The most effective ways as a man with a penis

A considerable number of men are reflecting on how to enlarge the member. In fact, many of them simply unhappy with their dimensions. Some due to the length of the member, even appear serious problems, which negatively affect your life. Very often because of this problem goes away the confidence in himself and suffers the self-esteem. Therefore, it is necessary to study the main methods of penis enlargement, which will help you actually increase your member.

like enlarge the male member

The normal size of the

Before you increase the member must decide normal size. The male member has no lasts, the rules relating to their length. However, the deviation can be considered, if the size of less than eight centimeters in length. When this sexual organ must be in a state of arousal.

Very often the man decides regardless of whether your penis in some type of deviation. In this case, it all depends on your aesthetic preferences of the men and the queries of your partner. In most cases, people independently invent a problem of this type. Since the sexual satisfaction of the couple little depends on the size of the penis. This is only a myth, which introduces you to many people in error.

If it really is

Many wonder, is it possible to enlarge the member by itself, what are the methods of penis enlargement there are and to what extent it can increase the male sexual organ. It is necessary to understand with this, so that in the future this type of question will not be produced.

The penis is an organ that has a higher level of sensitivity to external stimuli. It has been shown that its actual size can be lower if to satisfy the sexual desires regularly use the tool with very narrow diameter.

Therefore, if it is possible to reduce size, it can be assumed that the growth of your penis also. However, it should be understood, is it really necessary to apply methods of penis enlargement.

To understand this, you should familiarize yourself with average dimensions of authority in the excited state. If to speak about representatives of the white race, the average length is 11 to 16 cm, and the diameter is from 2 to 5 see why people with such dimensions for the enlargement of the penis has nothing to do, because his sexual organ has normal parameters.

How to increase the

The people who took the final decision, you must understand how to increase your penis size and make a selection of the best method of penis enlargement.


This method of penis enlargement is one of the most common and effective. This efficient method was used for many years, the inhabitants of africa, india and the middle east. With the help of the systematic application of Jelqing can increase the size.

To begin with, you have to understand that it is necessary to do to enlarge the member of this method. To the genitals, the faster they grew, you must buy a special lubricant and follow the instructions. This technique of penis enlargement is divided into several major ways.

During the use of any of them, the sexual organ should not be totally excited. The erection level should be around 50% to 70%.

At the same time, increase the size of the penis this way, in the sexual relationship of a body several times the circulation of the blood. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the erectile tissues are stretched. Literally, after 2-3 months of regular Jelqing, the member increases in a few inches.

like enlarge the male member at home

There are several techniques for Jelqing, that will help any boy to understand how to enlarge the member:

  1. Exercise no. 1. Before you start the procedure of penis enhancement, it is necessary to deal with heat cavernous tel. So before enlarging the penis, it is necessary to prepare a special means for heating the directory To do this in a skillet warms a little salt, after which it is placed in a cloth bag. Then, this bag is necessary to temporarily attach to the penis, to allow it to warm up. When the phallus will be fully heated, you should wear part time erect state and process the special grease. Then, to extend the authority should take in his fingers and gradually stretched. During the execution of such exercises it is necessary to follow by the number of them . The first time should be no more than forty. Gradually increase the amount from 50 to 60.
  2. Exercise no. 2. This exercise will also help to give the member a bit more. This technique of penis enlargement is different from the previous one, the fact that the pressure on the sexual organ is not performed with the fingers, and the whole of the palm of the hand. Is taken and is compressed in a period of 10 to 20 seconds. During compression, the member should be pulling in different directions. Compress must be very strong, but without pain, so that it does not harm soft tissue. The increase of the penis can already see two months after starting the execution of the exercises.


There are other tangible ways to penis enlargement. The massage is ideal for people who want to know how safe to increase the size of the penis.

It is the easiest way, by which you can increase the sexual organ. Since in this case it is not necessary to spend finances and everything can be done at home. The massage is applied not only to increase the length, but also to improve the sexual desire.

During the execution of such dimensions increase exercises, you should strictly follow the recommendations. This will not only enhance, but the day avoiding any type of injuries that can occur during the execution of the exercises.

Before you begin with the process of the increase of the dignity of man, it is best to do the pre-heating penis. To do this, any towel may be immersed in baths of hot water and cover with it the penis. After several minutes, the procedure will have to be repeated. This poultice is made for the increase of penis more effective. Warming makes the skin more elastic and several times improves the blood flow.

At the time of the massage slowly releasing the skin with the fingers. To carry out this procedure, it is recommended that over a period of several months, to achieve the desired result.

The application of loads

Increase the size of the penis and with the help of the hang of different goods. This is not the best way to enlarge the member, because that is traumatic enough. During the use of this methodology for the load seriously affects the erectile tissues and ligaments, so that they can increase the manhood. This way you can affect the length of the authority, but the thickness of this will not change.

like enlarge the male member load

Before you perform this procedure, it is best to do the order of the authority hot. This can be done with the help of a massage, and heated towels. After a good warm-up you can begin the procedure. Before that the head must be attached to the tape, which will be needed for fixation of fixation of the strap to hang the small load.

People who regularly practice the suspension of the goods, do not advise too long to do so. The first sessions do not last more than 20-30 minutes. Then, the duration of the procedure and the weight of the goods little by little will increase. At the time of fixation of the load, attention should be paid in the head. The fact that she is not numb at the time of the suspension. If it mutes, it is necessary to use more of the burden of weight.


Many are wondering how can a penis extender. This accessory is used not only for the increase of the penis, but also for leveling. To understand how to increase the effectiveness of the body of this appliance, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of their work.

With the help of a penis extender begins to spread, and in this way accelerates the growth of tissues. Extender allows you to increase the length of the penis for a long time. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the fact that the length of the authority increased for a short time, because it persists, even if in the future not to use the device.

There are several cost-effective models of extender and therefore, before you decide which one is the device the best way to enjoy. For example, transmit the accessories are the cheapest, but the use is not very convenient. More comfortable are a waist belt and the vacuum of the model.

Water pump

Some reflect, if you really enlarge the penis with the help of the vacuum pump. In fact, some argue that the increase of the length of the pomp possible. It can be safely said that, with the help of this device you can not just make a member more, but several at the same time improve the sexual power. This equipment generates around a member of the vacuum, which improves the erection and stimulates the blood flow.

Before you use this device, you should understand how to use it.

Before you use the appliance, the sexual organ processes the fat and special creams. After this, is inserted in the cylinder of the apparatus. To create a vacuum, all the air pump removed and the member has been seriously pressure. This leads to improve the circulation of blood and makes the penis longer. To reduce the pressure of many pump models are equipped with special built-in pressure gauge.

Is it possible with the help of the pump to lengthen the member for ever? Not, as well as the size of a larger penis. will begin to gradually decrease. To keep the length of regular use of the pump before start the sexual act.


In most of the ads, which explains how to increase the penis, mentioned various ointments, creams, and sprays. There are several types of these medications. Can be:

  • short-term – are effective only if applied prior to the sexual act;
  • long to get a long-term result;
  • auxiliary – it is recommended to apply only in parallel with other, more effective drugs.

In the short term, the ointment can be made more effective. To do this, it should be used with any heating component that may stimulate the flow of blood. Therefore, you can at any time to increase the size of the penis.

Less effective are the sprays, as they may be a little improve blood circulation. Therefore, it is not worth to believe that aerosols are able to always increase the size of the member.


The nozzle is ideal for people who deal with the issue, as in reality increase the penis. It is more fast and simple method. More often applied, if it is necessary to extend the member during the sexual act. The nozzle may not only lengthen your manhood, but even to improve erection.

like enlarge the male member water pump

There are closed and open models of such devices. The first are ideal only for the elongation, to increase the width, it is better to acquire a model of open source. The best place to buy nozzles made of latex or silicone, because the materials are very similar to the skin.

With these tips you can lengthen sexual organ is between 8 and 10 see, However, many such dimensions do not agree and, therefore, in the sale you can find a model with a total length of 3 to 5 see


Practice the increase of the dignity of man capable of every man, that matter the size of your dignity. For this reason, every man should be familiar with all the methods of penis enlargement, to choose the best technique of penis enlargement.