Increasing the head of the penis

Body genital is almost the highest organ of government of men, which requires further attention. Each one is very touched the problems related with the sexual organ that lead to problems in your personal life, a loss of confidence. To resolve this problem, the clinics offers a variety of treatment methods, including surgery.

It should be noted that in men very often can be found to this pathology, such as the lack of size of the head of the penis. This part of the male organ of the special fabric, is the extension of the body of the urethra, and that has the ability to increase during erection. But due to reasons anatomical volume of the head is limited and the increase of their almost impossible. But there are ways to solve this problem.

The first method of augmentation of the glans penis

the increase of the head of the penis

In medical practice there are two methods. In one of them achieves a visual increase in this part of the authority as a consequence of the special chamber of the array between individuals of the bodies and of this part of the authority. Plays the role of a pillow, on which is stretched the head of the phallus. Accordingly, the diameter of the head increases, and in the process, and in a state of tranquility.

But here, as in any surgery, there are some drawbacks. The main drawback of this method is the technique of the operation. To perform the surgery of increase of the head of the penis, vessels, the supply of the crown, in any case, intersect. This causes a high risk of developing necrosis, and even the follow-up of the loss of this part of the authority. But as if this was not strange, described a methodology quite often used in european hospitals, although the frequency of complications and debilitating, which in fact are not subject to correction, very high.

Increasing the head of the penis through the introduction of gel

There is another method to increase the glans, which is used more frequently and considered more reliable and safe. This method is an injection with a a special sterile gel, created a base of hyaluronic acid, in the head of the penis. This acid is considered as a natural matrix of any of the soft tissues. Because of this, the introduction of acid do not cause allergies and other undesirable for the body reactions, after the procedure is done, this fabric is not elastic, acquires a natural way. The head can be increased up to a certain limit, which corresponds to the volume of the head in a state of erection. But you should not forget that the gel has a property to gradually dissolve, therefore, this procedure must be repeated periodically to maintain the positive effect.

The disadvantage of this technique of increasing the head of the penis is limited in its scope. This is related to the fact that you can use exclusively in such cases, when it requires an increase of the head, precisely in a state of tranquility. As a general rule, the injections are performed for patients who had already undergone the operation, directed by the thickening phallus, when the volume of the head is not ceviche clearly lower than that thickened the body of the penis, or in cases that are related to the lack of confirmation of the apparatus a traction force to the penis enlargement. The latter situation can normally be found, if the head of this board, so that an increase thanks to the introduction of gel is the only way to secure the unit.

The advantages of this method is much. First of all, this is the only thing that this procedure does not take much time. The operation of increasing the head of the penis does not last more than half an hour. It can be performed on an outpatient basis, through the application of local anesthesia. This operation does not represent a threat to any serious complications, which are the first type of interventions, which were described by us previously. The head of child-bearing age, of the authority, increase in this way, it looks very natural, and it should be noted that, externally, and even the touch. The effect of this procedure, it will save nothing less than year and a half or even longer. This depends on the speed with which they dissolve gel.

By way of summary, we will focus our attention on what today there is no safe and reliable, the way in which it can be for a long time, and the most effective way to increase the glans of the penis (by the way, when the thickening of the body of the penis is not the case). This is due, above all, with the fact that fluffy the fabric has the characteristics of the vascularity and peculiar structure. Therefore, before you go to the operations described above, it is necessary first to assess the shortcomings and positive points, consult with your doctor about the possible consequences, before deciding on that step.