The penis augmentation surgical options for the

Or the one who now does not cause the surprise of the woman, tend to increase your chest. Therefore, the desire of men to make their "typical" the dignity of the most impressive, you should not call confusion and significant smiles. In the end, the people because it increases muscle mass, and aspire to gain new physical skills. And that part of the body is not worse than that. Unaware of the phrase "size does not matter" is not comforting to the men who experience such anguish because, in his opinion, it is too small for the size of the penis.

the increase of member of the

It is known that since ancient times is the penis was a matter of pride for each one of the men. Of him singing the songs, was represented in the mural paintings of rome and china. And even more, according to the hindu tradition, the lingam is the symbol of one of the most famous of the gods of the religion – siva.

Penis enlargement methods


The increase of a member today is often done through surgery. These operations are of 2 types: enlargement and thickening of the penis of the authority.

The increase of the length of the penis involves subjection to the pelvis, special ropes, which carry the name of "maintenance of the ligament". Have a relationship with the penis and help to hide part of it directly inside the body. If these ligaments are cut, then the tension will weaken. After this, a large part of the authority is made visible. To prevent secondary closure of the ligaments, is likely to be needed each day throughout the six months of wearing a special device for the load or traction.

Previously to the operation of a thickening of the penis is used the fatty tissue taken from other parts of the body. His internship in the trunk of the penis, so that becomes important. However, the good of a procedure to appoint is difficult. The party of adipose tissue that was leaving, so the penis was done with the hill and unattractive.

Then, a new variation of this method is the implantation of allograft (tissue that is transplanted from one person to another).

A technique widely today in the recovery of the surgery. The case is that it is the allograft is capable of providing more long, and a quality result.


It is noteworthy that if, prior to increase the man's "dignity" was exclusively surgically, now, plastic surgery offers minimally invasive methods. They are able to achieve the effect is not worse than that obtained after the surgical intervention. As a bonus, the patient receives the failure syndrome of pain and discomfort. Let's look at two of the most popular variants of these techniques.

  1. Increase the length or girth of the penis can be the hyaluronic acid that is injected under the skin in the form of injections. In particular, we used gels, and a wide variety of fillings in your base. This substance manifests the absolute biological compatibility with cells of the human body. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, as well as the need for the introduction of the anesthesia lack. In consequence, it does not require hospitalization. In just a couple of days, the patient can return to usual life.
  2. The second most popular option of increasing penis size is vacuum to increase with the use of the bomb. Is "classics of the genre" in the increase of the penis. Occurs this process in the following way. The member is placed in the cylinder, which is connected to a special pump. In terms of metrics vacuum male member more supplies of blood, providing a state of erection, and, consequently, the greater the size. Then the penis is clamped with the aid of a ring, which performs the function of harness to prevent the reflux of the blood in the opposite direction. Similar tools are usually treating the sexual dysfunction. A significant drawback of this method is the short time of its effect. Member will return to the previous size immediately after the removal of the ring. In addition, there is the risk of temporary impotence, blisters, bruises, vascular lesions, loss of natural color of the skin and its thinning. In this sense, the ring is acceptable to use only half an hour.
how to increase the

How to prepare for the operation of

If you visit a plastic surgeon for the first time, you must, of course, in advance of asking it, how to prepare for the operation and how it will be carried out directly in the procedure. The preparation includes:

  • the discussion with the patient's desired dimensions of a member;
  • the delivery of the required for the operation-specific analysis (blood – in the group, the definition of the rh factor, in general, biochemistry, hepatitis b and c, aids, as well as the urine);
  • the inspection of the urologist;
  • consultation of anesthesia.

If the results meet the doctor, it is agreed with the patient, the date of the transaction. On the day above designated for the intervention, to take the forbidden food. Transplant surgery is performed on an empty stomach. And after it is not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages, because they negatively affect the recovery process.

Weigh "for" and "against"


  • the desired result in the most short terms.


  • the risk of complications after surgery;
  • high enough cost;
  • a long period of rehabilitation (about 4 months);
  • the need to wear an extender throughout the recovery period.

Who is contraindicated procedure

In the increase of the penis of a man to deny the existence of:

  • the deviations in the mentality;
  • chronic diseases in the stage of sharpening;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • any inflammation;
  • ulcers and wounds;
  • complex diseases of the urinary organs;
  • disease of autoimmune nature;
  • intolerance the patient of some medications.

Fun facts

A large number of men very concerned with a view to their "dignity". So much so, that this important body managed to fill the crowd of the most incredible myths and rumors. But the facts remain the facts. Separated from some of them.

  1. A length of penis is 15 cm Doctors argue that any size (which varies from 1.5 cm to 30 cm), maintains its full capacity of operation.
  2. Possessor of the largest of a member is a resident of the united kingdom ion falcon. Its length is 34.5 to see
  3. Visually the penis look bigger, if it considers it not from below or from above and from the side. You should not practice the examination of the "merits" to the neighbors of the toilets, as well as the incorrect view mistype.
  4. Some seem small members in a state of arousal, can increase up to 5 times the size.
  5. Circumcision has no influence on the size of the penis. It should be noted that in the united states cut more than half of the babies immediately after birth. The jews are taken to produce the circumcision of the boys on the 8th day of their lives. And those who profess islam, they do so only by the achievement of 13 years of age.
  6. The doctors say that smoking can cause a slight decrease of one member of approximately 1 cm

We will summarize

If the man is convinced that his penis is too small, and the bar and the general rules displayed completely in the opposite direction, it is advisable to consult a psychiatrist. Experts say that it is a disorder on the penis.

the recommendation

But if the man everything has been decided in large measures and believes that the growth of your penis in the plastic surgery clinic is the only correct way out of the situation, it is recommended to see the directories before and after photos of this procedure. The that must be provided in the clinic. On the internet you can see the video of this same topic, as well as to learn from the criticism of someone who has already gone through this and can boast of results.