As enlarge the penis without surgery

The size of the penis is one of the issues that concern people a long time ago. Dimensions member play a role of and for women, who mostly prefer to lovers of weight to the dignity. The dimensions are important to the men who safe do you feel, if you can boast of a great member. You can talk about what that size does not matter, but the fact is - men and women, if you do not focus on the size, are assigned to them, in the sexual life of a very important place.

the increase of member of the

Therefore, many men are looking for ways to increase the penis. more than the choice of these methods is really wide and varied. There are only to determine that it is what you want, on what date you want to get the result, and how much money you are willing to spend, and you can easily find what you are satisfied on all levels.

On surgeries such as penis enlargement method

Men unhappy with the size of his dignity, much. However, not all are willing to lie down under the scalpel of a surgeon. Although, in principle, the prospect of moving away from the narcosis ensure greater member draws, by common sense, the reflection many refuse so tempting at first sight of the decision.

Here traps? Of course. The penis enlargement surgery involves the delineation of the ligaments, implantation in the tissue of a member of adipose tissue that is external to the authority, and so on. All of these procedures, in terms of modern medicine are unpredictable. It is possible that in the future the doctors can guarantee the result, but today there is still the risk that your already impressive size of the penis stops to please you and your partner erection.

Another time - the surgery is very expensive, and taking into account the unpredictability of the result, you can go and not only in the money in the wind, but about more serious problems. Ok money to pay for the health problems in the future, not everyone can be a healthy person. More than the ways of enlarging the penis not only of the surgery.

Then, how to increase the penis without surgery? Ways of a lot. For example, you can rely on the manufacturers of the medicines that promise results in the shortest time possible. The result will be, but it is unlikely that such, what are you waiting for. None of the market of medicines will not increase your penis. Different herbs, broths, can promote the growth of the corpora cavernosa - but the result can only improve the general well-being of your body. And only in the event that you choose the right remedy, that will not cause any harm to your health.

You can use the roots of china, the tibetan medicine. In this case, herbal teas can interact, combined with breathing exercises of a special method, with the meditation. But, again, the result is not guaranteed. In addition, not all women can take with understanding his new style of life, rather than the result (if any), will be swept away. through several years.

Are there more ways to lengthen the penis, in addition to dubious pills and are insufficient breathing exercises? You can go for the massage. Only a few years of daily massages, and you will notice that the member will increase by one or two centimeters. Is not impressive?

Then it is worth paying attention to another form of bezoperatsionnogo enlargement of the penis - mechanics of aggregates. In reality, the answer to the question of how to enlarge the penis without surgery, the use of mechanical aggregate is the best option. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that not all the mechanical devices intended to increase the size of the member, can boast of the security and the ease of use, so the choice of such aggregates should be treated with much care. One of the most popular and sought after products of today are the existing models of the extensor.

penis enlargement methods

The advantages of extenders, we can highlight:

  1. the low price;
  2. on the quick result;
  3. high-efficiency (you can increase the size of the penis of 2 to 5 cm);
  4. the possibility of increasing the volume of the penis;
  5. the irreversibility of the results;
  6. the absolute security of the application.

Within A few hours to enjoy carrying the device in a day, and after a couple of weeks, you and your partner will be able to evaluate the results impressive. As enlarge the penis without surgery? It is very easy, you just have to buy an extender, that it is completely safe of the appliance, increase the penis, as does the man of the complex, the insecurity in the bed, making your sex life and the sex life of your partner more vibrant, colorful, happy.

The temporary form of penis enlargement

Another way to increase the penis ( temporary! ) is the use of vacuum pumps, has been established as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of blood stagnation in the pelvis. The apparatus causes the flow of blood and stimulates the acceleration of the processes of change in the tissues. According to the research, the use of the vacuum pump contributes to the recovery of the power in 90% of cases, and in 80% enhancement natural erection. All of the vacuum pump are divided into two categories: manual and mechanical. Manual the pump is the cylinder with the o-ring and the hand pump, through which a vacuum is created in the cylinder. In the mechanical models of light bulb is equipped with special vibrator, which is powered by batteries.

The action of the unit is to stimulate the flow of blood to the genitals, by the creation, in the pump discharging from the vacuum. This contributes to increase the size and sensitivity of the penis. Tissue transport oxygen, improves the circulation of blood in the whole body, which is reflected favorably on the health of men. Many use vacuum vacuum pump for committing various sex acts in a row. To do this, after the first ejaculation, it is necessary to smear a member of the fat and place it in the vacuum pump. Having put the ring, the air pump, after a few minutes, the man is ready to have sex again.

Indications for the use of the vacuum pump:

  • The weakening of the erection;
  • Impotence psychological;
  • Impotence, the cause of various diseases.
as enlarge the penis

Especially sued for this method of penis enlargement in men older than 40 years or those who deal with heavy physical performance. When the appliance is not to be communicated to the discomfort. The effect of vacuum must be proportional, as recommended in the methodology – long impact force of vacuum may be the cause of the edema of the tissues of the penis, and small hemorrhages. To maximize the use of the machine, you can periodically reduce or increase the vacuum. Larger the void is only possible in the end of the procedure. In a preventive way, the device is recommended for use in men of all ages, do not live a regular sex life. The selection of the mode of decompression in the treatment of sexual disorders should be consistent with your doctor. Contraindications to the use of vacuum pumps are unknown.