The increase of the penis

Despite the lack of medical indications, some men want to increase penis size, others are unhappy with the volume of the authority, and others argue that the correction of the necessity and this that and the other. In modern plastic surgery there are several methods to solve this problem.

That can plastic?

the increase of the penis

Some do not believe in the reality of penis enlargement through surgery. This is due to domain all sorts of "empty scammers" and the sales of miracle pills. As you can imagine, these tools work well only in the imagination. Then as that has been acquiring a reputation for decades of experience in the world of plastic surgery can present actual results.

How many inches you can add to your member of the plastic surgery

The operation of penis enlargement – is complicated. The fact that the penis originally in 4-5 inches longer than what we see. This hidden part is located below the pubic bone. It keeps the penis in that special state of suspensory binder. Its structure is such that, when lying down, the ligament for a long time, such and remains. Shrinking also. The task of the doctor – to weaken the key fob to release the hidden part of a member. This is achieved through the incision of the ligament, which then spreads. In this new state is "spear" to the more than 3-5 inches of a member.

How is it done

Heal the ligaments quickly, without pain, and if it stays in the "long" state enough time, a month, two, three, it always remains locked in that position.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and has a duration of not more than 1 hour. Postoperative impressions around the same as if you sewed the grand court – a little bit of burns and itches. If they meet the stipulated in the hygiene procedures, the healing process is passed rapidly through two to three weeks fingerprints virtually no.

After the surgery the penis is placed the extender device, which postoperacional more than 1-2,5 cm, the length of the penis will increase even an hour and a half-two.

Extender is used all the time, and in a particular schema, and you adjust the traction force. The main thing is that you feel well and felt light stretching.

We prepare for the operation of

If this is the first time that the plastic surgeon, then, of course, it's worth knowing ahead of time how occurs the preparation for surgery and the operations process.

To begin with, we explain the characteristics of an increase or a thickening of the penis. Then comes the delivery of the analysis: it is important to know whether in the body hidden inflammation, the extent of high hemoglobin, is the fix if the heart with the anesthesia, and so on. The list of analysis includes biochemistry and blood count, hiv testing, hepatitis b and c, an analysis of blood group and rh factor; the inspection of a urologist and other analysis.

It is important to know what diseases the operation is not carried out:

  • chronic infections;
  • cardiovascular disease, disease of the lungs, the kidneys, the liver;
  • diabetes mellitus.

If the results correspond to the standard, a date is set for the operation. As usual, there are on the eve forbidden – in the operation of go with an empty stomach. In postoperative period, it is recommended not to drink alcohol, that evil which affects the recovery.

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia and lasts an average of 1 hour. During this time occurs the intersection of the surface compatible with the ligaments. The second, more powerful and deep behind ligament – sling – from now on you will be responsible for the retention of a member.

as to enlarge the member

The dissection compatible with the ligaments. Side view.

  1. The head of the penis
  2. Surface compatible with bonding (lig.suspensorium penis)
  3. The vector of the dissection of the ligament
  4. Pubic bone
  5. The bladder
  6. The prostate gland
  7. Deep sling binder (lig.fundiforme penis)

The thickening of the penis in a natural way in the amount of

If you want to increase the volume of the penis not be able to pull of centimeters at the expense of the ligaments. But there is another without shedding of blood is a procedure in which only are used tissues of the organism itself. It is called "lipofilling of the penis".

Lipofilling penis Thickening of the penis)

Lipofilling member is the procedure for the thickening of the penis, in which the fat with the help of a syringe and a thick hollow of the needle – cannula – is first pumped out of an area, and then pumped to the other, forming an additional amount. The adipose tissue is taken from the places in which, as a general rule, the excess of: the abdomen, hips, waist. Ordered the removal of adipose tissue without pain and harmless, because the cannula has a special design with the rounded tip.

When injected in the place of the accumulation of adipose tissue, expands the blood vessels and nerves, not to hurt them. Under the influence of the vacuum in the syringe, the fat cells are desgajan and are absorbed into the syringe.

Then, it is transferred to the desired position and inserted under the skin, forming new solid volume of the penis.

Because the adipose tissue belongs to the patient, the rejection does not pass – well dwells, not causing unpleasant sensations.

There are still several techniques for the thickening of the penis. For example, the introduction of injection fillers (gels), which is based on hyaluronic acid. However, the effect of such procedures of short duration, lasting about 1 year. After which they are required repeated injections.

Lipofilling of the penis – all-natural, the method, the effect of which, unlike fillers, it is saved for all life.

How many inches you can enlarge the penis in its entirety?

The penis after the surgery will be thicker at 0.5-1.5 centimeters, which is enough. Fine perforations stuck surgical band-aid and quickly tightened in such a way that no trace is left.

The framework of the censorship does not allow you to share the photo of the before and after of your penis. However, the customers the satisfaction of their patients speak for themselves – you can read in the corresponding section on the web page.

As the time can not have sex after changes in the penis?

After the surgery, it is important to follow all recommendations of your doctor. After you change the size of the erection is the same, and in some cases even improved. But it is still one of the main questions: how long is the abstinence after the intervention?

The body needs time in the healing of postoperative scars and wounds, by what sex it is recommended to abstain for 3 weeks, penis enlargement, of 4 weeks of the thickening, and for 1.5 months – when you combine both operations.

the methods of penis enlargement

In the first few weeks, it is necessary to observe the scars, change the dressing, at the time of taking antibiotics, if prescribed by a doctor. Then, when the sexual life will enter into the standard, all restrictions can be taken.