How much does it cost to an operation of increase of a member of the

The procedure, whose aim is to boost the sexual organ can compete with the most popular types of plastics. The yellow press writes regularly about how many times increased the member-known and very sexy actor or tv presenter, and their fans want to take the example of the schemes.

An experienced provider knows that the penis does not have any of the standards of length, he correctly apply concepts such as small, medium or large. However, many men still aspire to this operation.

For them it is not large enough, the size of the penis is a problem they are willing to use even painful surgical way, without thinking about how much you should increase the penis.

the cost of surgery of increase of a member of the

However, the money goes to pay serious and to go to such measures it is necessary only in extreme case, when there is an urgent need. How much is the operation that increases the cock? Is directly dependent on the operational fashion. There are several, but in any case, the money that the patient will need a lot. Then we analyze the varieties of this operation, showing its features and approximate price.

How much does a penis enlargement surgery?

The operation takes 30 to 60 minutes, and is performed strictly under general anesthesia. The cost of the correction is from 200 to 1100 thousands of euros.

The ligament sexual of the authority in the course of the intervention, cut, and more anatomically does not hold in its interior the male body. This means that the increase size is due to the release of the parcel of meat.

Rehabilitation lasts up to three weeks. After the seam is reabsorbed and becomes completely imperceptible. After discharge, the patient should be regularly on the dressing. In addition, it is recommended to use an extender. Normally, after the operation do not experience the physical discomfort. So as not to affect the responsible of the erection of the blood vessels and muscles. In its entirety it maintains power.

Features of the installation of the prosthesis, and how much does it cost the penis with your help

The installation of the artificial joint, it is recommended that the representatives of the stronger sex, which has serious problems, not only with the size of the member, but with the impotence. Many doubt the prosthesis, but looks artificial from a part of the penis completely as well as the present. Women usually do not realize such a substitution. The intervention in the organism occurs quite essential. Recover will take a long time.

The price depends on the rating of the completion of this work the surgeon and the value of implant. How much does it cost for penis enlargement is so unusual method? About two thousand dollars for the implant and up to 5 thousand dollars for his setup.

How much does it cost to an operation of increase of a member in thickness?

Sexual organ can be done not only bigger, but thicker. Lipofilling increases the volume at the expense of their fat cells. You should not expect long-term and too of effectiveness, as the thickening occurs a maximum of 1 cm and after a time disappears again.

How much does it cost to enlarge the penis, the load part of fat? Around 80 thousand roubles. In some clinics, this figure could be higher. Before it is necessary to consult with specialists.

How much does a increase of a member, through the muscle of a transplant?

Surgical the way of the solution to an issue that was predicted and wrap the penis in the part of the cloth carefully removed from the abdominal wall. Under anesthesia have to be up to three hours, and after leaving him, it takes quite a time to refrain from sexual relations.

How efficient is the result? Usually produces an enlargement in 3-5cm. How much does it cost to enlarge the penis at that length? Of 2000 to 4000 euros. This is a more expensive method, but after its application, before that you shall not be earlier difficulties.

the increase of member of the

Regardless of the type of intervention need to know how much surgery costs of penis enhancement, for she was not a hard blow to their financial situation.

If you look at hosted on specialised sites of video, the information above will be more clear and more clear. You know how much it cost a penis surgery, everyone can choose the best way and achieve what we want.