If you really enlarge the penis

Not all men are willing to increase the size of your penis with the help of the surgery. In the majority of them use methods of treatment facelift non-surgical:

  • extender — the special device to lengthen the penis;
  • the suspension of the goods;
  • massage;
  • the reception of medications;
  • the pacemaker;
  • the nozzle into the sexual organ.
the increase of member of the

A penis without surgery is very real. In addition, this can be done in the home. But beware, if you offer a tool that improves the sexual organ to 10 inches of few months — it is a hoax, as no part of the human body so incapable of changing its size in such a short time.

The same thing happens the miracle of drugs: tablets, gels, ointments. In this list you can also include "the old methods", which are mostly used by the charlatans for profit. In addition, these methods are not effective, but they can damage your health.

To make a correct choice, it is necessary to possess information about the techniques of increase of the primary authority of men.

Extender — a device that allows you to change the size of the penis

Today this method is the most popular and requested. Mechanism of action consists in the traction of the tissue of the penis and the stimulation of its growth. Also the device can be used to solve the exterior of a defect — smoothed curve of the male organ.

This methodology has scientific justification: the body of a person can change under the influence of permanent loads. Thanks to this principle and it works extender.

Today we can affirm that this method is the most effective. In addition, 20 years of use were not identified side effects. Appliances easy to use and not noticeable under clothing. The stretch should be performed each day (approximately 8 hours) for 3 to 5 months. While respecting all the rules it is possible to increase the sexual organ of 2.5 to 3 centimeters. But we must not forget that the positive dynamic that can only be accessed if the application daily.

Exercise as a form of penis enlargement at home

Jelcing — special exercises, which allow to enlarge the penis and improve their characteristics. The methodology helps to change not only the length of the penis, but its thickness.

Jelcing is one of the most ancient techniques. Used for many centuries. The result is achieved thanks to the stimulation of the blood flow in the sexual organ. With the time, with the help of exercises that increase size blood of the cavity and increases the flow of blood to the sexual organ. These processes impact positively on the growth of your penis.

In our days, the massage can easily download from the internet. However, the opinions of scientists about the effectiveness of this method are in agreement. Some believe that exercise really increase the sexual organ. Others are convinced that the massage is ineffective way, and to achieve the desired result in this way, the man must devote a lot of time and effort.

The vacuum of the form

The principle of the vacuum pump is based on the prolonged stretching of the penis. The device is still known as the vacuum pump.

The principle of its action consists in the stimulation of blood flow and the strengthening of erectile function thanks to the vacuum that acts on the male organ. As a result of a member increases both in quantity and size. But this effect has a temporary character, so that the vacuum pump recommended for use directly before the sexual act.

Can medicines to increase the man's "dignity"?

Announced drugs can not say that an effective way of penis enlargement. For example, in the composition of the preformed tools are very common and vitamins. Yes, and that these pills help to improve erectile function, but no influence on the length of the penis.

If to speak about drugs for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), their composition is not always known. After use, many men may experience itching and an allergic reaction in the skin epidermis.

Therefore, the medicines to enlarge the penis are not only ineffective, but sometimes even dangerous to the health.

Badi to improve erectile function

as to enlarge the member

Today very popular dietary supplements. Thanks to the formulations of drugs, is intensifying the blood flow in the penis, improving the erection. The receipt of the company of dietary supplements has a positive influence on the duration and quality of sexual relations. By the comments of many consumers, after use, it creates a sense of increasing the main male organ. However, these drugs have a temporary effect.

In our days there is a lot of methods to enlarge the penis. Use only when the size really becomes a problem. If you decide to use them, for the experiment, do not forget that such actions can be dangerous consequences.

How to perform the massage correctly: the main methods and results of

What you should know about massage?

The essence of the technology of massage is an increase in the size of the tissues of the penis through penis stretching and the creation of micro-injuries. Not worth to be frightened, the reality is that these micro injuries will not affect their health and, if not exaggerate, do not give rise to painful sensations. Jelcing you can compare with exercises of increase of the muscles during exercise muscle tissue is damaged, and Saiva, new connections, in fact, increase the muscles in the volume. Remember the nice atmosphere and the pain in the muscles after a visit to the room? Is the pain of the explosion of connection in the tissues.

It is necessary to say that this method of penis enlargement does not guarantee any results after a month or even within six months. It all depends on the regularity of the classes, the quality of the execution of the exercises and his desire. Classes of massage — the same thing that the classes in the gym, you should pay special attention and try to gradually increase the load on the member.

Previously it's also worth remembering that all of the exercises should be performed for its account and risk and the occurrence of no effect as contusions or bruising you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to perform the massage

There are several methods to perform a massage, we will examine the most basic and effective. All methods consist of two parts: warmup and the workout itself. The first part of the — warming — is the same for all, and is obligatory before each class. The exercises must choose for themselves, the result of the option to defer is not. If any of the steps you are incomprehensible, it is best to seek the video with the lessons of massage online.

The warming of a member of

For that the exercise has not gone down the drain, you first must heat up your member. The heating is normally assigned about 5 minutes. The most effective way — from hot compresses.

  1. Take a rag of cloth and lower your warm, pleasant to the hands and the member of the water.
  2. Wait for the fabric will be totally wet and fold it into several layers so that you can completely cover such as the trunk of a member, and the crown.
  3. Wrap the penis of this compress.
  4. The fabric must be constantly warm, so that you must re-wet with warm water.

Another effective way of heating can be a container with warm water, where you can for 5 minutes to keep a member. Less of this method in which you'll have to choose a comfortable place to place this ability, as well as being in bending the legs or tip toes for 5 minutes it will be very difficult.

If you can't find a rag or a capacity to heat, you can use the usual hot shower, but this way is not very effective, since the jet of water, it is likely to cause an erection, and the massage is not desirable.

Understand what is ready to perform the massage is very easy. When your member is visually will be the largest, but it is in this relaxed and soft to the touch, you should begin the exercise.

Wet massage method

penis enlargement methods

For the first method of massage need lubrication. It is best to buy a special lubricant water-based in a pharmacy or shop products intimate or make use of vaseline. Not worth using the cream for the hands, or, what is even worse, with soap, as these tools are not designed for the delicate skin of the member, as well as the use of soap will lead to the dryness of the skin.

  1. You must previously achieve an erection, but only in a 50%, for which the member was almost parallel to the ground.
  2. Hold the member your thumb and index finger, forming a ring, just as in a gesture of "ok"
  3. Firmly squeeze the penis and slowly, for 2-3 seconds to move from the base of the penis to the head.
  4. Before arriving at the head, switch hands but do not change the compression ratio.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4, without to forget to change hands and keeping the rhythm. If necessary, add fat.

Dry jelqing

The difference of this method lies in the title, do not need lubrication. Due to the lack of lubrication, the dry massage more needs to be done slow and the use of a lower degree of compression, which in the first method.

  1. To hold the member with the hand at the base, through the creation of "the well" of the fingers.
  2. Firmly squeeze the hand, but eye, this does not caused the pain.
  3. Slowly, for a few seconds, passes the hand from the base of his member until the head, without changing the compression ratio.
  4. Switch arms and repeat 2-3 steps.

If during the massage (regardless of the form) to get a full erection, take a few minutes to reduce it.

The correct execution of

Deposit of successful massage is in your regular basis. On the basis of their experience in the execution of the exercises, you should gradually increase the load according to the following scheme.

  • The first 4 weeks of massage must be done through the day, 100-150 "approaches", taking a little more than the minimum, the average of grip. It is necessary to start with a minimum number of "approaches" and grip, so that the organism can get used to.
  • The following 4 to 6 weeks should do 200-250 "approaches" of the occupation, with an average of nearly maximum grab. The exercise is best done 2 days in a row, and after spending the day in the break. Already in this period will be aware of the small changes in the characteristics of a member.
  • The last 2-4 weeks, you should be compressing member. Exercises done each day by more than 250 "approaches". Try to increase the length of the tongs.