If you really a penis

Not all men are willing to increase the size of your penis with the help of the surgery. In the majority of them use methods of treatment facelift non-surgical:

  • extender — the special device to lengthen the penis;
  • the suspension of the goods;
  • massage;
  • the reception of medications;
  • the pacemaker;
  • the nozzle into the sexual organ.
as to enlarge the member

A penis without surgery is very real. In addition, this can be done in the home. But beware, if you offer a tool that improves the sexual organ to 10 inches of few months — it is a hoax, as no part of the human body so incapable of changing its size in such a short time.

The same thing happens the miracle of drugs: tablets, gels, ointments. In this list you can also include "the old methods", which are mostly used by the charlatans for profit. In addition, these methods are not effective, but they can damage your health.

To make a correct choice, it is necessary to possess information about the techniques of increase of the primary authority of men.

Extender — a device that allows you to change the size of the penis

Today this method is the most popular and requested. Mechanism of action consists in the traction of the tissue of the penis and the stimulation of its growth. Also the device can be used to solve the exterior of a defect — smoothed curve of the male organ.

This methodology has scientific justification: the body of a person can change under the influence of permanent loads. Thanks to this principle and it works extender.

Today we can affirm that this method is the most effective. In addition, 20 years of use were not identified side effects. Appliances easy to use and not noticeable under clothing. The stretch should be performed each day (approximately 8 hours) for 3 to 5 months. While respecting all the rules it is possible to increase the sexual organ of 2.5 to 3 centimeters. But we must not forget that the positive dynamic that can only be accessed if the application daily.

Exercise as a form of penis enlargement at home

Jelcing — special exercises, which allow to enlarge the penis and improve their characteristics. The methodology helps to change not only the length of the penis, but its thickness.

Jelcing is one of the most ancient techniques. Used for many centuries. The result is achieved thanks to the stimulation of the blood flow in the sexual organ. With the time, with the help of exercises that increase size blood of the cavity and increases the flow of blood to the sexual organ. These processes impact positively on the growth of your penis.

In our days, the technique of jelcing you can easily download from the internet. However, the opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of this method are in agreement. Some believe that exercise really increase the sexual organ. Others are convinced that jelcing is ineffective way, and to achieve the desired result in this way, the man must devote a lot of time and effort.

The vacuum of the form

The principle of the vacuum pump is based on the prolonged stretching of the penis. The device is still known as the vacuum pump.

The principle of its action consists in the stimulation of blood flow and the strengthening of erectile function thanks to the vacuum that acts on the male organ. As a result of a member increases both in quantity and size. But this effect has a temporary character, so that the vacuum pump recommended for use directly before the sexual act.

Can medicines to increase the man's "dignity"?

the increase of member of the

Announced drugs can not say that an effective way of penis enlargement. For example, in the composition of the preformed tools are very common and vitamins. Yes, and that these pills help to improve erectile function, but no influence on the length of the penis.

If to speak about drugs for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), their composition is not always known. After use, many men may experience itching and an allergic reaction in the skin epidermis.

Therefore, the medicines to enlarge the penis are not only ineffective, but sometimes even dangerous to the health.

Badi to improve erectile function

Today very popular dietary supplements. Thanks to the formulations of drugs, is intensifying the blood flow in the penis, improving the erection. The receipt of the company of dietary supplements has a positive influence on the duration and quality of sexual relations. By the comments of many consumers, after use, it creates a sense of increasing the main male organ. However, these drugs have a temporary effect.

In our days there is a lot of methods to enlarge the penis. Use only when the size really becomes a problem. If you decide to use them, for the experiment, do not forget that such actions can be dangerous consequences.

The size of the penis directly affects the self-esteem of the person. Like enlarge the male member most popular and in demand in the search engines in question. But is it possible to change the anatomical characteristics, established in the genetics of read our article about the most popular methods.

Standards of penis sizes

The penis has two measures of the magnitude of the length and thickness. These parameters are measured in the erect (excited) of the authority. In a state of tranquility of the indicators are not calculated. In the process of sexual arousal, the penis size increases in several times, the body changes direction at the navel, it becomes perpendicular to your stomach.

Not worth prior to the time of sounding the alarm and blaming the nature of greed and lack of inches in the pants. The first has to compare your penis with the average length. The interior of the state of arousal of the men of the dimensions of a member fluctuate in the range of 12 to 18 inches. Can be deviations in size medium and large, and in the smaller party, but the deviation is only a few percent.

In a state of tranquility length varies from 7 to 10 centimeters. The size of the penis depends not only on the inheritance of characteristics, but also the age of the men. Children up to 10-12 years, small penis, as well as in the body is still insufficient male hormones.

After 18 years of age as there are no big leaps of growth. In man, the authority is in the development up to a maximum of 25. In old age, due to lack of androgenic, chronic diseases of the system or other problems that you may experience a reduction in size. Become familiar with the normal indicators in the table.

14 - 16 years old — a period of active growth. It is precisely these three years is long enough for that child the form of a man. Adolescence is the stage of hormonal alignment of the body and the transformation into the adult person.

Surgical techniques increase

If the father of the child, the size of the small penis, it is not worth counting to 20 centimeters of the erection in the future. However, there are methods that help men to grapple with the complex. On how to increase manhood forever, as you well know plastic surgeons.

The surgical treatment has a list of readings, which the physician prescribe urgent intervention. If the patient by his own will of wanting to change the size, it's worth weighing the pros and cons of the surgery.

The prosthesis or the installation of artificial a member of the reserve method of increase. Applies the operation in the case when the sprain of the authority has not given the desired results.


One of the uses most general plastic in the body of the prosthesis. The surgical intervention is assigned to the lesions in the penis or the damage of the nerve pathways that provide an erection, the gross violations of blood supply, after the radical surgical treatment of tumors of the pelvis or due to lack of eggs.

penis enlargement methods

Of the elasticity and feel of the prosthesis, is no different from natural fabrics. The replacement or addition of an organ takes place in a few inches. The patient is returned to the ability and self-confidence increases. Many patients notice that comes from the sexual force, which allows you to make numerous and prolonged in sexual acts.

This type of plastics made the adults or men in old age. The size can increase from 2 to 5, Before the prescription of the prosthesis, the patient must go through the full diagnostic test for the detection of possible contraindications.


According to statistics, about 80% of the male population would like to enlarge the penis. Lipofilling is injection method in the area of the cavernous body of one member is inserted in the fatty tissue of your own. The method is applied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or to correct anatomical defects.

Lipofilling is the implantation of additional tissues provided by the thickening of the authority. As sealing materials, also can use synthetic substitutes, such as Biogel, silicone. One way of helping to deal with the impotence and the small size of your penis.

The main advantage of the procedure is the relative safety of the procedure and the absence of unnecessary requirements cuts of meat. Travmatichnost of such a mode of raising the minimum. In most cases, as the material for sealing use their own folds of fat of the person.

Part of the fat with the time to resolve, but, what is your number securely to work and remain in the authority. Of the disadvantages can be mentioned the possibility of the uneven distribution of inputs to the tissues of the circumference of the penis.

The injections in the penis

As conservative and less dangerous treatment may be considered injections for the male organ. Help come drugs, such as hyaluronic acid, injections of testosterone to grow in size, or other medicamentous means.

Not worth making a choice for yourself. Each puncture has a very special, indications and contraindications. Pick up the penis enlargement method with the help of a doctor. But the injection is a solution to a problem. You can see the addiction to a provided a remedy.

Hardware the increase of the

As curator of the ways to increase the size use different devices. In the market you can find many intimate of instruments, moving from LOD-therapy with the use of vacuum can be even in the health center.

The stretchers

Extender is a special device that helps to stretch the sex organ. Should be put on the penis and take a long time to get the desired result.

The use of a simple apparatus. Place the device in a body, is fixed in a certain special length of the bar. The man simply walks with extender 2-3 hours, and then take a break.

Gradually, the patient will be aware of that can increase the degree of stretching, and pin on the next bar. Keep in mind that the penis can be reduced and not to stretch the brand. It is a normal process, just the diarrhea, the device of shorter length, and then secure the position.

If extender alternatively is carried downward and upward, one should take into account that the tension in the first and in the second case will be different — with the same length of the rods will always be stronger, if the extender down. In male comments this product helps to enlarge the penis of 2 to 5 cm for always. The result can be higher if you increase the exposure time.

Vacuum pump

Another alternative method is the use of the vacuum pump. This stretching method is widely applied abroad. The main indications — treatment of erectile dysfunction. This therapy helps to 10 minutes to regain the sexual power.

Also in the list of readings for a period of rehabilitation after radiation therapy or of operations on the prostate. Artificially created by the pressure you can increase the size of the penis a few centimeters.

The concerted action on the increase of the circulation of the blood due to pressure differences. The man comes of the erection, the cavity cavernous body is full of blood. There is an increase of penis, and it becomes much more than that during the normal use of the erection.

the real increase of a member

In the most advanced apparatus there is an intensity regulator. The instructions of how to increase the manhood, it's simple: you have to insert the penis in to the cylinder, with the help of the pump create a vacuum and hold the position for a few seconds to 2 minutes.

Enlarge the member will have 3 to 5 refer to the Accessory increases the circulation of blood in the body, which cures less power. Also after the application of the device improves the elasticity of the vessels.

Most of the side effects is intermittent in nature, so that we need not fear. However, the application of the contra-indications may have dangerous consequences. To the risk of side effects has decreased, it is important to intensify the pressure gradually, using vacuum pump, equipped with pressure gauges.