10 ways to increase the dignity of man

The size of the penis is always the object of special care for any man of childbearing age. Of this factor depends to a large extent the success of the women's own self-esteem, and even in nature. The penis of modest size, often becomes the cause of the development of the complex, which invariably affects your personal life. Today there is a wide variety of methods to solve the problem: simple accessories stores products intimate to complex surgical techniques increase.

the increase of member of the

Factors that influence the size of the penis:

  • The composition of the diet. Men who consume enough protein of animal origin and the spices, the latest member;
  • The level of testosterone. Most of the hormone in the blood, the greater intensity is the growth of the penis;
  • The state of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus (in the tumor and other damage causing the underdevelopment of the penis);
  • The presence of diabetes mellitus (inhibits puberty);
  • The bad habits of intoxication. In men, who in his youth had abused drugs, alcohol, smoking, the potential growth of the penis is not used fully.

The average length excited a member of an adult man is 15 cm in size, which is considered to be the optimum suitable under the female vagina (the standard depth of 10 cm), that is to say, more than enough for normal sexual intercourse. However, much more important to the penis from the point of view of the satisfaction of the woman is the diameter (the circumference).

Temporary reduction (compression) of a member, it is usually because of the cold weather or stress. To address these factors, the size returns to normal. Strong reduction of the length and the diameter is possible in some diseases, hormonal, due to damage to the structures of the member (the fusion of the tissues after inflammation, injury).

Methods to increase the

The choice of method of penis enlargement depends on the original configuration. If you want to significantly increase the length or the diameter, can help only urogenital surgery. Of conservative methods, you can try the exercises, various accessories and medicines.


Devices for natural penis before only applied in hospitals (LOD-therapy), however, now that many different versions are available for home use. Book these devices are generally specialised in resource, but broad enough range to allow and shops with traditional products intimate.

The stretchers

Extender – the device used to enlarge the penis. Schematically your device is the following: two parallel to the shaft floating in length and are between them the brackets. One of them is fixed on the base member, and the other, the head. The principle of operation of this , the force of the impact increases gradually when retorto of the regulators.

As a result of the systematic use of the appliance during the year, you can increase the diameter of a member of 2-3 cm, and a length of 5 to 6 see at the same time the correction of the shape of the penis (some member at the time of the erection acquires expressed bending or deformed, as a result of the peyronie's disease). In the first few weeks, it employs a device of 1.5 to 2 hours, then the time increases in 4-h.

a penis extender

Types of extenders:

  • Mechanical (loopback or lorum). It is fixed below the head by means of hinges or wide of the strap;
  • Vacuum. The tension in the body of a member is created by the suction of the head of the special chamber, following by the length of the trunk extended tenens silicone sleeve;
  • Lie grip . It is fixed more easy and more comfortable vacuum, is suitable for the small members. The main advantage before the tubes of the models consists in the existence of adhesive from the membrane. The head is covered, protecting the surface of the bubbles of the lymph and damage.
Apply the stretchers should be without fanaticism, clearly following the instructions. Excessive tension on the lead to the rupture of ligaments and bruising.

The satellites

The satellites are called special designs, that a member, in order to drive the length suspending the load. "The hanger" can be home-made or industrial. Products of last generation are fixed to the head of the penis with the aid of vacuum, includes kit of suspensions .

The technique of stretching, by sending their use is not recommended prior to the use of less risks traveling exercises. The first time you can't suspend a member no more than 1-2 kg of weight and keep the weight off for more than 20 minutes.

The pump

The most effective and popular tool of penis enlargement without surgery is the pump of erection. The visible result can be achieved in a month. The main components in the device of the bulb and the pump which creates in the interior of negative pressure. Principle of operation: the member is placed on the inside, the bulb is pressed firmly against the groin, when pumping air, there is a powerful surge of blood to the cavernous bodies and head. As a result of these exercises in the penis, expels a large amount of lymph and of the blood, the walls of the vessels and dapibus shell, which limits the volume of the corpora cavernosa, is stretched.

Depending on the area of preparation of a member have developed different types of pumps:

  1. Wide - to increase the diameter.
  2. Narrow and long for the creation of length.
  3. With the internal limiter (the manga) – the volume of the head.

As a filler of environment can be water (hydraulicus sentinam or the water pump). Devices less traumatic for the head.

There are special techniques and programs for beginners and advanced users. The first time, it is important to monitor the pressure in the apparatus, therefore, easier to are of the pump for blood pressure monitors.

The enlargement of vaporizer

The enlargement of the nozzle into the sexual organ are designed to prevent, situational increase its size without medications and pills. The products come in a wide range of:

  1. With the lid open or closed head. The last option is ideal for men who suffer from premature ejaculation due to the increased sensitivity of the receptors. With the help of this accessory you can enlarge the member, although in the 10,
  2. With a smooth surface or embossed surface.
  3. With function of vibration or heating.
  4. Reusable condoms penis enlargement.
When you select these "toys" should take into account not only the length and the width. Too narrow, nozzle, squeeze blood vessels, which can lead to hypoxia of the tissues of the penis.

Manual of technical

There is a whole system of different techniques of manual exposure, through which you can increase the size of the member without surgery, pills and creams. The effect is achieved at the expense of an increase in blood flow and mechanical drive of the tissues.


the increase of member of the hangery

The exercise aims to increase the diameter of the member. Runs after jelka. Technique: ok: capture of high-pressure fixed at the base of the member and, then, gradually, regularly, remaining stationary, it moves forward (not reduce the pressure). Without getting to the head, the capture returns to the base. The exercise is repeated 4 to 5 times.

The task of maximizing the circumference of the member for the account of the pressure and of the retention in it of the blood. The head should not be black and numb.


Jelqing is a complex of repetitive movements (for the type of milking), to improve the flow of blood to the penis and the stretching of their tissues. It is quite simple, which gives faster and amazing results. You can lengthen your member for several months.

Before you begin the classes, the penis must be hot and excited by at least 50%. The basic technique:

  • The trunk of a member is taken the basis of accepting the capture of a ring of index and thumb finger);
  • The ring shrinks and moves towards the head (the process should last no less than 3 seconds);
  • In place of a hand, immediately comes the other.

When the direction of the trunk upward stretching dapibus of the shell, the work focuses on the increase of member thickness. When the direction of down, the burden falls on the top of the ligaments, by stretching of which is carried out an increase of the length.

The main types of jelqing:

  1. Wet. The grease is used for the increase of the slide, they are both hands, the catch slides along the trunk.
  2. Dry. Without ointments and lubricants. The capture is fixed in the dry skin of a member and slowly moves thanks to its tension from bottom to top: the head with force, to the base without him. Incurred in one hand.
  3. Extendens. Performed with two hands: a screenshot of the base, another on the head. A capture of a member of the slightly becomes tense, the other is pumping the blood to the head.
After a year from the accumulation of lymph may swell the flesh of his foreskin. This effect will be eliminated through a couple of hours.


Clamping – the technique of fixing a member by means of clamps, in order to increase its perimeter in the process, and in a state of tranquility. Only match outside of vienna, and through the interior of the arteries keeps blood flowing.

Beginners can not hold the clamp of the hose of more than 10 minutes. Immediately after the removal you should do a light massage. The skin of a member should not be black, tingling, it is also inadmissible. The hose clamp must not be put on the bare skin, in that you need is a strip soft.

Masturbation is also a kind of manual stimulation, but in the size of the affected limb. That is the opinion of professionals and the majority of men. Too fast movement of up-down are designed exclusively for the irritation of the receptors of the head. The pace and the force of the pressure do not contribute to the influx of the blood, or distension of the tissues.

The injection

Increase the size of the penis and the head may be the hyaluronic acid injections. This substance is related to the human body, so that it does not cause rejection, and allergies. The procedures are performed in specialized clinics. By the time it takes more than half an hour, the patient can go home. Sex life is allowed through 2-4 days. In a period of 6-12 months to fill, resolve, a member of the restored to the same size.

In place of medications of hyaluronic acid, increase the size of the penis is possible the introduction of your own clean and stable the fat of the patient. The procedure is referred to as "lipofilling". It takes about an hour, after which the patient is in the hospital and another 5-6 hours. The sexual life is not allowed before one month.

Some men also leave negative feedback on the results of the procedures of lipofilling member becomes natural gelatinous. After a year, the fat is reabsorbed, it can stay several pellets under the skin. Injections of hyaluronic acid to give elasticity and smoothness of the substance biodegradable in a uniform manner. Both procedures allow the growth of the diameter of the member in the 1-1,5 cm Of complications may be a violation of the structure of the vessels, the formation of the fistula, the tissue fusion.

As for the botox, synthol', silicone, your introduction in the member, in order to increase the hotel. Botox, it causes the loss of sensitivity, the silicone can cause an embolism and death. The petroleum jelly in clinics is no longer used, however, some are still trying with it to increase your member in the home. The result will make lumps under the skin, the swelling and deformation of the authority.

Surgical techniques

The surgery of increase penis size combine the term "phalloplasty". In the genital surgery distinguish the following types of interventions:

  1. Ligamentum – promotion of the length of the penis through the incision of retention of the ligaments. In consequence, is freed of 1-2 cm from the trunk. The operation lasts about an hour. For the recovery, should be 2-3 weeks. In the period of 6 months, the patient should carry a stretcher. The operation is not recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  2. The transplantation of muscle tissue – increase in the diameter of one member, through the implementation in its trunk tissues, the commitments made in the abdominal wall or fascia. Finally, the circumference increases from 3 to 4 see the Operation lasts approximately 3 hours. The result remains forever.
  3. Penile prosthesis – increased size of a member, through the implementation of its own cartilaginous tissue of the patient or of the installation of the elastic materials.
These manipulations provide a real increase of a member. Is performed under general anesthesia. Previously, the patient is examined with the urologist, distributes the blood, urine, makes an electrocardiogram, a chest x-ray. After the operations are possible complications such as infection, rejection, and movement of materials.

Other means of

The tools of the local application, by themselves, are not effective for penis enlargement. That may well be used to get the most out of the exercise, as well as to prevent the amplification of the sensations just before you have sex.

The basis of the lubricants are the substance which ensure the flow of blood to the penis and increasing the sensitivity of the head. Visually, the penis may increase slightly in volume. Around the same short-term effect can be achieved easy to rub into the skin of a member of the slurry of baking soda and water . The water can be replaced by honey, the juice of aloe. Determinants of the properties also have the essential oils of citrus or mint.

Correction of the power in the direction of increasing the proportion of products aphrodisiacs will not give rise to an increase of the sizes of penis. You can eat useful for the circulation of the products, but the positive effect only against the power (improves the quality of erection increase the libido). The same will be the result of the physical education and the practice of yoga.

The grass and the bioaadidura, as well as the inhibitors of pde-5 in penis size do not influence. The ability of these media are limited to the amplification of the erection, improving the power. Medications to hormone-based male penis enhancement do not cause. Testosterone participates in the development of the authority, but only during the period of puberty.

the increase of member of the elongation of vaporizer
Some try to "grow the penis of a bee sting, with the help of lubrication of iodine and even ointments for the joints of hot-water-and-effect. Such experiments can result in irreversible deformation of the authority or the loss to them of the sensitivity.


Fast, safe and long-term to increase the penis does not. The only relatively harmless, and effective to increase the dimensions of the authority without the chemistry and the surgery is manual or with the hardware of the stimulation. Before applying any method it is advisable to consult with your doctor.