The modern state problems with the growth of the penis

The dimensions of the external genitalia in all the different men. Some men are satisfied with their dimensions, others do not, others – very satisfied. The lack of authentic professional medical information about this subject generates judgments wrong android part of the population about the rules in this area.

the increase of the penis

At present, in terms of the size of the penis there are the concepts of:

  1. Micropenis – if the length of the stretched penis does not more than 2 cm.
  2. Small penis – penis lengths of less than 9.5 cm
  3. Normal penis – statistically, the average size of 9.5 cm and more.

The length of the penis are intertwined with anthropometric characteristics of the men – has been identified to have a positive correlation with the growth and negative – with the weight of the men.

In numerous global studies of the research in this field scientists, no relationship was detected between the magnitude of the penis in a state of relaxation and in a state of erection.

The size of the penis must be measured by 3 parameters:

  • in peace
  • with the maximum traction
  • when the erection

A measurement is taken of the dorsal surface, of spuma pubic angle (angle formed by the base of the penis and the anterior abdominal wall) to the edge of the head. Spuma pubic angle must be equal to 90 degrees.

Cosmetic surgery of the penis

Reasons why men want to increase penis:

  • the increase in self-esteem
  • the increase of sexual attraction
  • sexual life improvement
  • extraction of a "complex of changing rooms", the decrease of feeling of oppression in the male companies

The main indication for performing enlargement of the penis or the change of its appearance, it is the desire of the patient. And the main objective of urologists, surgeons dealing with this difficult jewelry of work – to improve the quality of life of the patient.

However, patients should remember that all surgical methods give rise to a marked lengthening of the penis only in a state of tranquility. The length of the penis in state of erection increases much less.

techniques of increase of the members of the

The methods of penis enlargement

All the methods can be divided into vacuum, traction and surgical.

1. Vacuum the method of penis enlargement – non-surgical method, which consists of a long, gradual operation of the authority. This method is known as method of the vacuum pump, giperestesia.

The vacuum pumps are manual and computerized. In this latter case, the penis is placed into the tube, and around it is created a negative pressure. The program of penis enlargement using a vacuum pump designed to 1 year. The first 16 weeks the sessions are held every day. Then 1 time every 3 days. A session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The results showed that the patients who complied fully with the instructions and recommendations, have enlargement of the penis in an average of 3 cm per year. The quality of the erection has not changed.

Today, there is only one vacuum system, which is easy to use and has no side effects. The quality is superior to all others, presented and disclosed in the market. The details of the same tested and approved by medical experts.

2. Tractu method of penis enlargement – non-invasive, based on the principle of "stretching" of the tissues.

If certain parts of the body (fingers, hands and legs, ear lobes, lips, neck, etc) submit to the permanent all-wheel drive, the cells in this area start to share, which increases the amount of this tissue.

There are special devices – extenders, which are made of plastic and silicone, which can keep the cravings from 900-1800, Are easy to use, are not visible under clothing. To get the maximum effect, it is necessary to perform traction daily, 8 hours a day, during 12 to 20 weeks.

The negative points of penis enlargement:

  • can experience pain in the beginning of the use of an extender
  • the use of an extender is limited in patients with diabetes mellitus, diseases of the liver and the blood system.

The elongation, which was able to reach out to patients who meet all of the standards, is 2.5-3 cm, it should Be remembered, that the greater and the long-term effect of the extenders have after the penis enlargement surgery, if applied in the postoperative period.

3. Surgical methods of penis enlargement


  • of health (peyronie's disease, epispadia, hypospadias, the consequences of the injury)
  • functional (the penis of the aging male, webbed, hidden or buried penis)
  • aesthetic indications (patient's wish)
as enlarge the penis

"Traps" of the enlargement of the penis or what you need to know the patient to try to increase the penis:

  • smoking cessation, since negative results are observed with greater frequency among smokers alters the healing of wounds, etc;
  • there is no standard surgical techniques with a guarantee of high efficiency;
  • the possibility of discrepancy of the desired results are valid;
  • the impossibility of increasing the glans, therefore, it does not exclude the violation of the proportions of the head and the shank of the part of the penis;
  • the mandatory application of the traction in the postoperative period;
  • the enlargement operation penis that does not lead to the improvement of sexual function and sexual;
  • the enlargement operation penis does not cure impotence organic;
  • as with any surgery, there can be a different type of complications. The risk in the skilled hands of a reduced to a minimum, which allows to recommend to perform these actions in highly specialized centres where there is sufficient experience, accumulated knowledge and perfected the technique of operations.

The requirements to the patient:

  • discipline – strict compliance of all the recommendations of your physician;
  • the hygiene compliance;
  • the resumption of physical efforts must be discussed in advance with your doctor and authorized;
  • the resumption of sexual relations should also be discussed with your doctor and authorized;
  • completely exclude smoking.

The evaluation of the results of the operation is performed according to the following criteria:

  • the degree of elongation (up to a maximum of 2.5-3 cm);
  • uniform thickening of the penis;
  • the absence of disorders of urination;
  • the absence of disorders of erection (if it wasn't before the operation);
  • the satisfaction of the patient.

It is currently designed the following concept of the enlargement of the penis, which received the name of "triple":

a penis surgically
  1. The surgical procedure – recovery period of 2 to 5 weeks
  2. Traction using an extender – in the period of 3-6 months
  3. The use of giperestezii (vacuum system) – from 6 to 12 months.

Precisely when this technique is used, the results of increased penis more representative.

The article is informative. If you have problems with health – do not make sui diagnosis and see your doctor!