As your hands to enlarge your penis?

The men who are not satisfied with the size of reproductive authority, see in this a serious problem, poisoning a normal life. Thus, it suffers from the self-esteem, lost confidence in himself and his forces, observed difficulties in the relationships with the other sex, and sex often ends in failure.

Without a doubt, the discontent of penis, no action is required. Given that in man, the problem is not only physical, but also psychological. Since there often is to reduce their size, the man destroys the root of the love life.

the increase of member of the

Enlarge the member can use the operation. But the procedure is relatively complex, honey, yes, and the risk of complications is. Therefore, the question arises of how to enlarge penis with my hands? There are many ways, but you have to arm of patience, as well as manual extrusion work very slowly, and the first result can be seen after 3-4 months of daily training.

Through exercises in the home that can change in a big way, and the length and the thickness of the fertile area of the authority. Let's look at exercises that help to increase the manhood.

Jelcing to the growth of the penis

Perhaps, the technique of Jelqing is the most common form of which is enjoyed by both beginners and long time practitioners of the men. In this latter case, the strong soil amended with the exercise of their comments, member of, this is going to grow faster. Jelc of alchemy methodology, which moved from the "inheritance" from father to son.

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to perform the exercises every day. The effect is achieved due to the normalization of blood circulation in the reproductive health of body. Exercise leads to a increase of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which are more rapid and more complete fill with blood, which leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

See the first result of the expansion several months later. Therefore, if the first time nothing no, you don't have to pull the class. Only patience and daily work will help you achieve your goal. In the art of Jelking distinguish two forms: dry and wet method. Beginners it is better to use the second option.

The correct execution of the exercises of the methodology of Jelking:

  • Bring the penis up to the 60-70% erection. Apply a lubricant or a specialized gel to increase the phallus. Then there is that catch, hugging the base of a member of the ring (which is formed with the thumb and index finger). Firmly compress. This ring is necessary to pull in the direction of the head. Crown phallus do not touch. As soon as the man comes up to the head, it returns to the hand at the base and repeat the motion. To get started, simply 20 repetitions. With the time, you should take the number of approaches of up to 200;
  • Dry method is performed in a similar way, only the fat is not used. And this method of execution to beginners is not recommended, because it does not always can correctly estimate the work load, which leads to pain and complications.

Before training necessarily spend warming of a member. It reduces the risk of injury, accelerates blood circulation, increases the effectiveness of the session.

The easiest way to lower the cock in the tray with hot water for five minutes.

Manual technique of penis enlargement with hands

A penis with your hands is done with the help of a technical manual. No special skills are required of men, are made in the home. The classes are focused on increasing the volume and length of the reproductive health of the authority. Before training also necessarily is warming up.

To increase the length to do the following: get an erection – about 70%, and then to take with the fingers of the crown phallus. Hold with force, but does not shrink until the pain. He pulled out the crown to the longest possible distance. It is recommended not to throw jets in a uniform manner. The discomfort in the time of the class, it is normal. Given that the limit of tensile strength confirmed in 3-4 minutes. In the day do 4-5 exercises with a range of 1 to 2 hours.

After the class necessarily make massage. Helps to restore the circulation of the blood in the tissues of the penis. With the time, training, complicate – throw member not only of itself, but also to the right, to the left, down. In the future, a session will require 30 to 40 minutes of time.

as to enlarge the member

The alternating stretching of the authority:

  1. Getting to the erection of not more than 50%.
  2. The fat can not be used.
  3. To be exact, to seize the crown of a member of the fingers, to pull itself.
  4. Be fixed in 60 seconds.
  5. Drop – 30 seconds of rest.
  6. Repeat between 15 and 30 times.
  7. Every time you increase the number of approaches.

To increase the thickness reproductive authority for this exercise: sit in a chair, the legs are placed in shoulder width. With a hand to embrace the crown of the penis and pull up to the state of discomfort. In other words, the man feels the tension in the authority, but the sensation of pain is missing.

After the second hand holding the base phallus ring. If in the methodology of Jelcing this ring simply pulling the head, doing a special move, in this exercise must be more pressing with the thumb of the authority. This allows you to work cavernous body of the penis, which helps to increase the volume.

In the period of adaptation, when the penis just gets used to the load, and strong, will be jealous, it is not recommended. The next day a member of the hurts, the lesson may be skipped.

In the future, the phallus will get used to the load, the feelings of discomfort will take place.

The curvature of the member to increase the thickness of

Sometimes, the cause of the discontent size of the authority lies in the thickness. Without a doubt, you can insert the balls in the member, which will contribute to the authority of the required amount. However, many men prefer bloodless methods. They emit a lot of exercises that focus on the increase of knowledge, the thickness of the dignity of man.

The popularity of the lesson, the so-called "rope". Many probably already suggested by its name, what it implies. Basic rules: before the occupation do the heating member of the fat use, it is not necessary. Begin to twist only in the penis at rest.

This exercise can be used as a tool or supplement with another complex, allowing the growth of a member. More often than men choose the second option, because the 2 or more classes are more effective, respectively, the result will be more rapid. The execution of the "rope" is performed in the following way:

  • Occupy a comfortable position. The man can sit in a chair, or turn into the soil. The result of the situation does not change;
  • Then it is necessary to embrace the crown of the authority with all the fingers, tighten;
  • Later they begin to turn – they turn to a member of the left – follow until you do not hurt. Stop. In this position it is fixed at 30 seconds and then released;
  • After repeating the same steps, but the sexual organ already ends braid on the other side, to the right;
  • In total, on each side should be 5 laps.

In the future, when man no longer is going to cause the complexity of this exercise, you can modify it. There are several options to improve. For example, to perform a curvature in the penis when it is erect 50-60%. Start better with a 20% and gradually increase the degree of arousal.

Also at the time of torque you can perform the massage for penis enlargement. The training will look like this: the man has fulfilled curvature, holds with one hand the head of reproductive authority and second-hand perform special movements – start from the base and move to the head. For your move to be mobile, you can use any type of lubricant or cream. The important thing, to not fall into the head, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain sexual organ.

penis enlargement methods

Therefore, there are a lot of exercises that help house with the hands to increase the volume of the member and its length. Certainly, not all work. Someone helps to a session, and someone saw the effect of other exercise. It is, therefore, an increase in a member of the alchemy integrated process, it is better to combine several options. Optionally, you can use the devices, for example, of an extender. Their usage increases the length and thickness of the penis.