The modern penis enlargement methods

For many men, the penis augmentation even a few inches is a dream. Many experts assert that modern methods allow to get quite significant. Only what?

Some claim that you can increase the member of a centimeter, other – three-four. In this article we are going to techniques that allow to increase the penis without operations and tablets, as well as try to understand how profitable that are popular in the men of the environment of the procedures of penis enhancement.

penis enlargement methods

Thus, according to the statistics, after completing the course, the penis increases in average of 3 to 4 centimeters long, 1 to 2 centimeters wide and in the excited state). In an excited state a man's "dignity" usually grows no more than two centimeters. The practice shows that the member usually does not grow more than thirty percent of its natural size. If you do not stop the thrust of the class, can be achieve to increase the penis a few inches, but after this process slows down significantly. Every inch that they are going to do with the work.

It is necessary to remember, that much depends on the technique selected. The first few months of the penis just get used to the new loads. When this tissue of the male organ does not grow. An accident of several months begins active growth, which have more to do with the effectiveness of the extension prepared by the ligaments. At this time you can expect a growth of up to two or three centimeters. In the future, grow only in the tissue of the penis. More effective at this stage will be the stretchers, we need to carry no less than six hours per day.

The stretchers

In the case of the use of data simple in design and efficient appliances you can achieve the first results in a month or two. The growth in this case would be approximately a year and a half or two inches. When this complete course penis enlargement takes around six months. During this period, you are able to achieve substantial growth (around two to four centimeters). If you use this method, in the period of two or three years, this case, the result is you can expect impressive – more than five centimeters. In terms of the width of the penis, is changed upward slightly (one-to-one and one-half centimeters).


This "manual" technique of today it is very popular. This is due to the high efficiency of training, as well as the availability and low cost of the method itself. The first "swallows" (of about a cm of growth) will be visible only through three-four months. Unlike the first technique, jelking allows you to increase the member diameter. Therefore, this method will be more effective to combine with the use of the extender. First, the penis increases in length and then in width.

Vacuum of the water pump

This method is best to turn to the men who have already tried the first and the second method. When this effect is not necessary to wait long – the penis increases already after a few minutes of 10 percent to 15 percent. But as soon as you lose the erection, and the result. The use of the vacuum pump more possible to be attributed to the more technical. If you only use this tool for the penis enlargement, the result is you can wait a long time – six months, approximately. In some cases, to obtain results, it is necessary to deal with the years. It is undeniable the advantage of this method is the possibility of bringing the member.

as to enlarge the member

Each of these methods has its own characteristics, advantages and, of course, flaws. For each of the methods is very important the correct technique, which will allow to achieve maximum results and not to have serious injuries. Therefore, to avoid serious errors, before you begin classes, you should carefully read the recommendations of the professionals, the people who have already walked this path. Explore more in detail the characteristics of all the techniques in the resource In any case, remember that health is first.