Actual and tested methods of how to enlarge penis at home

As you can enlarge your penis at home? Question archaic, close to the ancient greece there was a cult of the deity with the involvement of long penis – Priapus. And now, the male name of the disease, excess of size of the penis, is called "priapism".

the increase of a member of the house of

The culture of the masses today issued a benchmark in this part of the body, which is very above the average rate.

Anyone interested in methods of penis enlargement of curiosity, and someone deliberately and persistently want to change the size of your fruitful of the authority, not missing when the surgical.

The TOP 10 of the best penis enlargement methods at home

The extension options of members in the home. Will focus on the increase of the length by increasing the blood of the authority and of stretching. Among the most popular:

  • The media, for example, soda;
  • The impact of the exercises, such as stretching, jelqing, exercises of dangerous goods;
  • Equipment — the pump and extenders;
  • The vaporizer;
  • Massage;
  • Gel;
  • Cream;
  • Of the ointment.
  • Spray;
  • The essential drugs;
  • Hormones;
  • Herbs and products.

Each one of them requires special attention, since there is the possibility of injuring the organ.

Home remedies

Each new generation of men gave the story a new method of penis enlargement. The most common: the use of baking soda, which acts only temporarily.

To lengthen the penis, you must do a bath of caustic soda. The manipulation go on for an hour before the alleged intimacy — method involves a temporary.

At the time, when the sexual organ is immersed in the tray, that should not be in a state of erection.

Use sodium bicarbonate in the form of compresses. Its mixed with the honey, is then applied over the entire length of the penis, excluding the impact of the mix of the crown. What is the distribution of the composition due to contact with the sensitive skin of the head, the composition of the cause discomfort. In extreme cases, feel a burning sensation. Then appears the risk of injuring the organ.

the increase of a member of the house of exercises

Common use of a paste with the baking soda, than they do in the home, however, interact more with care. Before the procedure take a hot bath, fumantemque the skin, and then carefully drying with a towel.

Sexual organ of a man lubricated with sunflower oil, and then sprinkled a small amount of soda. After, you should take a soft sponge and gently massage oiled penis. With circular motions, no more than 5 minutes. After 2 minutes of not touching the body. When this procedure is completed, the paste should be rinse well with water.

It is possible the emergence of a small redness, when it is finished. After the costs to oil a body cream, so as not to dry out the skin.

There are other popular methods of real increase of a member, through the increase of blood flow. To do this, use infusions of horse chestnut or aloe juice.


Identify the following exercises:

  • stretch;
  • jelqing;
  • the suspension weighted.

In function of the objectives, choose specific discipline.

The trim of the

The clipping object is slow, ordered by the impact on the sexual organ in a state of arousal. This exercise is performed is of the same type, with the difference in the complex of the paho, in which the authority extends.

It includes the trimming of the spins almost 360about the same impact, but for the type of pendulum. The duration does not exceed 10 repetitions of 15 seconds each.


jelqing is quite interesting methodology, which is based on the increase in the blood of the corpora cavernosa of the member, that is the reason for the increase in the size of the authority. This exercise exists in the wet and dry cases. Are distinguished by the presence of fat.

The man can't get a full erection, it embraces the body from the root of a ring of thumb and index finger. Hereinafter, the compressed in the time limit of 3 seconds. Pass through the "ring" to the head. After the capture in the base of the other hand and repeats the motion.

The suspension of goods

The suspension of the goods —the lesson that you can get an injury. It is the most well-known and old method to increase the length of the penis. Take a normal rope, forming the loop and is fixed immediately behind the head of the penis. For the convenience of the sometimes advanced secure the tape, not to scratch the skin.

Then, to the rope of the suspended weight. With this "device" perform normal household waste business.

When you are prompted, including the lungs pain, you should immediately put an end to the acts.


Humanity has developed a number of innovative devices to change the size of the penis. In each category of instruments is a huge number of shapes and sizes, which makes to the taste of millions of customers.

Water pump

Vacuum of the water pump is known throughout the world as the most popular penis enlargement devices. Its principle of operation consists in the formation of a low pressure area around the authority, plunged into the pump.

Under the influence of this pressure, the penis increases. It will form an additional flow of the blood, while weak and emigration. The procedure can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. This method is ideal for increasing the parameter of thickness of the penis.


Extender device to stretch the tissue phallus. With the help of devices stimulate the tissue growth. The device aims not only penis enlargement, but also in the increase of its width.

The vaporizer

The steamer belonging to the category of funds for increase the penis with an effect and are applied directly during the sexual act. Are immediately increase the length and width of the penis. This effect, in the form of changing the size of dignity of man, which, of course, not give.


the increase of a member of the home stretch

Massage to increase the size and dignity of man, were distributed amongst the men. An example of a massage in conjunction with exercises serves the jelqing.

The massage can be directed both to a total increase in the authority, and the impact on the head.

Hand massage is a popular method. First member of the cover with grease for the whole length, and then introduce the penis completely in an excited state.

Sexual organ embrace the palm of the hand and make a rocking motion from the root to the head, and pulling it out. Hereinafter, the foreskin gently away down, and carefully returned to the place. Then change hands and repeat the exercise. Finally receive not less than 30 movements with both hands, but not more than 60 repeats. This session lasts 20 minutes.

For the increase of the head using a special technique of massage. The fingers have the penis by the base and pressing in on him, carry blood to the head. This massage is performed slowly. When the toes are stretched up to the head, they are fixed in that position for a couple of seconds.

Creams, ointments and gels

There are three categories that you can divide all of the creams, gels, ointments, increase the penis:

  • The short-term;
  • In the long term;
  • Auxiliary.

The first category is directly relevant before the sexual act, since its effect lasts no more than two hours

Long-term increase cock within a month. Their effectiveness is the long-term outcome, but is based on a constant use.

The third group is applied in combination with other methods to increase the sexual organ of the man.

Medications, herbs, homeopathy

Medications and penis enlargement techniques homemade way, focus on the flow of blood to the organ. Herbs, products, tablets, Badi and hormones influence the change of size of the dignity of man. They provide the man more longer-lasting erections, lengthen the sexual intercourse, the sensitivity of the authority and increase the libido.

Regardless of what remedy was stopped, the man appointed by your doctor employee.

The side effects and risks

All methods have some risk. If you have successfully selected popular of the prescription or pharmacy the gel, you can develop an allergic reaction, or burns of the tissues of the penis from the authority.

If bad or excessive diligence will be a year of massage or if some error occurs in the use of the device, you can get bruising, bumps, or even injuries on the penis. However, too much fear is not worth – sufficient for the fulfilment of the banal of-the-art security.


the increase of a member of the house of the load

Any man can select a favorite him the option to try one of the methods of penis enlargement. But the decision should be wise and sensible. Scientifically proven: the length of the penis does not influence the quality of sex, and of large dimensions, bearing the discomfort of some girls.