As enlarge the penis at home

Many men who face the inability to satisfy his partner in bed by the reason of the modest size of the penis are shy to seek assistance in special institutions and prefer to find techniques that could be applied in the terms and conditions, however, to be as effective. Here in the help will come a long-standing experience of our ancestors. At different times, the representatives of the different peoples sought out and tested the new methods of manipulation designed to increase the penis and asked the this of the desired results.

Penis enlargement techniques

the increase of members in the household

When all of the diversity of methodologies and unique ways, the basic principle and the main task remains the constant, up in erectile tissues of the penis, more blood, and increase the circulation of the blood in the organs of the pelvic area. The achievement of such purposes, leads to an increase of one member in the volume and length you long for many men, that nature has gifted you with rather modest dimensions of the dignity of man.

Massage for penis enlargement

One of the examples of effective methods for the increase of the penis is the milking technique. Many arabs of the centuries, men with this method you get the desired dimensions, greatly increasing the penis in comparison with the normal of the authority, which is why the inheritance. The technique is very simple, but powerful. The massage will not take much time, enough all the days of spending 10 minutes in the training, and after a time, the result will be obvious. For those who want to achieve a snapshot of the results, without applying the effort and the patience it is worth to pay attention to other ways of solving the problems of a small member, because any method used in the home requires the firmness and stability of the performance over the months.

And so, the own massage technique is applied when no excitation, a member state may, with the two hands, of variable shape changing from one to the other. Exercise must be smart, but with care, so as not to damage the blood vessels. Any exercise does not have to call to make the sensation of discomfort or pain.

The essence is simple, holding the base of the penis with two fingers, like a ring, you must pull the member aside, and at the same time with the hand to the head. In the imprint of a hand going the other, so the capture up of blood in the erectile tissues. The erection when this type of massage is prohibited. In whatever form it takes, must make a pause, that can also increase the duration of the sexual relationship and wait for the moment of ejaculation.

The increase of a member by means of the expander

Likewise, the house can resort to the help of the expander. The essence of the work of the expander in stretching of the penis and increase the volume of the corpora cavernosa, which implies an increase of the amount of blood flow and, therefore, of the authority. Constantly use of reach the constantly growing volume of penis. It should be noted that the expander helps to get rid of the curvature of a member, who is not only an aesthetic problem, but also may cause erection disorders in connection with the impairment of the circulation of the blood. The use of the expander, respecting all the indications and measures of security has practically no contraindications and side effects.

In the home is to efficiently use the kegel exercise to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. This simple method will allow you to increase the libido, helps to control the premature ejaculation, contributes to a better circulation in the pelvic area, which, as already mentioned, directly affects the flow of blood to the penis and its size during erection.

A muscle that normally helps to stop urinating, or it is worked, before the impossibility of getting up to the toilet and will be the main in this method.

as enlarge the penis at home

One of the most common methods: to stretch the muscle and keep it in that state for 15 seconds, and then relax in the same time. You should start with 20 repetitions, the number of those who each day increase. After a week you should do 50 repetitions. To do the exercise, better standing or in the supine position. The quick result of the same, should not be expected. The training effect will be obvious after half a year, regular classes, so again have patience and faith in the desired outcome.