledge, that you have found documentary evidence.

Jelcing special massage, similar to the technique of the action with the massage of cattle.

Affect the results the representatives of the male sex, to perform actions of truth. Learn the method you can of video-lessons, as well as not forgetting to buy ointment, gel for ease of slipping during the procedure. General framework for most of the massage rooms penis enlargement techniques is the preparation of the penis. The member state in the excited state should not exceed 70%.

Fully erect the penis will not be allowed to perform massage, appear unpleasant, the pain, the discomfort.

Manual effects in the body leads to the tide of blood, when the maximum of the erection, the volume of strong will, who will emerge the pain. Incomplete filling of a member of the blood gives the opportunity to the Taurus delivered little by little, extending erectile tissues comprising the penis. The regular classes will be provided to the follow-up of the erection of the greater capacity of the blood, which would increase the size of the authority. The first visible changes after a couple of months permanent of the classes.

Massage for penis enlargement

Requested the method used in the household, it does not require a financial investment, it's effective. It performs the massage of penis with creams or ointments, special gels that increase the volume and length of the penis. Massage elongates the body genital, makes it thicker, improves erection, their life expectancy, increases the sexual desire.

Man's penis requires a careful approach and treatment. The precision, the sensitivity to all the tissues of an organ – the successful deposit of the massage and the lack of injuries.

Before the effects of the massage, the sexual organ heated by the hot towel, or take a bath. Sexual, the system will improve the work through the flow of blood towards the pelvic area and the penis. The epidermis, tissues, erectile easier to go into your traction. The massage actions to be applied in a body or when the resting state. Testing different methodologies, the man will be more easy to choose the most appropriate and effective.

The stretch of the weights

Hang heavy objects of sexual authority, is another ancient way, which increases the size of the penis. It is considered one of the risks of traveling techniques, able to hurt the scrotum, the penis. Unless fashion is that thanks to him the penis becomes longer, but its width is the same. To the extent, precisely, is hard to say, since the increase of the length depends on the duration of the class, the regularly.

tools for penis enlargement

Before stretching, the authority is heated, such as when massage. Not to scratch the epidermis, the head stick a piece of band-aid, in the that secure the lanyard ring, and on the other hand put as well? Start with little weight, and when they appear the first symptoms of numbness procedure cease. The weight and the duration of the session gradually increases, if you do not feel discomfort.


The device is assigned to give sex to the authority of the desired shape, elongation, and thickening of the penis. Tissues begin to grow more rapidly under the action of the stretch marks. The device has a long-term impact, the result remains in a long period of time or forever. Classes perform several hours each day.

Vacuum of the water pump

The unit works according to the principle of the pump. The use of the pump increases sexual desire, increases the penis, improve the sexual power. In case of lack of density, the elasticity of the authority, the man may enjoy the pomp, to achieve the full and prolonged erection.

The pump combined with the creams and other intimate tools designed to improve member. The penis is dipped into the flask, pumped out the air, is the pressure that stimulates blood flow, increasing the basis of the authority – erectile tissues. Unless the method is temporary, the effect, so that the device is convenient to use directly before the sexual act.

The vaporizer

Quick and easy option of penis enlargement – the use of the jets special. The tool extends the authority, adds strength, thickness, and improves erection. It is divided into two groups:

  • Closed;
  • Open.

More comfortable is considered closed, made of latex or silicone, it will create a feeling of comfort, softness, safe and undetectable. Popular and the second option open. Both are able to increase the length of the authority of up to 10 cm, but on the statistics of men to acquire the vaporizer 3 to 6, with a device, the member becomes less responsive, which increases the duration of erection, of sexual intercourse.

Cosmetic products

The sprays, creams, ointments and gels have both positive and negative feedback. The commercials and ads that say body genital will increase instantaneously to a few centimeters. As the data show, the funds do not have a strong effect, are used as a complement to the more effective methods. Cosmetics added increase sexual desire, enhance erection, increase a member of a couple of hours, but not more.

The operation

It is known that one of the participants of the show "House 2" vlad lay under the surgeon's knife to increase the size of the penis. I needed a young man or not in operation, how much it has added inches, remains unknown, but, obviously, one feels more safe, he was bouncy and jovial.

The average of the magnitude in the increase the penis surgically, is 3-5 see

The man, show the video of this operation, the result is not aesthetically pleasing, has a painful period of rehabilitation. The man evaluates the situation, often with exaggerated problems and change the solution.

as to enlarge the member

The directions to the assignment of the surgical intervention:

  • Congenital anomalies (hypospadias, epispadia). Damage caused mechanically;
  • A small penis. The size of the authority, is not allowed to have sex. Appears due to endocrine changes in the body of a child, when it develops and grows. Operation when there is syndrome are inevitable;
  • Age-related changes. Gradual rebirth tissues of the penis, such as decreased elasticity, obesity, and others.

Sexual organ, without conditions, simply does not match the "standard size", should not be exposed to the operations.

The aesthetics of the shortcomings are fixed with the psychological point of view, together with the specialist and lover of a woman. The normal operation, the possibility of simulating the authority of small size are not the causes of the surgical intervention.

When you require a increase of a member? According to the doctor – in case the length is so small, that brings serious physiological problems. In practice, to increase your member you want to any man, regardless of how generous was the nature. But what should be expected after the application of each of the options try to understand.

General data

Statistics from the who shows that the greater part of men of the size of the penis in state of erection not to exceed 9.5–14 see the Phallus length below the indicator called the small penis, and if your size not exceeding 2 cm is a small penis forever. Specialists explain that the increase of the penis should be performed only in the latter two cases, a small organ does not touch male self-love, and not brought the complexity in the physiological processes.

There are many ways to be effective and extreme, and only sometimes dangerous, which once again proves the imperfection of the male reproductive system, of course, in your own view. What will not the representatives of the stronger sex: it is injected in the penis of oil-stitched, hard objects in the skin, pumped gel popular methods of penis enlargement of the truth are endless and only confirm the breadth of the android of dissatisfaction. And no matter the size of the "native", any ever in your life wanted to increase the length, thickness and width of the phallus. Often, after this type of medical experiments it only remains to raise the hands and correct the effects of the increase.

  1. Of the appeal. It is very doubtful, as well as body genital is not used to display.
  2. A real improvement of the quality of sexual relations. Also the controversial matter – the quality does not depend on the size and grade of phallus suitable for a particular vagina.
  3. The increase in self-esteem.

The clients of the doctors about penis enlargement contain specific information, which goes in contradiction with the popular basics. Any specialist says that it is important is not so much the size of the penis, how many learn how to use it.

The possible options

Due to that you can increase your member in the home? To begin with, it should be understood that the technology used in the home, do not help enlarge the penis in a lot of centimeters, in their essence, all these methods only help you to believe the man that his cock grew. But, in reality, the size remains virtually the same.

Even the operation of increase of a member will not bring higher 4-7 cm or more, it is impossible, but if you have a small penis in the surgery will help to resolve the mass anatomical and physiological problems.

In general, all the methods of enlarging the member can be divided into three options:

  • Surgical. They can not be attributed to the techniques that can be applied at home.
  • Treatment facelift non surgical. Can be used in the home, the customers indicate that the actual increase is achieved by the natural reaction of the tissues in the application of the special force.
  • Combined. The surgery is used in the first stage, and then at home, apply extender.
the increase of member of the

The house you can use a large amount of different techniques, but we should not think that all the methods are applied in the home quickly and allow you to enlarge your penis in the shortest possible time. If in the advertising of any medium are a minimum of time (1-2 weeks), it is a deception, the testimonies of those who profited from the recommendations of the specialist of family orientation and the increase of the phallus, show that the procedure of increase calculated in months.

All the real alternatives

The first thing that is brought to the attention of the men who wish to get the home of big dick – this is the cream to enlarge the penis. But how many centimeters it is possible to increase the phallus in such a way, that the ointment (cream) is different from that in other ways?

  • Exterior of the tool.

Ointment (cream lubricant, gel) has gained popularity due to their ease of use, minimal side effects, and of possibilities, even within the large family of save the incognito. For example, the Titanium gel put directly on the penis, and that has practically no side effects, no allergies, and if you analyze the customers, it is very effective.

All foreign medicines are divided into three types:

  1. Ointment (cream) for the short-term effects. Causes a powerful flow of blood in the short term, it is convenient to use directly before the sexual act, acts the tool of only a few hours. At the end of the action, the blood flow decreases and the penis returns to its natural state.
  2. The long-term effects. In this case, spray for penis enlargement or ointment is used regularly for a long time. The customers of consumers indicate that the medicines had to apply no less than 2-4 months, but the results are worth it.
  3. Exterior of medications, a subsidiary of the action. Themselves penis does not increase, however, along with the pomp or extender show good results.