The small penis: what to do, how to increase the penis

The men of slavic type of standard is considered the penis length of 14 cm in the excited state. The lower limit is 9.5 to see If the sexual organ has a smaller size is a pathology that takes the name of a small penis.

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What should be the size of the penis

Approximately 80% of men have a complex about the size of your penis. This is due to the lack of information on the size of the penis.

Penis size defined by three parameters:

  • at rest;
  • at the time of the erection;
  • with the maximum traction stress.

Measurements made at room temperature, in order to avoid the in response to cold. Measure the penis at the back of lobka to the edge of the head. The angle between the penis and the front of the abdominal wall should be 90 degrees.

In the results of the influence of the following factors:

  • the general state of health and age of the patient;
  • the presence of diseases and lesions in the penis;
  • the thickness of the layer of subcutaneous fat on the pubis.

When the presence of these factors produces functional and true, the shortening of the penis.

Sexual organ, the size of which in the extended state, lower average length of two and a half times, is defined as a small penis. This means that, when this pathology of the penis is not superior to the length of two centimeters.

Small penis has a size of not more than 9,5 – 11 cm in traction or in a state of erection.

The causes of small penis

The causes can be androgenic acquired. This condition develops as a result of violations of the products of the genital organs and leads to infertility.

If at three years the child of the testicles remain in the abdominal cavity and does not descend into the scrotum, the urologist diagnosed the syndrome kalman. The surgical intervention will not bring the desired results, since in this pathology violated the formation of the cells of the pituitary gland, responsible for the synthesis of hormones, stimulants testosterone.

The pathology may be the result of a syndrome of x-trisomy, a genetic disease in which the child has an extra chromosome X. In consequence, the child has a body shape of a woman, narrow shoulders and a small penis with underdeveloped scrotum.

These grounds refer to androgenic.

When acquired are:

  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the testicles;
  • injuries and tumors of the testes;
  • the tumor of the hypothalamus, the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland;
  • medications, radial and thermal impact in the testicles;
  • the syndrome of hyperprolactinemia;
  • peyronie's disease;
  • diabetes mellitus.

The symptoms of small penis are observed at:

  • mentally retarded;
  • underdeveloped scrotum;
  • low hairline;
  • incorrect, the size of the testicles;
  • impotence.

The signs of the deviations from the norm

In addition to the anatomy of the symptoms, the deviation can be characterized by other indications:

  • women of the constitution;
  • abnormalities and defects of other organ systems;
  • mild to the scalp;
  • the deformation of the ears;
  • mental retardation;
  • depressive state;
  • obesity;
  • the presence of erectile dysfunction.

Important! If these symptoms manifest themselves at puberty, you must go immediately to the endocrinologist.

penis enlargement methods

The diagnosis of the pathology

For the diagnosis they should consult with the urologist and genetics.

The first step is to consult a family therapist, who will direct the young person to a narrow specialist.

As a general rule, for the diagnosis of the pathology to prescribe such methods of survey:

  • analysis;
  • analysis of blood in the level of hormones;
  • security of computer and magnetic resonance imaging;
  • a genetic analysis of chromosomes and karyotyping for the exclusion or confirmation of the inherited condition;
  • the radiation therapy method for the detection of inflammatory processes and tumors.

Important! The timely treatment to rid the man of physical and psychological complex in the future.

As enlarge the penis?

The pathology treated in one of two ways:

  • Conservative. Consists in reception of hormonal drugs, as well as the use of an extender and vacuum.
  • Surgical.

Conservative way

Vacuum devices

They work on the principle of pressure gradient with the aid of a pump cylinder the air is removed, creating a depression in the cylinder. As a result, the blood from your body enters the penis, which increases.

Extenders – devices external stretching to the constant stretching of the penis in length.

Attention! Extender is used not only for the lengthening of penis, but also for the smoothing of the authority, for example, in peyronie's disease.

With the extender you can achieve such results:

  • the increase in length of between 3 to 5 cm in a state of erection;
  • to 2-3 cm in a relaxed state;
  • the increase in the diameter of 1 cm

Extender laying down on the penis in a state of relaxation in the 4-10 hours a day. Use a device of 4 to 6 months, depending on what you want elongation. The results obtained will remain for a lifetime.

The therapy is contraindicated in case of:

  • the inflammatory processes of the skin of the foreskin and the head;
  • too steep the foreskin;
  • pointed to the penis.

Before you begin the treatment, you should consult with your doctor.

Surgical way

The anatomical features of the fixation of the corpora cavernosa to the pubic bones give the possibility of increasing the length of the penis with the help of the surgery.

The dissection of the suspensory ligaments – the most common is the surgical method that allows you to lengthen the sexual organ of the length, which will allow the inside cavernous tel. Performed in combination with surgery of the skin, on the basis of sexual authority.

The possible postoperative complications

Objective prediction of the outcome of the operation does not exist. It all depends on the anatomical characteristics of the area of surgical intervention. The result will depend on the results of the ct scan and mri of the tissue, the length of the ligaments and other factors.

After the operation, complications can develop such as:

  • postoperative scars that are formed due to the long healing of wounds;
  • the excessive holes compatible with the ligaments. This can lead to the location of a member in the scrotum;
  • displacement of pubic hair;
  • special of the penis, in which a member involved in a right angle;
  • necrosis or finely the neck of the skin of the flap.

Prevention measures

Preventive measures small penis:

  • the exception of hormonal therapy of the mother during pregnancy;
  • control of the levels of sex hormones;
  • timely observation of an expert;
  • normalization of weight;
  • the rejection of bad habits;
  • the exclusion of injuries to the penis;
  • the waiver of receipt of the hormonal drugs.
the operation

The goal of treatment is to improve the quality of life of men. The sooner you diagnosed the problem, the more effective the treatment. This will help to avoid the complex and discomfort in the future. The treatment aims to normalize sexual life and the recovery of the reproductive function. It is best if the pathology is resolved in childhood.