The instruction for the increase of member of sodium bicarbonate

It just so happens that the majority of the men complaining about the dimensions of your penis. How many times, in spite of your penis, you feel the desire that he was at least a couple of inches longer? On the internet you can up to the infinite view several videos in which is described to increase the sexual organ, can supposedly, with the use of several special ointments, gels and creams. However, these media rarely help to the reality, and they cost very expensive. Therefore, more and more men are turning to this ancient popular mode, as the gain of a member of the sosa.

how to increase the member of food

The average dimensions

Health statistics shows that the Russian has the android working tool and a length of 12 to 16 cm, that is to say, more normal, nothing outstanding member of here will be the authority for the length of 14 cm and a diameter of 2.5-3 refer to the help of a penis can be good and satisfy a woman, and to conceive a child. However, many men it seems that your penis is still small, so that it can advise the increase of member of sodium bicarbonate.

It has been scientifically proven that the size of the penis of the male directly influences the mental state of a representative of the stronger sex and their self-esteem. Men who have a little dignity, behave aggressively, often it is indispensable that they become very large cars or large fighting dog. A kind of a kind of compensation.

Advance notice: before you increase the member of the soda, be prepared mentally to what the girls, as it often is in practice, they don't like that guys large penis. In bed the man, in which a huge sexual organ, rather it will cause the girl discomfort or even pain, not to mention the absence of pleasure and comfort.

A big penis is good for the elevation of self-esteem, as well as the indicated on the anal sex. If you decide for yourself, that the increase of one member, through the soda you is of vital importance, below you will find instructions on how to perform this process in detail.

We increased the member correctly

The increase of the penis sosa — the thing is not new, it was invented clearly is not that of yesterday. His father and grandfather, you probably knew about this secret, and the sodium bicarbonate has been and is in every home in the drawer of the kitchen table. Of course, normally be used not to enlarge the penis, and for the household chores: cleaning the dishes, cooking, etc

There are two common variants of the application of bicarbonate of sodium, intended for penis enlargement. You can try both, or the way that you like.

how to increase the member of sodium bicarbonate
  1. Take a hot bath to relax the penis, even slightly to masturbate. Take a teaspoon of baking soda, to mix it with a teaspoon of oil or honey. Obtained mass is necessary to apply onto the penis and massaged his five minutes. Then let of stain and massaging the sex organ, let the whipped cream is simply absorbed and precipitate out directly on the rise. Thoroughly rinse all soda cream with the member and prepare the penis begins to grow. Also, this way, it helps to prolong the time of copulation in 10-15 minutes.
  2. If you don't it is very appropriate for the scheme, according to which it is necessary to rub the penis soda cream, or, perhaps, not have conditions, you can always do it another way. The second method is more easy to use than the first, and also really increases the cock. Take bicarbonate of soda — a tablespoonful in a glass of water. Must dissolve completely in the water. In the information received in the fluid should lower the manhood in 10 minutes, but not more, and you can see right away, as the baking soda affects the size of the penis. This is the simplest method and least expensive in time.

Whichever way you choose, do not forget that the baking soda gives only a temporary effect. We recommend using washing soda for an hour or two before the sexual act, and then the penis bulging and elongated, like you and your lady. With the help of soda you can achieve an increase in the average diameter of 1 cm, the length of your body will grow in a 1-2, see

Pay special attention to the manipulation of the head of the penis: in large part it depends, in the measure that changes the value of the penis.

You can check both of the fashion, since in reality tried and tested for decades. Look, what method is best for him, and make sure that it is true. Now you know how you can use baking soda to increase the penis.

Be careful and don't abuse this way, in any case! Frequent reception of soda will lead to unpleasant consequences, and, probably, will be very lousy.

Even despite the damages, many of the men who abuse in this way. This can lead to the following negative phenomena:

  • appear the sores and the crack that is sore;
  • you can develop an allergic reaction;
  • this does not preclude the burning and itching;
  • abuse can cause even serious illnesses such as cancer of the penis.

Doctors recommend the use of the data in a way not more than once in six months, in exceptional cases, once every four months. Many men literally crazy in the matter of how to enlarge the penis, make soda poultice more frequently. What is the abuse makes them stable patients urologist, and because of it, are forced to spend money on expensive treatments.

Who can't use the soda?

It is better to renounce to the use of this method, to the following persons:

  1. Diabetics. Soda, even in small quantities, is dangerous affects the blood sugar.
  2. For people with prostate problems and prostatitis, here and so it seems that everything is clear.
  3. Suffering from urethritis and cystitis. Sodium bicarbonate is a potent irritant that please don't exactly that will.
  4. For those who have a yeast infection or allergic and dermatitis. Canker sores generally quite problematic, the disease, and the baking soda, only worsen the situation.

There are numerous internet customers, dedicated to this topic in general and specifically to the question of who is the better soda not use. There are also several tips that being said, who uses sodium bicarbonate in a member, and that, precisely, with the authority that happens.

The comments of many concentrates on the roller, in which the man directly to the camera smeared on his cock, which is in an excited state, normal drinking bicarbonate of sodium, and your body genital increases in the eyes. On the contrary, it uses the videomontaje, because none of soda, this effect can not occur. Member actually at some point it's going to grow, if to anoint his soda, but not in the 5 cm or more.

how to increase the member food contraindications

Other good ways

Sometimes, sleeping in and you see that a small part of growing up, and you satisfacere them girls, one after another, as if you're a hero porn, and you get everything. Then you wake up and you realize that all of this is not more wet dreams. Can you find the recipe that really influences the growth of the penis? If we apply the sodium bicarbonate, we understand that the effect is temporary, and is not reliable. But if you use other, more effective methods that not only increase the cock, but and prolong the duration of sex, can especially not worry.

In summary, the following effective drugs that have excited the media, are sold in internet shops, and can be purchased at a reasonable price. With the purchase of your, you buy a great member and the quality of the sex.

If you are going to use these gels, and solutions, will automatically become irrelevant to the question of how to excite the girl before you have sex. A look at his great dignity enough to make the girl really happy!

Summarizing the above

Every man for himself resolves the matter, agree in their dimensions of your penis or not, as well as if there is a need to take any measures to enlarge the penis. Someone before the saws of the funds for the erection and increase the size, someone is considering the possibility of starting meds now, but for someone who does not want to spend money on expensive medications and you prefer the old recipe of baking soda, which, in addition, can do damage. Now you know how to enlarge the member, and what there is to do. Good luck and success in the world of sex!